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Friday, July 22, 2011


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'Are you sure you don’t want to testify against him?? Ritika don’t worry, we are all here for you, you have identified the rest, and testified against them, why leave him out of it, are you listening?'

'My lord', said the Public Prosecutor 'he is forcing the witness to testify against my client. Mr.Kapoor,'

'Has your client identified all the accused in this case?' Asked the judge

'Ritika, ritika I’m here for you, the law will give him the punishment he deserves, ritika are you listening'…

At her lawyers touch, ritika was brought back from her thoughts,' Mr. Kapoor, I have identified all the accused, I don’t have anything against him'... She pointed out to a man, a very frail figure, who held up his hands in prayer towards her, with a smug smile, asking for forgiveness.

As the Victim has identified the accused….The Judge continued with the Punishment, when she silently moved away.

'Ritika, why would you not testify against your father, he is the prime accused in this case, what happened to you? Do you just want him to be left after all what he did to you, wasn’t this what you wanted?? That he gets punished?'

For the first time in 4 weeks, Abhishek Kapoor saw a smile on her face; she was always a Mystery, difficult to comprehend. He could still recall the first time he had met her, she was hollow from within, she asked him to help reprimand the people who had made her life the way it was. He shuddered at the thought of how her Father had forced her into prostitution.

He was drawn to the present with her sweet voice asking him as to when he would want his fees. He did not want to loose sight of her, because he knew he wouldn’t see her again.

'Ritika, why didn’t u testify against your father??? He was the one, who bought your life at this stage,'

'Mr.kapoor, there are certain thing that you wouldn’t understand. I wanted to know if my father would be able to face me and look me in the eyes, and well he could, after all what he has done, he could still look at me the way he always did,' she got lost in thoughts at mention of those words….

Abhishek saw her expressions harden at the very thought of her father. Ritika was drawn back to the day when her father had first touched her; she was 13 years old, her initial refusal to comply with her father’s demands ended up with her 5 year old brother being beaten up sore in front of her. She had to comply with having her father touch her, so as to stop him hurting her brother. That was the first time her father forced her into the bedroom, and later with many other people, her cries were unheard, her screams fell on deaf ears. She had lost her childhood.. she had lost herself .

She was 28 now. She was rescued by Human rights activists, and they had employed Mr. Kapoor as her advocate. She had testified against everyone she could remember, many of them were among the noted and respected men in the state.

'Ritika what have you planned about your future?'

She was bought back from her thoughts. She looked at him and presented him with a very mysterious smile and said, 'i'm not sure id want to mix your future with mine, but I’m sure my father’s future would collide with mine.'

Abhishek always had a tough time comprehending her words, and emotions. Ritika however, seemed to have read the very core of his emotions, and wanted to stray away from those very thoughts of his. She had something else in mind. She looked at abhishek and said' “I want to be God” for a day.'

Abhishek gave her a confused look as she mesmerized him with her laugh; he was surprised to see her laughing, even more surprised when her laughter was combined with tears. Ritika wiped away her tears, and took his leave, however before she did, she mentioned about having his fees reached at his office tomorrow, and asked him to promise her of not trying to find her whereabouts.

One Month later: Abhishek was taken aback by the Breaking News that was being shown on all prominent news channels; a dead body of a man, in his late fifties was found naked in a hotel room. He was stabbed around 30 times all over his body, a deep gash was found on his throat, his fingers, his genitals were cut, His Lips and his tongue were cut of, his eyes were poked into.

Reports stated that the man had sexual intercourse before he was castrated and murdered…. Abhishek was still listening to details of the murder when his phone rang, an unknown number, he answered the call, on the other end a female voice asked him to check the news channels, he recognized the voice…

'Ritika where are you, how have you been'...

'Abhishek, she cut him short saying, that was my father who was found dead… I played God for a day.'

He remained speechless, the line was disconnected, and it took him a moment to realize what he had heard. He understood her now, she had given her Father one chance to let her know that he was sorry, and when he didn’t, she didn’t feel sorry for him either. She had written her fathers destiny just like he had written hers.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Without you ....

She stepped out, and the rain started to pour
She held herself close from the cold,
She headed towards the Rick stand
And then a thought crossed her mind…
She plugged on her favorite music
And decided to walk undeterred by the rain
Her arms wrapped itself around her body,
Her little shrug jacket dint provide her much solace from the rains
She opened her umbrella
And started walking,
The rain lashed at her
Her umbrella swayed against the wind, which threatened to blow it off
She held it more closely, drowning herself in the music
She felt his absence
the music added to it
As the cold wind enveloped her fragile frame
She thought about him
his very thought, sent a warmth across her
He was far, always will be
She knew that...
She however, lived that moment
A smile flickered on her face
It made her look beautiful
A tear made its way across her cheek
But dint live long as it was wiped of by the rains
She was drenched in the rain
Not as much as her mind was drenched in his thoughts
A car made way splashing water on her
Erasing her very thoughts
It was as simple as it came
The thought vanished, the pain remained etched
Unnoticed by everyone around
As she continued smiling
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