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Monday, December 29, 2014

Land Rover experience with Blogadda

I received a call from BlogAdda asking if I wanted to test drive the Landrover, I did not give it a second thought and said YES. However, when I shared this news at Home, my dad was super excited and was raving about the features of the vehicle. Well who better than him to drive the vehicle, I thought to myself. And luckily BlogAdda and Land Rover were kind enough to accommodate the same.

We set out on to Rifle Club at moolamattom, based in Kerala, for the Land Rover experience. 

Was it worth the time and energy!! HELL YEA!!

What a FIRST time off-roading experience and in a Land Rover. (Does a quick dance)

After initial Registration Process, we sat down eagerly awaiting our turn. A video of the previous Land rover experience was being aired, which excited me further. It showed the vehicle's capacity to smoothly drive through different terrains.

We had a briefing session about the vehicle. The terrain response system was designed to tackle the toughest terrains. It had 4 modes for different terrains- a normal mode, a mode for driving in water, a mode for driving on a path laden with rocks and on uneven surfaces and a mode for driving on sand.The Hill Descent Control intelligently controls the wheels and applies brakes to the wheels individually and slows the vehicle while driving on a steep path, downhill. 

The session concluded with  do's and don'ts, and we were assigned a Land Rover with an instructor. Our Instructor was an amazing and entertaining person, not only did he encourage my dad through the terrain , but also he was very informative and patient.

We had a briefing session about the vehicle. We were told about the terrain response system that was designed to perform well on off-road conditions and tackle the toughest terrains. It had 4 modes for different terrains- a normal mode, a mode for driving in water, a mode for driving on a path laden with rocks and on uneven surfaces and a mode for driving on sand. The Hill Descent Control intelligently controls the wheels and applies brakes to the wheels slowing it downhill.

Soon after the briefing session, we were assigned a Land Rover with an instructor. Though my dad had driven an automatic before, he was still a bit apprehensive of handling the vehicle. Gurkhirat (our instructor) effortlessly calmed him down, and also offered to take over, incase my dad wasn't confident.

We started off with Gurkirat taking us to the designed terrain. We (Dad) started driving smoothly, with occasional reminders from Gurkhirat  - "No left foot, no clutch". His kept assuring my dad how well he was driving making  more more confident and he was easing in and out of terrains like a Pro.

The drive was pretty smooth and I thoroughly enjoyed the descents and the uphill climbs. Towards the end was a difficult terrain, it was a deep turn and the vehicle tilted dangerously to one side. However, with instructions, Dad managed to drive well through that too.

It was an ahmazing first time off-roading experience for me. And I was supercharged and excited. The Vehicle's endurance and technology used was Fantastic. It seemed to move effortlessly through the terrain.

We did stop to see another vehicle coming uphill, the sound the vehicle made was like a Roaring beast , Fully charged and raring to go.

It was a Fun filled Sunday. I hope the video does do justice to what I experienced

I would like to thank BLOGADDA and LANDROVER for the fabulous opportunity that you gave me.

Watch the Video HERE

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Missing (Part 23)

This post is a part of BlogAdda Activity Game of Blogs.

Group Name : Tete-a-Ten

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The driver parked the car, and looked at his passenger through the rear view mirror. He seemed like someone who had lost something valuable. The driver turned to face Fanus, “Airport Sir”, he said cheerfully. Fanus smiled back and paid the fare, and gingerly stepped out of the vehicle. He stood rooted there for a moment, hoping to hear someone call his name, or to see that familiar face.  He bit his lower lip, in an attempt to calm himself, and exhaled loudly. It was definitely over.

He bought his ticket back home, but had to wait for 3 long hours to board the plane. With all that had happened, he was hoping those 3 hours don’t take a toll on him. He didn’t want to break down in front of strangers, and especially in the city that took all he had.  

He collected his boarding pass, and completed the security check. He walked in to the waiting lounge to a cacophony.  How he longed for stillness, and for silence. Loud noises did not help his mood. He spotted his den and walked past all the noise to the corner and slouched comfortably in the solace of the music that was playing at CafĂ© Coffee Day. It housed very few people and for Fanus , it was simply heaven.

He reminisced their times together at CCD. A tiny curve softened his features as he thought about the endless conversations he and Cyrus had at these outlets, back in Delhi. It used to be one of their favorite haunts.

“Black Coffee” , he smiled at the waiter, thinking how much Cyrus loved Coffee, especially the one Boman made.

He knew he had to do just one more thing. He took out his phone and dialed a number.

“Hi Boman, we found Cyrus” he said without any trace of emotion.

“That’s such great news, where is he, can I talk to him?”.

Fanus scoffed “ Cyrus is not coming back with me”.

“Why!” , Boman’s voice echoed pain “Fanus, you have to tell him that we are okay, with him being… being how he is.. being different “,  It was still difficult for Boman to say that his son was gay.  “Please Fanus, please tell him to come back , we really miss him”.

“Fanus, dikhra” , Sherry cried “I want to see my Cyrus, please I’m begging you, please get him back”, she sobbed uncontrollably.

“Fanus” , Boman said , “ We love Cyrus, we are alright with him being Gay, we just want our boy back”.

“Uncle, it's Cyrus’ decision to stay back in Bombay. Moreover, don’t you think it's too late now?”.

“How did it get so late so soon” Boman stuttered.

“We just need him to know we love him, no matter what”, he pleaded.

Fanus knew that Boman and Sherry really missed Cyrus, but there was nothing he could do “Uncle, he chose to stay back here.“ Fanus sad, “and he is happy. Give him some time, I’m sure he will call you I have to go, just wanted to inform you that Cyrus is safe, Bye” . 

Fanus disconnected the phone, and stared away lost in thoughts, as his coffee went cold.


Sneha kept tucking away at her kurta, and dabbing imaginary sweat from her upper lips. Her heart pounded loudly, as the doors opened to the 9th Floor. She stepped outside the elevator and walked towards the apartment. Relax, she told herself. She let out a couple of deep breaths “Damn, calm down”, she mouthed. She plastered an artificial smile on her face and pressed the door bell.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Missing (Part 12)

This post is a part of BlogAdda Activity Game of Blogs.

Group Name : Tete-a-Ten

Please find the Part 11 HERE

For Fanus, Cyrus was not just his best friend, he was a very special friend. They knew each other from a very young age. They bonded the very first day they had met as kids. It was a beautiful camaraderie. Growing up, they shared similar interests in literature, sports, movies and sexual orientation.  They both realized they were homosexual. Cyrus knew that he was gay at a young age. He knew his parents, friends, society were not going to take it well. So he mostly kept it to himself. He tried to act normal around Fanus too. However no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t. He was attracted to his best friend. He knew Fanus might freak out and hence hid his emotions, or rather attempted to hide them.

It was at one of their sleepovers, that Fanus realized he was attracted to Cyrus as well. They both felt the tingles as they kissed. Their eager mouths devoured each other. The moon smiled upon their love and bathed their bodies in moonlight as they rose and fell like waves in passion. They both knew that words were unnecessary. From then on, they turned even more inseparable.

Fanus was frustrated and indignant at the way Boman had reacted to the entire news. How could he stop looking for his only son?, he thought aloud. He paced around in his room, every corner reminding him of Cyrus even more. He slumped on his bed and tried to clear his mind. He had to think of a way to get to Cyrus. The cops would definitely not help now. He kept thinking of every possible way , he just had to figure out something. His helplessness made him angry. He turned on his sides, and pulled his knees closer to his chest.

 “Where are you , my love” , he whimpered.

He couldn’t help himself, he cried his heart out.

“Sush fanny ,  I never want you to cry alright, remember what Dr. Sneha told me, ‘Never be ashamed of your tears, but embrace them and let the wounds heal’ , so stop crying now” . Fanus opened his eyes, and looked around for Cyrus’ voice. But he wasn’t there. However, he knew what he had to do. He got up, embracing the wounds. He knew who would help him. A smile spread across his face as he ran out of his house to meet Dr. Sneha.

Dr. Sneha Phadnis was one of the most sought -after Clinical Psychologists in Delhi. Cyrus was being treated for mixed anxiety-depression syndrome for the past couple of years.

Cyrus’ started becoming detached, when he realized he was homosexual. He knew his parents were never going to accept him for who he is. He started being detached. His sleeping and eatng patterns were erratic. Sherry having a background in Psychology, was quick to notice the changes in her son. She was referred to Dr.Sneha.

Since then Cyrus has been a very loyal patient. He developed a very strong bond with Dr. Sneha. Though counter transference was considered ethically inappropriate for her profession,she pursued it, as she knew that her friendship with Cyrus helped him immensely. She was more than a doctor to him, she was a friend , a confidante and a mentor. She was aware of Fanus and Cyrus’s relation as well. For Cyrus, she was the first person apart from Fanus, who saw him and accepted him for who he was.

Fanus rushed to Dr. Sneha’s clinic. He was glad to be on time. She was reviewing a file when Fanus stormed into her office.

“He is gone”, he said, trying to catch his breath.

Dr. Sneha knew it was about Cyrus. She motioned Fanus to sit, and relax, before she heard everything. She wanted to know every detail.

She gritted her teeth, when Fanus told her about the gang rape and the torture Cyrus had gone through. She was angry when she was informed that the manhunt was called off. However, years of experience held her emotions in check. She heard everything Fanus had to offer without the slightest change in expression.  She closed her eyes for a moment breathing in a rhythm. When she opened her doe-shaped eyes, it held a steely gaze that was filled with determination.

“Let’s go to his house, am sure we will find something that would help us”, she said.

“But , his ..Dr. his parents, uncle would not ..” Fanus stammered.

“Let's see to that, when we get there”, she smiled.

She dialed her assistants number. “Pooja, cancel all my appointments for a week”She listened to her secretary’s surprised stammering reaction, she smiled “That’s what I pay you for, and It might extend for more than a week, I will keep you updated. Bye”.

Dr. Sneha was a no-nonsense person. She knew how to get things done. They pulled over at Cyrus’ place. Sensing Fanus’ apprehension, she smiled at him “Don’t worry, I'm here now. Come”.

 Boman opened the door and stared at them in disbelief when Sneha explained the reason she was there. Fanus thought Boman wouldn't budge, but after a while, he moved letting them enter.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Missing (Part 11)

This post is a part of BlogAdda Activity Game of Blogs.

Group Name : Tete-a-Ten

Please find Part 10 HERE

"Raped!!” She echoed in disbelief.  “What do you mean by rape?” she said raising the pitch. The vein on her temple became increasingly prominent with her accelerated breathing.

“How can our son be raped Boman?” She clawed into her husband’s arms for support. She tried to steady herself, but her emotions defied her grace and raced to her jaws.

Fanus looked up at her, and thought of the what to say, that might pacify her.However the day, that unfateful day, rolled in front of his eyes like a motion picture. He felt so helpless when he heard the perpetrators recall the incident with jest. It induced bile in his throat. He had nightmares of the conversation. He felt so helpless, so pathetic, that he wasn’t there to protect his friend, to protect the one person who meant the world to him.

Two days ago

Studying Law wasn’t something Cyrus wanted to do. He did it just to appease his parents. What he really wanted was to make movies. He wanted to create that magic on screen. Everything about Films, right from scripting, pre production, casting, shooting, post production, made him happy. Just the very thought, that people can breathe life to words on paper gave him a high. It was an intoxication that made him yearn to be the captain of the movie making ship. He wanted to be a Film Director, and not just any film director He wanted to be a director of a film, which had the legend Amitabh Bachchan in it.

He came closer to his dream everyday by capturing people and their emotions, then consolidating it over the weekend. He was always good at editing and linking the parts together, making it seem like they all belonged together.

His seniors always ganged up on him, and teased him whenever they saw him recording. However, it wasn’t just teasing for two of them in the group. Cyrus realized it later, and by then it was too late.

Cyrus always loved empty spaces. He always felt it added to an element in his story. Whenever he had to convey emotions, that were absent in his shoots, he used apt background music, and vacant spaces. The deep meaning it conveyed fascinated him, especially how everyone interpreted it differently.    

Cyrus’ college had the reputation of being one of the best colleges in India, not only because of the educational system, and all the inter-collegiate wins, but also because of its campus.

St. Xavier’s was definitely one of the best places to study law. The college had space for everyone, irrespective of their religion, social status, views and so on. The college was famous for churning out the best students, both academically and personally. Though a Law College, they did not just restrict themselves to moot courts and debates. They had everything an individual wanted to stir his creative soul. There were clubs, societies, groups , you name it,it had it. From athletics to fashion, from debates to social work, students at St. Xavier’s strived to go that extra mile not just with academics , but also extracurricular activities.

The college canteen or foyer, as it was known buzzed with activity from morning to afternoon. Conversations ranged from politics to love. The foyer had the energy of young minds eager to absorb knowledge and a desire to change the world.

The Foyer was sandwiched between the woods and a basketball court. Woods didn’t refer to “woods”, it was basically a lingo that only Xavierites would understand. A cozy space with loads of shade provided by trees was the perfect spot for romance, and quiet getaways.

If you had to ask any student about their favorite place in college, it would either be the foyer or the woods. But Cyrus chose to differ. He was always intrigued by the architectural grandiose that the college offered. Most of the pillars supported beautiful arches that had intricate and delicate designs. For Cyrus , those patterns held a story, a story when captured in silence would speak for itself.

As always, he stayed back after college, to film some more of his favorite place. He loved the stillness that the college offered after classes. It was ironic, how this very silence was filled with laughter and noise before.

Cyrus was busy filming the beautiful arch, with intricate designs. He felt a shiver around his nape, but dismissed it. No sooner had he done that than he felt a strong palm around his mouth. Cyrus’s eyes bulged in horror. The grip of the person was really strong. Cyrus felt the angry tug, as his arms were pulled back and tied roughly at his wrists. He was turned to face two of his seniors. He tried retaliating and pushing against the force of his captor,but to no avail. One of the seniors shushed him, by running his finger over his face. That touch scared Cyrus. He didn’t know why. He realized he was being forced upstairs. Many thoughts flashed in his head. ’ Are they going to throw me from the building?’, ‘Or is it some silly thing they have planned’, ‘Are they gonna leave me stark naked, and embarrass me’ ‘Oh Fanny, I wish you were here’.

Cyrus really wasn’t prepared to what they had in mind. He couldn’t have guessed even in his wildest dreams, of what was in store for him. They pushed him to the terrace, and circled him like vultures ready for their prey. “What do you want from me” he whimpered. “What have I done to you?”.

“Shush”, it’s not what you have done; it’s what you will do, and what you will get in return for it. His senior sneered with a gaze that screamed of hunger, one that was about to be satisfied.
His soul was ripped away along with his clothes. The vultures preyed on him ravenously, ignoring his painful cries. He begged them to stop. But they went on and on. Touching him everywhere, making him cringe. Cyrus would never be able to erase that day from his mind.

The lights around him faded, and slowly so did the noises. Cyrus Daruwala had been preyed upon by human predators.


Fanus snapped out of his stupor with Boman’s outrageous sentiments.

“He is such an embarrassment to our family, I’m disowning him ",his voice boomed.

“I don’t want to search for a gay boy. My son is dead he screamed. Cyrus is dead, you understand”, he shook a weeping Sherry by the arms.

“I’m going to call the police, and withdraw the manhunt “, he said shaking his head in frustration.

Fanus got up, went over to Sherry, “I have to go, I have to find him” .

He walked out and heard Boman talking to the cops. He walked faster and faster and Boman’s voice faded away.

He had to find Cyrus. His Cyrus. He knew he would find him and when he did he would hold him and tell him that everything is going to be just fine.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Private India - A Review

Title : Private India
Author: Ashwin Sanghi & James Patterson
Publisher: Arrow Books

I really wanted to put off writing this review, hoping against all odds, that I can escape doing so. You know why, because I'm utterly disappointed!. An Ashwin Sanghi getting a not so good review from my end, would be the first (hopefully the last) .Especially when this is a Partnership between an awesome Indian writer and an Internationally acclaimed writer like Patterson.

The prologue starts off with a mention of Bomb attacks, and I feel, I'm in for a great read. The first chapter starts of with a murder, and not just  ‘a murder’ , it’s one which chills you. The victim is left with props (Yay, good start huh?). Enter – Private India –  who are brought in to investigate the murder, as the murder is committed in a Hotel, that is their client. Enter – Santosh Wagle, worn out, leans on alcohol to forget a past, but a clever, almost Sherlocky Investigator.

His team members include a very gorgeous  Nisha  Gandhe, who is shrewd and knows to get her way around things. Mubeen Yusuf, their forensic expert and the youngest member of their team, the Tech wizard  - Hari Padhi. Private India iscaptained by Santosh Wagh , however its direction is determined by Jack morgan.

Furthermore we have Rupesh, a cop and Santosh’s friend once upon a time.

Private India comes face to face with murders one after the other, however in the same pattern.  Suffocated with a Yellow scarf and finally left with Props. Was the killer leading the investigators on or just playing around with them, was yet to be known.

The entire plot revolves around fine, till we have confused Identity / muddled character sketch. It makes you wonder why it was created in the first place, why certain characters were introduced too. Hari Padhe’s character comes under the suspect category , in relation to the murder. Did we really need that?, that was really uncalled for. And especially the end to Hari’s character.

Introduction of munna and nimboo baba, were , I donno, was it needed. Ok munna maybe to a certain extent. However munna’s character is confused as well. He says he doesn’t help terrorists to bomb his city, and tehn he does! Why?. Nimboo Baba, is a lost case.

Rupesh’s link with Santosh’s past was another “what !!” . It was almost like a Sanjay Leela Bhansali film, going on, forever and types.

All the murders and reasons were mentioned (which was very loosely crafted , in my opinion), except one. I guess trying to link them all, was a herculean task. And the reasons were , Funny. Except a few, the rest were , funny.

So yea, its basically a Hyped Firecracker , which is supposed to rocket in the sky and have a display for about 5 minutes. What you get , is just a very faded noise, and no display at all.

It is a disappointment, maybe I did expect a lot from the author of Chanakya's Chant, Rozabal Line, The Krishna Key!!If you are an Ashwin Sanghi fan, this book is disappointing . If you are not, this is not the book you should read. Try reading his other books and come over for this. Will I recommend this?? I'm in two minds honestly. If you are reading his work for the first time don’t judge him by this book. Well it’s a joint collaboration , isn't it?? So I guess , it wont hurt .

My rating : 5/10.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014


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Group Name : Tete-a-Ten

Please find the previous parts here :-







Tara felt as though she was hallucinating. She saw her, she saw her daughter! She had imagined the worst to happen, and here she was standing in front of her, in her uniform slightly creased. Her hair neatly parted in a ponytail, with a few strays, that was tucked neatly behind her ear. That beautiful smile, which lit up the otherwise dim warehouse, called out to Tara.  Was it really Roohi, or was her mind playing tricks .If it was a trick, it was a wonderful one. Tears trickled down her otherwise blank face. She told her mind to move her legs and walk over to Roohi, but they somehow, stood rooted on the very spot, staring at her beloved daughter.

She felt a gust of wind as Shekhar ran past Tara, and scooped Roohi in his arms.

“Roohi, roohi, oh my God, Roohi”. He hugged her “Are you alright?”

The illusion broke. Tara bellowed and her legs gave away. She fell onto the floor, crying in relief. She could make a faint outline of silhouettes in front of her. Her eyes misted with relief.  All Tara could hear were faint mumblings.

She felt a familiar touch on her shoulder. She angled her face to her shoulder. Shekhar tightened his grip on her shoulder reassuring her, that it’s all ok.

 “Mummy”, Roohi whispered.  Tara gathered herself and pulled Roohi close to her, hugging her tight and kissing her all over her face.

“My Baby, I’m so sorry….” She howled. “If anything….” She did not finish her sentence; Shekhar hugged them both and pulled them to a warm embrace, for the first time. When the feeling of loss overshadowed them, they found each other. Life was definitely ironic. Today they had become a family, an actual family. His warm embrace enabled them to be lost in their own world of happiness and solace.

Their Friends comforted each other, and heaved a uniform sigh. They all smiled at each other, happy that they found her. Some engaged in informing others via texts and calls, while others gave away to exhaustion and sat on the floor.

“We found her”, Shekhar’s friend piped into the phone smiling. The question from the other end, wiped away his smile. He looked towards the trio in embrace. “We don’t know”, he said running his fingers through his hair “hmmmm, yea… alright. I’ll hmmm…let me call you back... Ya, bye”. He hung up and looked at Shekhar, not knowing how to ask. He rested his hands on his hips.

 “Shekhar” his friend called out, “She is alright, right?” his friend asked hesitantly.

Shekhar released Tara and Roohi from his embrace, mindful of what exactly his friend meant. He held Tara around her waist and cupped Roohi’s face, “Did the stranger touch you badly?” He asked. Though he seemed calm on the exterior, his voice gave away the pain and fear of what he might hear.

Tara looked anxiously at Roohi, and then at Shekhar, and exhaled deeply. Their friends stood behind them, looking down at the family waiting to support them, if they needed it.

“Papa, which Stranger?” she asked innocently. Her eyes were wide and questioning. Shekhar looked at her and looked away, palming the sweat of his forehead. He was unsure as to how he was to proceed. How could he ask her if she was, if the stranger had … The very thought chilled his spine. He gritted his teeth, imagining the worst. Silence fell like a dagger in the warehouse. He looked at Tara and he knew he just had to put them out of misery. He cleared he throat and toyed with the sides of his spectacle.

“Roohi”  he exhaled, “after you left from school, you went out to eat ice- cream with a stranger, right?, Did he do anything to you dear?” he asked , hoping against all odds, that she was alright, that nothing untoward had happened to their daughter. His thoughts raced from guilt to anger.

“Papa”, she chirped, shaking her head, “No Papa, Cyrus is not a stranger”, she emphasized on stranger. She looked at Tara, and everyone around, and smiled “Cyrus is my friend”. She smiled exuberantly

“Cyrus!!” Tara mumbled looking helplessly at Shekhar.

She ran her hand through the strays behind Roohi’s ear, “Who... Who is Cyrus, baby? What were you doing with him?” She quizzed ”Haven’t we told you to stay away from people whom you don’t know, You were supposed to wait for either me or Papa, weren’t you dear” , She whimpered, anger mixed with hope and love.

“Mummy, but I know Cyrus. Infact I was helping him”, Roohi puffed her chest with pride, and looked around at her audience hoping to be applauded. She pouted and dropped her shoulder, when she realized that no one was going to appreciate her.

“Baby, tell us what happened after you left from school”, Tara asked her. “How did you reach here?”

“Well after school”, she crinkled her forehead, recollecting “After school, I walked with Cyrus. We went out and had Orange Juice , from that place mummy, where we had gone once to drink juice” … “mmmhmmm, then” Tara asked “ Ya , then we were walking again, Cyrus was talking about Delhi, Papa, I want to go to Delhi ok”, she pouted at Shekhar, unaware of the seriousness of the situation.

“Sure” He said “What happened after that baby. “ We had ice-cream after that, and then we went on the merry-go round too, Cyrus was scared “, and she laughed.

“Then we got into the bus, and came to a place, I don’t know where” she added candidly. One could hear everyone’s heart beating away wildly “Even Cyrus did not know where. Oh oh, we bought chips and soda too. Then we both were tired too, so we came here”

“We”, Shekhar exclaimed, looking around.

“Yes Papa, Cyrus was so tired, he went off to sleep” She pointed towards the end.

“Did you sleep too” Tara asked nervously

“No mummy, I did my homework”, she smiled at Tara

Shekhar got up and walked over to the direction Roohi had pointed, along with his friends.

“Papa, don’t go there”, she stood up “Cyrus will get scared, Wait, I’ll go and get him”. She started walking towards Cyrus.

“No” they all exclaimed, “you are not going there alone” Shekhar and Tara echoed in unison.

“But Papa! He will get scared if he sees all of you together” she said nodding her head.

“Call him from here then” Tara said.

“Uff mummy, don’t worry. I’ll go and get him ok”.

They were not letting go of her, no way was she going in there alone.

“I’ll go with Roohi”, Tara said and walked towards Roohi, and held her hand.

“You be right behind me” She whispered at shekhar.

Tara and Roohi walked towards the end. Tara, Shekhar and the rest were alert and ready for the slightest movement or noise.

“Cyrus” Roohi called out. Tara tightened her grip on Roohi’s hand.

They all heard a whimper and an effort to get up, they heard rustling of paper , some of it tearing as well. A Shadow appeared at Roohi’s feet, growing bigger and bigger, as Cyrus approached her.

“Yea Roohi” Cyrus called out, rubbing his groggy eyes .

His voice chilled and scared Tara beyond measure. She didn’t realize when Roohi slipped away from her grasp.

Roohi walked towards Cyrus, held his hand and exclaimed “ Papa see, I found Cyrus, he got lost”.

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Saturday, September 06, 2014

TAG for Change

Challenges are doing the rounds everywhere , from ICE to RICE. Everyone is so excited about doing them!! Good!, but why exactly are YOU doing them. Is it really to help the needy? or just for another picture on your Social media, or a branding for your Product/organization?, or a very pathetic attempt to "Tag" your friends and see them enjoy as well?

Yes, I do agree, that the "Ice Bucket Challenge" has generated knowledge with regard to ALS, which like many, debate is only because of the Ice bucket challenge. Im sorry  - Doesn't that sound Lame to you. The reason you claim that people are aware of an Illness is because of a challenge!. What is the world coming to ? Seriously!!.

People now need to be "Tagged/challenged" to be "Inspired" . How pathetic have we become??.

And now move over, we have another challenge, the Rice bucket. Initially I was all Happy about it. But again, there is a Tag/pictures. Why do we need to tell the world of what we are doing? especially helping someone in need. Would you like to be clicked in a similar manner?. They are doing it because they have have no option .They  "pose" to get that supply, What the FUCk are YOU doing it for??For people commenting and saying Bravo??

For people who need to be tagged to be inspired, let me tell you, it lasts only till the picture is clicked. What after that? Do you bother about that Family?? Do you help them avail of more supplies, or do you just sit back in front of your Laptop and forget about it??.

You know there are millions of people who help the needy without being Tagged , or without posing fro pictures with them. Its not that they don't want to "inspire" people with their pictures, Its just that they know that it's not needed.For them its more of genuine help.

Today we are so bound by Social media and the image that we project that we forget to realise that we are Human too. We are able to do something for the less fortunate , because we have been blessed with a little more than them.

All those who get inspiration with senseless Tags, and those who are using it well to promote your organization and etc, YOU really need a Rain check with yourself.

Yes , this is an angry Post, However  its more of a wake up call.

All of our Holy scriptures have beautifully mentioned, that when we help the needy - do not let the left hand know what the right hand is doing. For the world obsessed with Social media " Do not let the Social media know what you have done" .

So let me end up with another Challenge for you all. When you do some good, just TAG two people , YOU and the person receiving it,and if possible TAG them with a Smile , TAG them in their Hearts

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Online shopping with Jabong

Online shopping is something I dread. I'm still that old school, who loves to try on before buying, be it anything from clothing,shoes, accessories , make-up etc.However, I have loved the experience with Jabong, though there was a major goof-up, All's well that ends well right??.

Jabong appeared a lot over conversations, social media etc. And I thought, why not give it a shot, but with something small.

So I ordered a Lippy and two nail paints. I have recently fallen in love with lipsticks and have been in debt to the transformation they render . From ever so glamorous to dewy look, they are simply the bestestest.

I ordered the products via Jabong.com. They have a variety of products to offer at very good prices. Now  I prefer being the slow and steady types and hence just ordered ordered 3 items. All of them maybelline - Lipstick in shade Plum, and nail paints in tangerine orange and Downtown red.

I received the products on the second day of placing the order, usually its 24 hours, but I did have a few cancellations to my first order, hence the delay. my order came in with a fragile tag, and a mention to check the contents before accepting the package,which I found very unique. However they had a mixup of lipstick shades and sent across Fuschia instead of Plum (Yea thats a huge difference).

Now what i loved about them , apart from their products and pricing., is their Customer care. They are ahmazing!!, and my anger towards them,for having delivered the wrong product disappeared. Oh and I might as well add, that they sent in their personnel to change the product. Personally it was the best experience I ever had with a company, in terms of their promptness as far as resolving issues are concerned. They also rechecked with me, which made me feel really good.

I loved the fact that they prioritize customers, and deal with them individually, and provide them resolutions accordingly.

I'm sure you are bound to find similar products on many online platforms.And also the mode of payments , im sure all of you are familiar with it So I wouldn't rate their products here as I still have to go through all of them. However, in terms of their Service, i.e, Shipping - with so much attention to fragile objects and with care, and also their Customer Service, I'm in love with them. hence had to write about them.

When they say they have 24/7 Customer Care  - they really mean it!! . Apart from loads of offers on jabong , for first timers on their site , you receive a 1500/- voucher, which is really good.

As far as the lipstick is concerned, my sister loved the shade, so I did not exchange it.

I would give jabong a 9/10 - and all of it only for their Shipping and excellent Customer Service.

Monday, June 02, 2014

Tresemme Split remedy - Review

Indiblogger presented an opportunity to review Tresemme Split remedy Shampoo and Conditioner . And needless to say I said a BIGGG YESS. And I have never done a video for any of my product reviews, not that they were not good enough, but they didn't excite me as much as this product.

So find my review about the product HERE.

I SUPER LOVED IT, if that isn't obvious yet :P . Let me know when your experience when you try it. :)

Friday, May 30, 2014

Sita's Curse - A Review

Book details:

Title : Sita's Curse
Author: Sreemoyee Piu Kundu
Genre: Feminist Erotic Literature
Publisher: Hachette India
Price: INR 350

"Somewhere, behind closed doors in her solitary world; Somewhere, under the sheets with an indifferent lover; Somewhere, is a woman who will not be denied..."

Sita’s curse is about MEERA PATEL, the story is of a woman who is fearless to explore her sexuality.The book starts of with a masturbation scene(Yes, kindly embrace sexuality here).Sexual details are vividly described in every second page. The author starts off with describing her parts with aplomb and later sticks on to “HER SEX” (err vagina isn’t a bad word!!) .Sexual content in the book did not bother me, what bothered me more was the fact that I assumed it to be a story of a woman who embraces her sexuality, rather than one who is super HORNY, she has sexual fantasies with her twin brother, with a girl, and almost everyone.

The book has been divided into two parts: the first part starts when Meera is thirteen and the second when she turns thirty. The book starts off with her childhood and her love and bonding she has towards her brother. However it turns weird when her own brother starts lusting for her!!! (errr, whatttt!!!!). She is discussing her breasts, changes in her body with her BROTHER (Some bond I tell you). She has fantasies of her dance teacher (and mind you she hasn't attained puberty here!!!). Oh and she does make out with her dance teacher, witnessed by her brother. Surprisingly, she knew exactly what to do!!. Her brother gets troubled as he wants her only to himself (Creepy). He Is sent off, and later dies. (one down, how many more to go).

So in an attempt to find someone who would make her feel; as karthik did, she makes out with everyone (even a girl). She even makes out with a stranger who saves her from the river (a complete stranger, mind you!!)From a dance teacher to a guruji, her “sex chat lover” – meera is depicted to have a insatiable appetite for SEX. To add to it she is married to a guy who can barely get his “organ” up. He rapes her the first time they make out. But all is forgotten, and she tries to crave his sexual attention every single time (Yawn). And not to forget , she also leches at her brother in law, and unabashedly watches him making out with his wife (errr, CREEP ALERT).

Im surprised she doesn't make out with Bansi (her brother in law, I guess the author let him be). The other main characters are a Guru and Yosuf(a guy she meets online). She makes out with the guru and obviously with yosuf!!. The Mumbai floods come in picture, where yosuf and her husband go missing. However meera , the insatiable woman that she is, believes in masturbating the day her husband goes missing. Also Chottu abruptly disappears as well.

My expectations after reading the blurb were super high. It was a complete dud for me. Has she done justice to the way the book is defined by many : “Bold, brazen and defiant, Sita's Curse looks at the hypocrisy of Indian society and tells the compelling story of a middle-class Indian housewife's urgent need for love, respect, acceptance and sexual fulfillment." I wouldn’t agree.

Yes Sreemoyee, we women do crave physical pleasure. We lust , we masturbate!! And there are bi-sexuals, and lesbians. However meera here comes across as a nymphomaniac, who requires medical HELP!!!

Couldn’t help but wonder if she transmitted any STD’s.

Rating : 3/10 

This review is a part of the biggest Book Review Program for Indian Bloggers. Participate now to get free books!

Monday, April 07, 2014

From Drab to FAB

I totally love being a part of BlogAdda, simply because, they do know how to pamper its members.

This time around, it was an opportunity from Asian Paints, to transform your house in the most Eco friendly way. I just had to say a big huge YES. Firstly , its ASIAN PAINTS, need I say more. Secondly, I love being a part of everything BlogAdda has to offer.

Asian Paints has introduced a new product  - Aquadur PU, which is a Luxury Aqua Wood Finish. It conforms to stringent standard measures of Voc, and comes with a 5 year exterior durability. Now for those who are like me - Who are disinterested in tech terms, and who are more concerned with basic things like  -Paint odor, Quality, look , Durability etc. This product is the best for your wooden Furniture's.

I chose my front door for the product review.The entire process took 2 and half days. The Door was first cleaned out and smoothed by using sand Paper, followed by Aquadur wood and dent filler to cover some holes and dents , then a coat of Aquadur wood preservative. Once dry, they used the first coat of Aquadur base coat and then the final Aquadur Pu Exterior matt coat.



Aquadur Pu exterior is used for Doors, windows, Pillars, Balcony railings, chairs etc, while Aquadur Interior is used for Cupboards, Chairs, tables etc. So you have two different products catering to Wooden furniture both outside and inside your house.

 Our house is 8 years old, and we did fail to notice that the front door had turned a little yellow. It was only after the initial wood polish was removed that we realized how beautiful our door used to be. With the final coat of Aquadur Pu, our minds were at ease as it retained the original color of the wood, and also the matt finish lend it the original look, which we all loved initially.

Over years since its Water Based, as compared to the initial Oil based polish, I'm sure we will be able to retain the look.

The result was truly Beautiful. I loved the transformation.

Usually whenever , there is a paint job/any work, it does leave behind traces in terms of smell. I totally dislike it. However with Aquadur PU, there was no such issues. It was Odorless, and it is also a safer option for the workers.

It also conforms to stringent European EN 71.3 standards , that is basically low metal toxicity , which makes it Child Safe.

In a time when we are looking for ways to contribute to the environment in little ways, this product provides a brilliant platform. Oil based Products emit Toxins during painting and after some years. Using Aquadur can considerably help towards ensuring our bit to the environment.

Vimal Chandran also handed over brochures that helped me understand the product better : -

 Here is a closer look at the change that was bought about with Aquadur Pu

For more Information on Asian Paints Visit HERE, and for Aquadur Pu , visit HERE


P:S - If you are Waiting for a rating , trust me , its worth more than on a 10 rating. Next time you want to polish your Wooden furniture - Go for Aquadur Pu, without a second thought .

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Malaysia - A cultural Potpourri.

 We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us - Anonymous

I fell in love with this quote back in school, and it truly symbolizes LIFE. I'm sure all of us have a "Places to visit list". Malaysia is on my top 20 list . Being a student of History, Malaysia has always fascinated me. From early influences of Hinduism and Buddhism to Islam, Malaysia has a variety of culture and tradition to offer its visitors. Tranquil beaches, cities dipped in history, rain forests, mountains  - You name it - There is something for everyone.

My travel plans are a mix of the above catering to my varied interests.

Mount Kinabalu

Mount Kinabalu, is located in Sabah in East Malaysia. Apart from the lovely view, that one would get from the top. Mt.Kinabalu is a mountain of legends. The one that intrigues me a lot is its origin from the Kadazan words Aki Nabalu, which means "the revered place of the dead" . The Kadazan people believe that spirits dwell in the mountain . The Kadazan people belong to an indigenous tribe, who still live on Mt.Kinabalu's Flanks. This combined with the breathtaking view is on my top 10 places to visit in Malaysia.

Layang- Layang

Layang -layang is a man-made island in Sabah, Borneo.It was initially constructed for the Malaysian Navy, and was later developed as the dive only resort.The best thing about the island is its guarantee for Isolation. If you are love reading a book with the calming noise of the sea. this is a must go place.

Also, its one of the top 10 dive sites in the world, owing to its marine display. If there is a place, I would love to let go of my hydrophobia, it would be HERE.


Penang is located on the northwest coast by the strait of Malacca. Its  a former British settlement , one of the four states to not have a Malay ruler or a Sultan . Penang's architecture speaks for itself, its an amalgamation of History and modern influences. The cultural mosaic of the city paints it with vibrant colors during festivals.

The history of this place already got my attention, and what added to it was the delicious array of street food that Penang has to offer. Owing to different cultures, its going to be a gastronomic treat.


Langkawi is a part of the Malaysian state of Kedah. The first thing that strikes you about Langkawi, is its Legend. The legend is of a woman named Mahsuri, the tale is woven around Love, Jealousy, curse etc.

Mahsuri, was put to death for alleged adultery. Before she died, she uttered the words, “There shall be no peace and prosperity on this island for a period of seven generations.” 

Langkawi is a duty free island. It offers Beautiful pristine white sand beaches, trekking through its rain forests, a boat tour through its mangroves and also the famous underwater world .

Kuala Lumpur


Malaysia is definitely incomplete without talking about Kuala Lumpur. After the quiet tranquility of nature, I would definitely love to go to the hustle and bustle, that the city offers through kuala lumpur. Its the federal capital of Malaysia, and offers the best of Food, shopping and culture. 

My list in Kuala Lumpur definitely starts with the Petronas Towers, followed by "Heaven for women" - the stretch from Bukit bintang to Kuala lumpur City Centre (BBKLCC), spoils you out of bounds with its offering in Fashion, food and entertainment.

Central market, china town and little India offers a mix of culture. my day is incomplete without food  - and what better way to do that than go to Jalan Alor in kuala Lumpur. 

Some other places on my list include George town, Mulu caves, Sipadan islands, Melaka, Taman Negara, Rawa and definitely the Batu Caves.

For more information for your visit to Malaysia, you can either download this mobile app , or you could visit the official Tourism Malaysia . I'm sure you will absolutely love Malaysia. 

I am participating in the MalaysiaJao Blogathon Contest in association with BlogAdda.com.

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