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Monday, November 14, 2011


Part 1

It was her birthday, and needless to say she was showered with gifts and wishes from everyone, did I forget to mention that apart from being beautiful, she was also the most humane person I ever came across, yes, she had no airs about herself, she’d go out of her way to help anyone and.. PERFECT, is the word. Period.

I still couldn’t believe my ears when she walked upto me (i mean she could, we were friends right, but still)…

‘So Karthik , where is my birthday gift’

‘I err, umm Tamara, I.. Well I have got you something, but I’m not.. Well I thought I’ll .. You know.. Once.. Like …later… when you are free….’

‘I’m free now Karthik, and why do you tread so carefully with conversations between us’

‘I just don’t want to loose you Tamara, I treasure you a lot, way too  much to not have you with me’

She smiled her mesmerizing smile, and that took me to another world altogether, till she snapped her fingers and brought me back to reality.

‘I’m waiting’, she said, and folded her hands across her slender frame enveloped in a blue kurta  and looked at me expectantly, my knees were to give away any second, my heart was melting away ….

'Blue looks good on you....' i knew i said something stupid , with the corners of her lips giving away to a broad grin 'as in you look good in blue, that's .. i.. was.. blue.. it does.. well'  i sighed at my own stupidity, acting like a retard in front of her was a piece of cake.. (she looked good in everything) .

I shyly took out the wrapped box, and handed it over to her.


‘Happy birthday Tammie’

She looked at me, like as though she had won a lottery, her big eyes, were even bigger, the look on her face was priceless .

My heart was beating so loud, I was afraid she would hear it. She gingerly opened the gift by being careful to not rip open the shiny cover, she kept looking at me, in between her charade, with a smile lit on her face which made its way to her eyes, it cast ripples across my heart, just like a stone thrown across a body of water.

to be continued ..... 

P:S - I got a mail , which was a surprise and cute at the same time, asking me whether am Male or Female, at first i was like WTF, later after having read the remaining part, apparently the person was wondering about my last post about how i knew what was going on in a guys mind.. hmmm .. i take that as a compliment :P .. thankyou , and i hope the "doubt ' has cleared off


  1. Lovely! The apprehensiveness while talking to a beloved. :)

  2. @ Beyond Horizon : Thankyou so much for the comment. means a lot :)

  3. Hey! you added the P.S. later right? or my eyes did not see it earlier :P

    YOU HAVE to take it as a big compliment, cause its very very difficult to get into a guys mind...and well its rather true for other way round too ;)

  4. @ beyond horizon : i added it later , happened to read the mail a bit late.
    oh yes, i have taken it as a compliment .. lol ... had to dnt i ??:P ... but thanks a lot for going through it again , btw have sent you a mail (a lil silly), do go through it :)

  5. hmmm....the mailer was an observant one.....even i have seen u frequently write from a guy's perspective...:-) i liked this post....waiting for more..

  6. @ Rahul : pretty observant i must say, but really do i??? hmmm... i tot ths was d 1st 1... dang!!!! :D... thankyou.. yep coming up..:)

  7. lol! SHES A GIRL DUDE! check out her hot pic! lol

    anywez, tinuchee u knw ima sucker for love stories.. it makes my heart weak! so thank YOU for writing this one. cnat wait for the next part.
    and.. im having the hugest crush on a korean guy now.. THE HUGEST, it kills me that i cant even see him once.. lol paavam ruben.. check out my new post to read bout it. n leme knw if u wana watch it. il copy it for u.. hehe

  8. AND, its super duper easy to get into a guys mind.. u guys r not as discrete as u think u are. alle tinuchee?
    silly boys!

  9. @ srmu : :D... pic.. blinl blink, i myt put up ur pic my sexylicious wifey (damn too much pda :p )

    i know srmu, i tot of this one jst 4 u... but im hoping it shapes up well :P ..(knowin me)...:)
    i saw the korean dude, he is droolicious :P ... if i wanna watch ?? srmu i absonfreakinlutely wanna watch him :P .. veeeee

    lol, yes it is,they think they are, but blooper they are not hehehehehhe :) ....

  10. this was sweet...waiting for the end...i hope its gonna be a happy one....its been like a trend to add a twist (mostly negative) *sigh*.

  11. wow.. you have brought out the surge of emotions that runs through a guy's heart in a very simple but exquisite way. Subtl(e)y beautiful. :)

    And should I say I am eager to read the next part! :)

  12. Stories somehow sound sweet and appealing when touched by love… :P

  13. @ HijiBijBij : Thankyou dear , ummm dang .. i hope too .. :P .. id def try 4 1 :)

    @ Raj : Thankyou so much. getting that kinda reaction from a guy is truly awesome :) .. thankyou.. the fact that u r waiting for the next is kinda a lil scary and a yay factor for me :)

    @ Deeps : Exactly, isnt that why movies with love thrown in works well :P ...:)

  14. Ah, I like the way you wrote how the boy reacted with hiccups.

    On to the next part...

  15. @ saru : thank you Saru, had some real life experiences that helped :P

  16. Awww, so thats the secret of such fine writing. I loved your sequel...


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