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Friday, December 02, 2011

(In)Complete Love story

She was happy after 20 long years ‘ab to tum mujhe nahi chodoge”, she thought to herself


Renuka and Dhiren had known each other for over 4 years, when Dhiren proposed marriage to her. Usually as years pass by, you feel that “love” wears of...


Love for them never ceased to decrease. Inspite of all their silly fights and adjustment issues. they grew in love with each other


They were envied by their friends for having the most beautifull relation ever, 16 years and still “in love”, wow, there definitely was something magical about them.

Dhiren never forgot his charade of getting her Roses every single day, and Renuka, who was accident prone, from  as long as they knew each other, always stood by her name of a “trip magnet”. It was a small joke among their friends, of how Renu must have surely fallen in Dhiren's arms .

But needless to say it was a beautiful relation. Unfortunately , due to certain medical conditions, they could not have children of their own, and both of them , were not keen on adopting either.


Dhiren  was headed Home, and was going through his routine charade of getting Flowers for Renu, when a car rammed into him , leaving him paralyzed from the leg, the shock was such that after some days he lost his speech.


Love they say , has the strength to endure everything, and his friends and everyone were amazed at Renu’s strength and love towards him.


During their relationship period

Renu knew that she couldn’t find anyone better than Dhiren, he was the most perfect guy she had ever come across, his love was unconditional, he was ever so understanding, and never demanding, he gave her the best of what he could ,and was very  supportive of her choice of profession. He himself was in a crucial state with regard to his choice of career and was happy with her around, as she offered him the best of support, and  help that he wanted.


Renu saw a different side to him, when she refused to have sex with him, not that she did not wish for the same, but she wasnt prepared. His outburst had her shaking, she was scared to pieces, until he  hugged her and said that he loved her a lot.

She let that incident pass on as an emotional outburst, and moved on, until when they were together again, he hurled abuses at her and hit her black and blue, she suffered internal injuries, and vowed to keep herself away from him, until, he came and apologized to her and promised to mend his ways.

He was sober for the next 6 months, until he saw her chatting animatedly with a male friend. He invited her over for dinner , and unleashed his temper on her. She was too numb to react. Her facial fractures, and limp, had to be covered up under the pretext of her slipping from the stairs. She was too afraid to talk with anyone about it.

She had many such episodes again, and she was tagged as a trip magnet. Every time she broke-up with Dhiren , he promised her that he would not repeat it.

But repeat it, he did. He had made a tape of the both of them, and threatened to show it to everyone if she refused to marry him. She was aghast, she didn’t know whom to run to, how would her parents react???

She finally gave in and married him. For everyone else, it was the most beautiful relation they had ever come across. Dhiren was never interested in Renu, he had the looks that would make any girl go weak in her knees. All we wanted was a good financial backing , which was Renu.

He cited Work , and never had a fixed time to come home. At times , he used to be away for weeks together.

3 months to their marriage and Renu realized of Dhiren’s flings with 4 other women .When she spoke to him about it, all she got in response to that was another case of having “fallen from the stairs”, she was hit black and blue all over, and to her family, what they saw was a loving “husband” sitting by her side and taking care of her.

He was an amazing actor, no one even in their wildest dreams would ever believe that Dhiren had  another personality to himself.

When Renu spoke of expanding their family, he kicked her all day long, she sustained internal bruises owing to which the doctors said that, it would become difficult for her to conceive. Inspite of that Dhiren “never left her”, their relation was seen as “The best Love story” ever. Who knew what the actual story was!!!

He enjoyed her body, whenever he wanted and treated her worse than a prostitute would have been  treated. He used to take her around as  a prized possession and flaunt her to his Investors. He forced her to bed with some Foreign investors on the pretext of taking her on a “foreign tour”


‘Kabhi lagta hai ki dard ka ehsaas hamein nahi hoga,
Kabh lagta hai ki shayad dard ko bhi hamein dekh Dard hone laga hai”


It was their anniversary, he had thrown a party for their 16th anniversary, all necessary arrangements had been done, and she was waiting for her husband, to pick her up. She kept looking at the clock, it was about time, why didn’t he call???

As the clock struck 6 , her phone rang, she expectantly  said a Hello , and a veil of sadness camouflaged a small smile that was leaving her lips.

AT 7 pm, that day she got a call from the hospital :
“Bhabhi, Dhiren bhaiyya ka accident .. darne ki koi baat nahi hai, wo theek hai, bas aap, yaha Hospital aa jayiye, main kissi ko bhejta hoon …waha ..”

“Nahi, i'l come”

She adjusted her sari in the mirror,  and patted on some concealer and lipstick.

She adjusted the rearview mirror, and laughed Hysterically  as tears streamed down her eyes. She still remembered asking Gaurav to hit Dhiren , but not to kill him. She wanted him.

Gaurav had left that same day to Germany, with a job that he could never have even thought of.


Dhiren was bought home, Renu declined the need for a Home nurse , and said that she would take care of him.

A week passed, Dhiren held onto her and cried his heart out apologizing for having spoiled her life. This was the moment of truth she thought, she relished his expressions as she narrated every incident that led him to this stage.. he pushed his wheelchair towards her in anger, only to be startled by her laughter which rang through the walls of their house.

Fear paralyzed him again… he was now her Slave…


P:S : As part of World Disability day on the 3rd of December, leaving aside the story , lets all strive to provide equal opportunities to the Specially challenged. :) ...

" I appreciated my skinny legs , when i saw a man with no limbs
  I love the fact that i can sing , no matter how bad, as opposed to someone who is mute
  I can hear and see the beauty of life as opposed to someone who can't
  Am i less fortunate, or do i make myself that way??"


  1. :) good one tinu, quite innovative and out of the box one :D ashwin

  2. I hope this story is fiction because of the suffering involved. Regardless of that it portrays a script that we see too often in our real lives :(

    You did a good job penning this! I like how the 'tables were reversed' near the end, making Dhiren the slave of Renu. The images and title of the story are perfect! I like the creativity you used in presenting the title :)

    The P.S. is spectacular! Kudos to you for passing on a very important message. I didn't know that Dec. 3rd was World Disability Day :)

  3. @AShwin : Thankyou , yay, mwaaaahhhh <3

    @ ~*Princesa Fiona*~ : It is Fiction from the very start, however , like you said , such situations are so rampant in our lives.

    Thank you so much for the feedback, coming from someone like you it simply makes you want to jump up and down :).

    Im glad the P:S is going through the right channels. Thankyou dear :)

  4. What should i say about the story! *sigh* things are nt as they appear. Nice one again Tinu

    and Hats off for the Awareness part :)

  5. @ Beyond Horizon : i must say i was waiting for your comment :P .... thankyouuuu , and the awareness , hmm ...) ...

  6. Very touchy story, reminds me of chapter 1 of 'Thereby hangs a tale'. I think it was a true story of a fashion designer...

    Great writing!

  7. @ Saru : Thank you saru , Il try laying my hands on that one soon :)

  8. touching....rivetting....hauntingly painful....overall..brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. @ Rahul : yea yea , Thank you :) ... im humbled :) ..

  10. and I have to say that I was waiting for a new story :P

  11. @ Beyond horizon : what would i do without you guys :)

  12. life takes such turns that knock us down unprepared......but the story was realy great, though ideal hadling of situation was sketched. Even though in real life the things are changing drastically.

  13. @ A guilty conscience : Thank you :)

  14. lovely and sad story.. the narration was nice as usual.. and keep writing dear.. u have a long way to go! :)

  15. This post brought forth a very interesting perspective to the 'What goes around comes around' conundrum.

    Well written.

  16. @ Atrocious Scribblings : :) .. thank you

  17. Oh my God. I felt shivers when I read this one. I was going to say 'Yet another love story' 'One more cliche/touche' but you did it, woman, this was rather path breaking. And I agree with Atrocious Scribblings, the karma factor of this post amazes me. I was thinking Dhiren would be a regular drunkard or substance addict but you did this! TOO GOOD. I bow down. One of your bests as per the ones I've read :)

  18. @ Crystal : Thank you so much dear ..

  19. Wooooow! Menachery! Wooow! im ur fan. this really strikes heart. I must say, bravo and salute ur boldness to write stories on this subject. Thats the sadness of blogosphere. we all are so busy writing songs on autumn leaves or the beauty of moon that we forget the real world out there. Domestic violence is far more prevalent than we think.

  20. @ Abrar! : Thank you so much... this just made my day :) ... well i guess its cz of the poems on autumn leaves and the beauty of the moon, that you liked this one :P ...

    Like you aptly said ,Domestic violence is more rampant, and not just in rural areas, as we presume.. its there in 1 out of 10 households ....

    Thank you for the comment :)

  21. Such a touching story. It kept me blank for a while after I finished reading it.
    Just amazing. Seriously.

  22. I would say, Message in a dark bottle! :)

    The narration is simple and clear. But the life of the couple, anything but simple.

    Things are not always what they appear.

  23. @ Kunal : Nice to see your comment here :)

    Like you said nothing is what it appears to be :)

  24. :o
    u r just tooo friggin good man!
    (there wer literature mistakes here n there tho.. :D)

  25. @ srmu : :P .. thankuuu wuv ..

    (hehehe, bound to, lemme know where , so i can correct em, i wuvv u even more)

  26. Thank You so much for your lovely comment :) Made me smile :) I have done a follow up for the story :)

    Looking forward to your next post :)

  27. @ Philo : You welcome, am glad it did :) I just read Cupcakes 3 , i must say am waiting for the next part.. :)

  28. wow.
    surely indeed, nothing is like it looks.

    I loved the way u ended it. Its something i cud never write.. so hats off woman! :)

  29. Thank you once again :) I have done a follow up :)

  30. The world is a scary place. Very well written story:D You've a talent, bless you.

  31. Touching... salute to the brave girl. She painstakingly handled him for all those years... :)

    Weakest LINK

  32. @ Sonnet of a spirit : Thank you so much for the read and comment :)

    @ Rachit : there are such exceptional women now arnt they ??? :) ...

  33. Speechless.. the last part (when the friend is mentioned) is a total zonker! Never expected it coming.

    Am gonna be a regular here, that's for sure. So, start posting - you've been away more than a week now. :)

  34. Oh I missed the (in)complete - continuing this?

  35. @ Phatichar : "friends are Indeed true savers" :P ....

    oh oh yes, il come up with something real soon ...

    and no, i ehem wanted a 'hatke' title.. :P ..

  36. Thank You. I'm glad you liked my series. Always looked forward for your comment :)


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