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Saturday, August 27, 2011

woh lamha .....

Panting, he caught the handrail of the bus and jumped in. No sooner did he get in than he saw her. He felt a whiff of fresh air moving across  his face, as though  it wanted to make its presence felt. 
“Tum waha khade raho ya andhar aao, ticket to lena hi hoga boss”. 
That broke the fresh air effect; however he glanced at her and saw a smile breaking on the corner of her lips. He ran his hand over his hair and a smile broke on his lips revealing deep dimples. He stepped onboard took a seat, and smiled away......


  1. Haha....chota hai...par achha hai....tragic story..to inti badi badi likhti ho...happy stories mein itni kanjoosi? ;)

  2. @kunnu : hehhehe gosh i so love seeing your comments :P ... agar jyaada likhti na.. toh for sure tragic ho jaati, isliye utna hi likha ... :)


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