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Monday, December 19, 2011

Passionate Riot

‘I missed you’

Yeah after all these years, you come up to me and say that... hahhaha Manav .. she thought to herself, and just let her smile fill the silence and awkwardness they shared.

‘So how’s life treating you Gauri’

Oh can’t you see am happy, all smiles, since you left me , a smile escaped her lips and she said ‘All well, Manav, its going really well’

‘So , Are you seeing someone?’

‘No, but am not looking either, have left that decision for my Parents, I realized really late, that I have  a bad choice in MEN’ , she completed that with a smile, and looked away .

How he wished to feel that silken hair of hers, he was particularly annoyed by a particular section of her hair, which clamored for her attention by not staying in place, even after her millionth effort in placing them behind her ears.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Cuts both Ways

‘Don’t you worry; i’ll take care of it’


Samaira wasn't your ‘typical beautiful’ girl, but she exuded a charm, that one would be drawn to her. Charismatic, magnetic, friendly, were few of the adjectives her friends used to describe her. Her eyes were her most mesmerizing feature they'd say.

She had known Gautam for over 5 months. It was ‘Love’ ,as they put it. He just couldn’t stay away from her. His days were empty without her presence. He used to shower her with gifts, however, she never used to accept any of it.

Gautam, found her mysterious, and used to always find her ‘talking in riddles’.

He was leading a very successful life, and held a secret very close to his heart, he ensured Samaira was and never would be aware of it – He was a married man, or rather ‘Happily Married’ , as the society perceived it to be.

‘Hamari mulaqaat ek ittefaq thi’ , he used to often tell Samaira. For it was a coincidence, or rather destiny placed them together that day. He had finished his workout and was headed to the elevator. The doors were almost going to close, when he saw her running towards the elevator, and he promptly held open the door, for her....... Aur phir kya ‘Destiny’.

Samaira was shit scared of the Dark, and clung on to him when they were plunged into Darkness. Her close proximity , sent shivers down his spine.  Her wet hair, coupled with her perfume , made him want her.

‘I’m sorry I’m scared of the dark’, she mumbled…

Friday, December 02, 2011

(In)Complete Love story

She was happy after 20 long years ‘ab to tum mujhe nahi chodoge”, she thought to herself


Renuka and Dhiren had known each other for over 4 years, when Dhiren proposed marriage to her. Usually as years pass by, you feel that “love” wears of...


Love for them never ceased to decrease. Inspite of all their silly fights and adjustment issues. they grew in love with each other


They were envied by their friends for having the most beautifull relation ever, 16 years and still “in love”, wow, there definitely was something magical about them.

Dhiren never forgot his charade of getting her Roses every single day, and Renuka, who was accident prone, from  as long as they knew each other, always stood by her name of a “trip magnet”. It was a small joke among their friends, of how Renu must have surely fallen in Dhiren's arms .

Monday, November 21, 2011


She got up and left, and I never could get the courage to ask her to not leave, I sat out there like  a dumb guy. I never made an effort to wipe away the pearls that fell from her eyes, taking with them the kohl that beautifully highlighted her eyes.


I started counting days…1 2 flew into weeks, neither of us called the other. We made a brief pact to remain friends. It was my idea, I was too selfish to let go, she agreed , knowing her, I knew she would. She would talk to me when I called, replied to my messages, but said nothing more. I knew I had hurt her beyond healing.

But what could I do?? I was bound by my issues, I wondered whether I could take the plunge, gather the courage, put my foot down and say she is whom I love, and want to be with, but I knew I lacked courage, BALLS, they rather say. I was a spineless asshole, for letting her go, for hurting her, for making her cry.

Friday, November 18, 2011


part 1
Part 2
Part 3

4 years just passed in the blink of an eye, we were still together, I was with the most beautiful person in the universe, listening to “looks like we made it”, on her phone. For her that was our song, and it definitely was.

We were recruited by the same firm, and were even more happy to have been working together. I ensured to let the whole office know that she is “my girl” to avoid unnecessary ogling, though inspite of knowing she was dating , she still was the object of attention.

I knew something was wrong when she don’t show up and nether attended my calls. I was getting anxious, not hearing or seeing her had that effect on me. Her voice was enough to calm me, I could fight aliens, master super powers, finish off anything just to look in those eyes.

Today, something had gone amiss, ‘Tamara’ I said to myself, what was it that was keeping her away from me???.

Did I do something wrong? Did I hurt her? Did I…??..my thoughts were cut short by the ring of the phone, yes weird I know, but I had a special ring tone just for her, to know that it’s her, I liked that.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


She held an intricately carved wooden box in her hand, and looked at me in awe of it (I presumed), with her smile lighting up the dimples as well. She opened the box ever so cautiously, like a container with excess water in it, she ever so slowly peeped in to the box, and a silent shriek left her lips. 

She looked up at me, and kept the box in my hands, and removed the accessories she had on her, and gingerly took the neckpiece I had given her , as though it would break, she turned her back to me , and moved her tresses in front and asked me to tie the neckpiece for her. 

I mean really, i would get to do that...

 My hands were shivering, I slid close to her, close enough to smell her. I so had the urge, a desire to lift her in my arms, and whisk her away. She turned sideways, indicating that I should put on the earrings for her, as soon as I went closer to put them on, I saw her cheeks flushing crimson, she looked more beautiful than I could ever recollect. 

Monday, November 14, 2011


Part 1

It was her birthday, and needless to say she was showered with gifts and wishes from everyone, did I forget to mention that apart from being beautiful, she was also the most humane person I ever came across, yes, she had no airs about herself, she’d go out of her way to help anyone and.. PERFECT, is the word. Period.

I still couldn’t believe my ears when she walked upto me (i mean she could, we were friends right, but still)…

‘So Karthik , where is my birthday gift’

‘I err, umm Tamara, I.. Well I have got you something, but I’m not.. Well I thought I’ll .. You know.. Once.. Like …later… when you are free….’

‘I’m free now Karthik, and why do you tread so carefully with conversations between us’

‘I just don’t want to loose you Tamara, I treasure you a lot, way too  much to not have you with me’

She smiled her mesmerizing smile, and that took me to another world altogether, till she snapped her fingers and brought me back to reality.

‘I’m waiting’, she said, and folded her hands across her slender frame enveloped in a blue kurta  and looked at me expectantly, my knees were to give away any second, my heart was melting away ….

'Blue looks good on you....' i knew i said something stupid , with the corners of her lips giving away to a broad grin 'as in you look good in blue, that's .. i.. was.. blue.. it does.. well'  i sighed at my own stupidity, acting like a retard in front of her was a piece of cake.. (she looked good in everything) .

Saturday, November 12, 2011


She could see the stars, as the wind caressed her, her hair flying in tandem with the wind. She smiled, this was her most cherished moment. She kept her eyes open inspite of the wind, her eyes were wet, the droplets left their abode and passed through her almond shaped eyes.. She felt the warmth of the tears as the cold enveloped her frame.



4 years ago.  

Tamara’, the name was all it took for the boys in my college to gaze in the direction of which her name was called. Her slender frame carried everything she wore with grace, be it a simple pair of jeans and t-shirt, to salwar kameez. 
Yes!! And she did have the girls going green with envy.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Resident Dormitus - Vikas Rathi

About the Author : Vikas Rathi (32) is a Chartered accountant by profession and has done his Mba from IIM Bangalore. He was born and bought up in a middle class family in Jaipur. Having Drifted happily through life in cities like Mumbai, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur, he is currently working in Procter and Gamble in Singapore. During his spare time , Vikas likes to read, write, travel etc. Having Drifted happily through life in cities like Mumbai, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur. He has random obsessions like dropping one-liners, missing deadlines, and an unhealthy attachment to his slippers.

The Plot : The Protagonist Achet takes us through the novel, weaving around the lives of his friends – Dev , Arjuna , Alex and Bala. The main element of this story is about the High end Corporate life that many of us dream about , and the mad rush behind acquiring the same.

Dev’s character is that of an individual who has seen many failures, however he strives towards working on them and gets back on his feet. 

Arjuna’s character revolves mainly around a person who has certain rules (which are easy to follow), stays in his limit, and someone who is strongly attached to the cause of Tamilians in Sri Lanka, and after his Dad’s demise, owing to a similar cause , he vows to dedicate his life for the same.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Broken Wings

         I thought I would miss your absence
         But your presence was never endearing
         I could never understand what made me go on
         Maybe the idea of being hurt was inviting
         I know I don’t want to be with you again
         But the thought of your absence does warm my eyes
         In the loneliness I found myself
         The same ‘me’ I lost around you
         Your words had me enticed
         I realize now, that,
         Words have a surreal effect
         If not matched with actions
         They become hollow,
         Like you…..


Wednesday, November 02, 2011

A Promise that was kept

The Drawing room was filled with Rakshits and Anika’s pictures – all "screamed" Happy Happy Happy in unison. There was not a moment that wasn’t captured. Their honeymoon, post honeymoon,with her baby, with friends, without friends, with his family, with her family, her besties, his besties, their common friends,office colleagues, neighbours, neighbours dog, watchman (you get the point right?).

This couple was the envy of other married couples. Wives nudged their husbands saying “cant you be more like Rakshit??” to which they’d respond “you are not Anika”. Their chemistry hadn’t dwindled in the last 8 years of marriage.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Diary of a Sales Representative

Brad had always been my best friend. I knew him from as far as I could remember, from the time I was 5. My parents discouraged me from talking with him, they wanted me to have “real” friends.. But, I knew he was all I ever wanted; I never felt the need to have more friends. I could talk with him about everything, my parents, teachers, my infatuations, he used to listen patiently and offer me the best of solutions.

Image courtesy: Phototree.com
Olivia, was someone I really liked, but she never reciprocated, Brad knew how I felt, he knew I was hurt, he asked me to talk to her again, when she is alone, so that she could answer, as to why she didn't like me.

My parents felt I was going way beyond control was angry with them as well, but Brad was the only one who was there to help and talk it out with me. He helped me sort out my differences with them, am happy now.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Feels like love...

It’s not important as to how long we have been with each other
Its how many memories we have of each other that counts
It’s not important as to how well you know me
Its how you always understood
It’s not important how often you held my hand
Its how you never let go
It’s not important how many times you called
It’s how you were always there
It’s not important to remember everything
Its how you never forgot to make me smile

Friday, October 21, 2011

Faithfully Unfaithful

He never felt his body being aroused this way, never with his wife, this he knew was “love”. It was time for him to go…. a look was enough to make him stay, but he had to go to come back. He kissed  him , and left for his home.....

Monday, October 10, 2011

For my Princess

The home still feels empty without your presence,
There is a void, but no one talks about it
There is loneliness
But no one can sense it
There is pain; no one can feel it yet
It was different when you were there
The house felt warm and welcoming
I used to love coming back home
And hear your excitement
See you jump up and down in joy
Till I scooped you up in my arms
And told you I missed you too..
Whenever my eyes were moist, I would find you in my lap
Making sure I was alright
You never left me without making me smile
Your tilted head stance was all it took...
I miss cuddling up with you, at night
My mornings were incomplete without hugging you tight
13 years of unconditional love baby, and here I am
Talking about you
Your memories bring a smile on my face
And yet something feels heavy in my throat
Will you comfort me again if I cry...?
I feel your presence at times in the house
It’s where you breathed your last
I scooped you up in my arms
But your head didn't nestle in my shoulders
You didn’t move after that....
There was no one waiting anymore
There is a lot of pain
I wish you were here to ease it out
I miss you... I miss having you around…
I might have not said this often...
I love you princess...
Our lil Princess....Snoopy

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Almost ...

She passed the dark alleyway, with her heart thumping faster than usual, she was 5 minutes away from home, when she saw a silhouette of a man, he was coming closer, her heart was almost in her mouth. She could not move, he came closer……

------ “ amma, bhagwan ke naam pe kuch dede” -----------

P:S - Based on a real incident :P ... :D

Friday, September 30, 2011

ADRIFT A Junket Junkie in Europe – Puneetinder Kaur Sidhu

Before we go into a review of the book, let me be honest here. Im a devotee of fiction and the other areas of literature don't really get a second look from me. To change that habit, I took up the task of reviewing ADRIFT a Junket Junkie in Europe. I have tried to be as unbiased as possible with regard to my opinion about the book.

ADRIFT  A Junket Junkie in Europe – Puneetinder Kaur Sidhu


About The Author :  Puneetinder Kaur Sidhu is a self-professed travel enthusiast (her motto, “have money, will travel" is almost respectable), fiercely independent, thirty -something, single, and endowed with a wry sense of humor. A former travel and food columnist with Hindustan Times, she has been regularly contributing articles to travels and airline magazines and national dailies for over 15 years. She is on the book review panel of The Tribune, having reviewed numerous human interest stories, with travel and food being her preferred genres.

The Plot : It always helps  having friends and relatives in the right places , and Puneet, who traces her decent to the Arnauli family, certainly has them. Her sister gets her a ticket, the Captain of the plane puts her in Executive Cabin and so begins a journey that takes the reader on a tour of people and their relationships; places, often taking the road less travelled; and food.

Owing to a shoe string budget she prefers staying with the people she knows, than at hotels. Trading expertise with hospitality, she cooks Indian food for her hosts, though she would as much love to check out the local stuff and beverage for which Europe is famous.

Certain accounts like the one about, ‘Goa' recreated in Germany, where "a certain suspicious odour, reminiscent of evenings in and around Manali, pervaded the air," has a wistfulness about it.

Certain parts are informative like the one about ‘Mitfahzentrale', a government-encouraged car pool service for travelers, which  takes her journey forward  to Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Hungry, Austria and France.

Certain descriptions like when the author goes around exploring the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh, and shares her agony of not being able to understand them, inspite of having read a biography of the artist , is a good read. However her wry wit, wherein she keeps reminding us that she is "over weight", is not something that I could connect with, or rather make me smile (I hope imp not being too harsh here).

Another aspect that I could not seem to connect with was the different  characters that pop in and out of the journey - Anne Aunty, Moni, Kristen, Zina, Joszef, Eszter, Sanjay, Gunjan, Kaushik, Georges. Certain dialogues, situation seemed too personal to be listed in a book.

Now, if only the author had not bound herself to those "cardinal travel rules" (you will have to read the book to find out which), there would have been another story! (I’m guessing here).I would definitely give it to her for having had the courage to travel alone, however, since, she was travelling alone I was expecting a little more from the book (call me a cynic here).

My Opinion: All that said and done, what would have taken a day to have read the book, dragged on for three days. It was something what I would not have wanted to read, maybe because of my liking for fiction and books that keep me engrossed. The entire book seemed a little too fast, it felt like the author was in azury r had a certain limit with the number of pages/ words that could be used. The tour through Europe was the only one which was clear, the rest seemed like a blur, like a dream you wouldn’t be able to recollect once you wake up.

The style of writing is simple, however not one which leaves you wanting for more. What I liked was the inclusion of pictures which did give a break from the reading (now I don’t know whether that is good or bad). Also the cover of the book is striking yet simple which lends it a second look for sure. And a small description in the index about the places she has visited is also noteworthy.

My rating: I would give it a 4/10

Credits for information about the Author:

Image courtesy: Google

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Perfect moment

He was waiting for her....... She glided into the room, and sat down gently. They exchanged smiles, it was the perfect moment... She was ready...She could feel his eager breath...

“Open your mouth… aaahhhh now that’s a cavity you got there”

Friday, September 23, 2011

Reel story

My first attempt at 55 Fiction....

She could hear the curtains ruffling,  there was definitely someone else, an entity….. She moved up the stairs looking for something to protect herself… no sooner had she gone upstairs than a loud crash echoed in the living room…

Shaking, she opened her tightly shut eyes to view the next scene …..

P:S - I never thought i could write something so short... lol.. hope it makes sense ...

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Touch up, hair, stilettos, designer dress and out to strut...
Her eyes feel heavy
It has been a tiring day
Still she has to maintain a grace and etiquette
She whistles away to ringlets of smoke..
She is the one to start the show
Her feet ache in the colored glossy 7 inch heel
Yet she has to make a stride
Nothing comes easy she knows for sure
For many are waiting for her to trip….
The familiar music begins
She knows its time
The show has started
Her pain forgotten
She pouts, and stands with the spotlight on her
Walks like a cheetah amidst catcalls and jeer
She stands like a princess
In the long flowing gown
A smirk on her face says it all
Rushes back to put on another layer on her
She has forgotten her inhibitions
As the time is few
She gets ready and stands in queue
She goes again..
And again and  again….

The make-up is of, and so is the designer wear
She slips her hair in a pony
And is in her comfortable gear
She lives a normal life as well…
Far away from the maddening  shutterbugs…
This is her “life”.

P:S- This is something i had written eons ago, went bonkers when i found it ;P.. hope you enjoy it..;)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Just plain ordinary .....


Damn so much for missing my train to Chennai, I wonder when I’d get there for my lecture… hmmm…

So Joel’s exclusive plan backfired.. He thought that he would reach Nagercoil by train.. sleeps…... eat…sleep....drink….and sleep and wake up for the next day.. but voila…. He had to reach the station 2 MINUTES after the train left , only because a cow blocked his vehicle on the way to the station and earlier because he forgot his cell phone in his apartment and had to go back to retrieve it, and then forgot where he left the house keys…

So much of coincidence ,for one day…hmm…maybe it is fate, maybe it is destiny…now whatever the difference between the two is… what if I am to meet the girl of my dreams, what if life has something more to offer me…

With that thought he left for the bus depot, with a smile plastered on his face. And was he lucky , within 5 minutes he found the bus that leaves for his destination…

Yeaaa, now destiny, what do you have in store  for me…he thought as he stepped onboard… to be met by the most beautiful sight…

The only seat that was left for him to occupy was next to a woman with a wailing kid in her arms...

Destiny!!!!!!!!!!...... bullshit!!!........

He continued the rest of the journey with the child’s spittle drenching his shoulder.

P:S :- Thank you Munchkin for the thought ... :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My favourite Pyjamas.....

“Why don’t you change those pyjamas of yours? you have been in them since you were born…”

“Have you heard of - that girl in yellow boots???, well I want to be ‘that girl in pyjamas’, makes sense?”

“ Oh of course, rubbish!!.. Are you coming to The Tahama in those??, seriously, girl you gotta be kidding me, i'l sponsor your wardrobe if needed…. Please wear something other than those pyjamas!!”

“Aaahhh, yes and no thank you and no..”

“Huh? ?? whattt!!.. aarrghhh … it’s like banging my head against a fucking wall”

Stop banging babes.. simple.. I mean against the wall.. your head!!!”

“ ha ha.. very funny!!, anyways lets go, and seriously, your idea of finding true love with those pyjamas of yours, is never gonna work, I mean c'mon what sense does it make , if a guy likes you in those pyjamas bit”

“hun , it’s hard for you to understand, you have a new guy everyday.. I want to be with someone who’d  like me for what I am, and in these pyjamas, if he can like me in this, he would like me all the time..makes sense???.. chill don’t worry .. don’t stress the pea  sized intellect of yours…, let’s go and shake our booties tonighttttt, cause tonight is the nighttttt”

“i’l bet my Gucci bag that you will not find anyone today or tomorrow or day after, Chloe..”

Aarika, Gucci bag!!! Lol.. I never knew you could get a Gucci for 500… hahahah .. anyways the bet is on, and if I lose you wear a pyjama for  a week and no hanky panky as well…deal?”

“500!!! Fuck you.. yes done deal.. and if I win…hmm..well il think about it and let you know”

“done deal  pea brain”

“ Hi I’m Nikumbha, love your pyjamas..”

She couldn’t hide her excitement or the color that flushed her cheeks…she had seen him by the bar and had smiled back at him…

“hmm.. really???, hi am Chloe, and I’m a proud owner of a Gucci bag…”

“huh?? I’m sorry what??”

“nothing, lol, just thought about something….so what do you do…”

And their conversation went on that night

 “ When will I get to met you next Chloe…could I have your number?”

“sure Nikumbha…can I call you niki???... and well I’m glad I met you here”

“i’l call you soon Chloe”

They met again and again and again…. Chloe was the proud owner of a 500/- Gucci bag, and Aarika was forced to wear the same Pyjamas for a week.

They had loads in common, they loved the same type of music, books, and Chloe found it easy to be with him. It was like as though she had found her better half. Her life never felt empty anymore. They discovered new eating joints in the city and were in awe of each other’s company.

“Chloe, why don’t you come over to my place, I could cook us lunch”

“Today??, mm how about I meet you post lunch?? I have some work to take care of, however you could definitely cook something, i’l come over and  we could eat it together”

“alright, i’l see you soon”

Chloe reached his apartment at 4:00pm. She was nervous as hell, but happy that she was to meet niki. They adored each other , and were the perfect ever couple, they never had a spat in the 4 months that they were together, they felt completely at ease with other.

“Shall I make you a drink Chloe?”

“sure niki, the usual ok… let me freshen up till then”

Sure bitch, freshen up.. Nikumbha thought to himself, this is going to be your last drink!!...he made her drink and put in his favorite arsenic to the drink… She is going to die just like the others … he smirked to himself....

Chloe was  looking at her smudged kohl in the mirror, and rectifying it, unknown too what was waiting for her outside…. She felt inside her bag and a smile lit her face… she looked radiant.. her eyes looked mesmerizing with the kohl, she applied some more gloss, combed her hair and was ready for him….

you are looking beautiful baby”

She blushed and gingerly looked inside her bag…. Her hands found what she was looking for, and she took it out and showed him…
The look on his face was something that she still remembered , a smile broke on her face thinking about him.. she was dressed in her favorite pajamas.. and was walking towards The Tahamas… The memory of that day kept playing on in her head…

“Chloe, why don’t you come over to my place, I could cook us lunch”

She had so waited for this moment, she smiled as he smoothly invited her home, and she couldn’t contain her excitement at the invitation. She calmed herself….

“Today??, mm how about I meet you post lunch?? I have some work to take care of, however you could definitely cook something, i’l come over and  we could eat it together”

Today..was going to be it.. yes!! !it was his fate…..

“alright, i’l see you soon”…….

She played the scene in his room as she got out from the bathroom…

“you are looking beautiful baby”

She blushed and gingerly looked inside her bag…. Her hands found what she was looking for, and she took it out and showed him…

His eyes spoke fear.. he couldn’t say anything.. he was too shocked to respond to her waving a gun at him.

She looked at him ….. and at her 9mm pinfire revolver…. She loved the sound that it made …. almost orgasmic … she revelled at his motionless body and at his shocked open eyes…

“better luck next time baby…"

She kissed him on his cheek and left….she made a mental note in her mind … Pyjamas lover number 22!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Abnormally normal

“Please go awaaayyyyy .. pleaseee… I dnt want to see you again, how could you stil be here after having tortured me all these years…. Just goo awayyyyyyyy”..

“Maggie!! Honey, who where you talking with , is everything alright.. you seem a little tensed… we could talk..”

“Mom , please, go away, I want to be alone..and I can take care of myself..”

noooooooooooooooo….. help me.. helpppp…..somebodyyy!!.. helppppp..please .. please don’t..”
“Maggie.. maggiee.. open the door, who is in there? What.. maggiee.. oh lord.. Maggie, what is it baby.. what happened to you??”


“its ok love, im here don’t worry, im here, im not going anywhere ok, lets get you dressed..get up.. come”

“ma, he tried to kill me, I saw him ,he ran away just before you came in, I.... I was .. ma.. I was taking a shower and he came , he had a sharp knife with him, see this mama, he tried to kill  me.. ma.. im scared”

“love , don’t worry, im here right, who was it?”

“ ma….. I dnt know he has been coming here over and over again, trying to kill me.. today I saw him in a red t-shirt mama..”

“Maggie.. .. we will go to the police station and file a case about this incident alright, no one will harm you my princess..im here.. mama is here ok”

“I have put on so much weight mama… and  my skin looks so bad.. what do I do about my hair?”

“no Maggie, you are still very beautiful, why do you have to go and retch every time you have something baby.. dnt do that alright, that will make you look ugly, ok?”

“ok mama.. should I wear a white or a a yellow dress, im bored of the blue dress, I can't change it .. im not allowed to..”

“blue looks fine on you love, its my favourite colour..”

“ok mama.. ma.. where did you learn to fly.. will you teach me as well

“yes Maggie..this is how you fly.. see that knife lying over the window.. you have to get that first”

“ok mama.. but thats going to be a little difficult, they are very watchful, but il get it for you mama…il get it tonight after dinner”

“Maggie, Maggie.. wake up.. you need to take  ashower.. Maggie.. get up..”
“mama… im so sleepy..”
“get up Maggie…go .. go and shower.. I have  a white dress for you”
“ok mama.. will I fly in the white dress??”
“yes Maggie..”
“ma, will he be there as wel??, im scared”
“no Maggie, no one’s there, just you and me”
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….. Helpppppppppppp… mamaaaaaaaa…. Mama helppp help me…”
“its ok Maggie, now you can wear the white dress, and come with me”
“its hurting mama..its hurting, he did this”
“what is this??? Isn’t there anyone around in the night shift?? Were you sleeping?? Now how do I cover this up, the media will have fun with this news… a bunch of FOOLS I swhat I have with me out here… I can already picture the headlines.. I will have you all suspended .. you filthy good for nothing illiterate scums!!!”

“Another Death at the famous Psychiatric institute, Dr. Tomaz, cites the reasons for the recent death is the condition of the patient and that his hospital is not to be blamed for the actions of mentally unstable people, who he has been diligently taking care of from a long time. Human rights activists are miffed and are seeking an enquiry in the death of the inmate.”
Name: Margaret d’souza
Age: 48 years
Marital status :Single
Religion : Catholic

Case history.
Ms. Margaret has been suffering from bipolar disorder, from the age of 13 after her mother passed away. She has been showing symptoms  of mania and depression ever since…….

                                                                         Case Closed.

Bipolar disease is a disease that affects the mental state and mood of a patient. It can be accompanied by periods of depression, followed by periods of extreme happiness and euphoria. Bipolar disorder occurs within the brain and can have vast effects on not only the mood, but the physical state that a person is in.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

You are important...

“Gosh!!! I wonder when you’ll ever understand me…. You are just annoying, and you always hurt me,  kabhi to samjha karo, tumhe har baat mazaak mein lene ki aadat ho gayi hain na, isliye, forget it…”

Message sent ~~~~~~~

“am sorry :( , but what is it that you are upset about?? Please tell me, free flow of conversation is a virtue of our relation ship na??”

Message sent ~~~~~~~

“what are you being sorry for aditya??.. you haven’t even realized why am angry!!!”

Message sent ~~~~~~~

“because I don’t want anything to ruin what we share…”


Message sent ~~~~~~

“if you can’t understand something as simple as this, I wonder why we are even discussing it??, honestly forget it!!”

Message sent ~~~~~~~

“Baby, please, tell me what it is… im sorry”

Message sent ~~~~~~~~

“Aditya, stop annoying me, good night, and take care “

Message sent ~~~~~~~~

“good night , sweet dreams, take care of yourself and stay safe alright”


10:00 am
“Good morning baby, am sorry about yesterday, woh tum bhi na, everything is like a joke for you, mmmmm newys , text me as soon as you free, k… tc “

13:45 pm
“abhi tak so rahe ho kya?? Gosh some people I tell you!!”

“Adi… itne busy ho kya???... hope everything is fine at your end!!!”

18:30 pm..
“The number you have called is not accepting any calls at the moment …pls..”

18:31 pm
“The number you have called is not accepting any”

19:00 pm
“The number you have …”

19:15 pm
“The number you have called is not accepting any calls at the moment …pls try again later…aapke dwaara call kiya gaya number is waqt ….”


19:30 pm
“The number you have dialed is unavailable at the moment …”

19:31 pm
“Adi, am worried, please call me “

19:40 – 20:00 pm
“The number you have called”

23:30 pm
“hey baby, I just saw your calls and messages, am with my friends, had told you na… vinay ki bachelor party hain, am down with vodka and all..btw some problem with network I guess, so sorry baby…”

23:31 pm
“Gosh!!! I wonder when you’ll ever understand me…. You are just annoying, and you always hurt me,  kabhi to samjha karo, tumhe har baat mazaak mein lene ki aadat ho gayi hain na, isliye, forget it…”

…. And so it continues…

Life is too short too sit and fret over silly matters, resolve every issue before your day ends. We loose many people, because of silly fights, ego etc. Make it a point to let “them” know that they are important.


Saturday, September 03, 2011

Life worth living ??

She stared at the person in the mirror
The person just blinked back at her,
Who was she, was she really a part of her existence??
How easily did she change to the demands of the society?
Transformed from one form to another, so much so, that she lost track of herself,
She didn’t find “happiness” anymore!!
Her laughter was hollow,
As though, it was forced upon her.
Her existence was so much of a routine
She never bothered to look beyond it
Was there something beyond her world?
She never knew
She never gave it a thought
She was being swept along with the world
Just another human soul,
Existing for the sake of existence
It did not bother her
Cause she never felt it
Her emotions were hollow
And so was she
She had become such
Leading a normal life yet hollow from within

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dil ke jazbaa....

Unke baaton ka kuch aisa asar pada humpe, ki hum unke aawaz main kho gaye,
Na raat ka pata tha, na subah ki,
Samay yuhin humsein aage bhaagti thi...
Meri labon pe sirf hansi thi,
Fursat na mila muskurane se.
Khushi thi aisi,
Ki chehre pe ek damak si aa gayi,
Tumhara yun mujhpe pyaar jatana,
Mujhe bha gayi,
Tumhari roj ki baatein aadat si ho gayi,
Ab intezaar raha un lamhon ki…
Jo tumhare saath guzare they..
Shayad wo vapas na aaye..
Ab sirf aankhein nam ho jaati hai,
Tumhari yaad mein
Tadapti hai tumhari  aawaz sunne ke liye,
Iss dil ko yakeen hai ki tum aaoge ..
Lekin shayad tumhe fursat nahi kisi aur ki bahon se…

woh lamha .....

Panting, he caught the handrail of the bus and jumped in. No sooner did he get in than he saw her. He felt a whiff of fresh air moving across  his face, as though  it wanted to make its presence felt. 
“Tum waha khade raho ya andhar aao, ticket to lena hi hoga boss”. 
That broke the fresh air effect; however he glanced at her and saw a smile breaking on the corner of her lips. He ran his hand over his hair and a smile broke on his lips revealing deep dimples. He stepped onboard took a seat, and smiled away......
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