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Monday, October 22, 2012

Scream fare

They finished off their supper in a hurry and got ready to hit the bed. Liam asked her little sister Raona, to get her a jug of water .Raona came back with the jug, and hurried off to the washroom.*  Liam giggled as she curled under her blanket. As soon as Raona came out of the washroom, Liam asked her to draw the curtains. Raona walked towards the windows, supressing fits of laughter under her breath.  She neared the window to draw the curtains and screamed and turned towards her sister who screamed back.

*As Roana slipped into the washroom , Liam pasted a poster of “Mirrors” on the window.

**Raona, put on her mask of “Zombi 2” , and walked out of the washroom….

They gasped , screamed and burst in peals of laughter.

P:S – dedicated to my awesome sisters. Its def worth having siblings if they are sisters esp, those who contribute to stories :P
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