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Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Love you ... however ......

I have come across or rather witnessed many “love stories”, right from the “I have a crush on her/him stage” to the “I love him/her stage “, to the “its over stage”!!!.... Now I know many of you must have gone through the below mentioned situations (any resemblance to any of my friends real life situations is purely INTENTIONAL – buhhahhah). Now even I have gone through some of them... (Evil grin). The most famous or common of the “we can’t be together stance”:

I just don’t feel that Anymore - honey, FEEL what?? I mean c’mon, it should be more like... I feel his/her‘s nowadays (dnt I mention an appropriate legal age to read this content??)

I’m not into you anymore – Maybe you are too busy “into” someone else"s.

I think you deserve someone better” – Did you fail to notice yourself in the mirror before; of course she/he deserves someone better (in your face).

I think we should be friends” – you think!!! Oh c’mon... dnt be so harsh on yourself.

I need some space” – Sweetheart, why just Space, take the universe too!!!

It's not working between us anymore– oh right, let’s take a new job!!... For God sake... what was your relation…A machine that needs to be oiled??

My parents won’t agree to us” – ummm, did you just meet your parents recently??

You are not what I expected” – I’m sorry, were you waiting for Hugh Jackman??? I may not look like him, but can very well rip you apart!!!

Your educational qualification is not apt” – I’m sorry, did I hear that right??.... Dnt you remember that when I bought you all those gifts???”

You have changed” – oh no honey, I haven’t even washed my jeans from the time we started dating!! … For crying out loud – I dnt have a secret stash of elixir to look the way I did 2 years back!!!

You dnt have time for me” - Well yeah, cause I’m busy slogging my ass, and you warming up every cafĂ© joint!!!

Phew!!!..... Dnt worry, I’m not someone going through a break-up or under emotional stress of any kind... its just that, after having heard some of the excuses for as to why something dsnt work out between two people, we rather fail to overlook many aspects…. Like communication, honesty, throwing away your ego etc, and then later on we build up situations for the above mentioned baseless
(seems rational when I used some) reasons to end something. But all I would say to those in Love – keep loving if it’s worth it, and to those who are single – enjoy it while it lasts.

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