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Thursday, February 09, 2012

A Calendar Too Crowded

“A Calendar Too Crowded” tells stories of women we know, and have heard of. These are stories that continue to happen in various households around the globe, irrespective of the special “days” allotted to check them. It deals with the need for emancipation(and we are still talking about it even today?) of the fairer sex in an unfair society. It reveals the ugly(common) truth carefully camouflaged by a hypocritical society of so-called 'equals'.

The book is divided into segments based on the calender months, carefully listing out the special days heralding woman rights in each month, before proceeding to narrate heart wrenching tales from rural and urban India.

Given the sensitive theme, the reading sometimes tends to be heavy. considering this is the author’s first work, her ability to get under the skin of so many varied women – an “escort”, a rape/domestic violence victim, a hot-shot professional – alike,and by steering an entire book without disclosing a single name,  is commendable.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Arranged Marriage

“I am really nervous Ma, I don’t know what all should I be asking, or talking …”

Her Mother stifled a giggle, hugged her daughter, and said “Zahera, any man will be lucky to have you, just be yourself alright?”

Zahera was 25, single, and independent. Did she want to marry??? No and yes!! NO, because, she believed that one day she would run into her prince charming, and then Love would blossom, she craved for a Love marriage rather than an arranged.

He was sitting dressed casually in a striped shirt and blue denim jeans, equally tensed, but was good at hiding that fact. He hadn’t seen her picture earlier, however he did catch a glance of the photo frames, and was smitten by her, if that was her, he thought to himself.

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