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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Prisoner, Jailor, Prime Minister - Tabrik C

Book : Prisoner Jailer Prime Minister
Author : Tabrik C
Genre : Fiction
Price : 350/-

Before I talk about the Book, I definitely need to talk about the creative/ Book cover. It shows a lonely man walking towards Sunset, with a caption that reads "You Can't outrun Fate..." . The Book cover,by itself gives us a man chained in emotions (solely my interpretations - and i can definitely be wrong). Why am i talking about the cover?, Well after reading the Blurb  - "India has a new Prime minister but is Siddhartha Tagore the product of his genius or of his dangerous mind" , gave me chills, enough to make me want to read this book, and the cover just added to it all. So kudos to the design ,Anuj Malhotra.

About the Author

You can definitely google all of it. Here is what I felt - He has combined his interests of being a political enthusiast, a perfumer to give birth to this book. He seems very interested in Politics and is adept at giving witty quotes as well. "Modi is as far from Vajpayee, as Heaven is from Earth" . I'm sure the politically inclined will definitely love him.

About the BOOK

The Book completely belongs to Siddhartha Tagore. He is a Politician, and a gifted musician. I love the musician in him more, as that's where the true Siddhartha emerges. Yes he is fictional, but I'm in total awe of his character.

The author is a firm believer in Karma, as you will know once you read the book, as certain events unfold. Despite Siddhartha's Charisma, despite the emotional connect that the author has skillfully managed to achieve. Somewhere, it was just too predictable, what began as a "hold your seats ride" becomes a "read at your own pace". 

The Nuclear Blast that takes on early in the book, is spoken about at the end,and by then you would have tend to forget about it. There are loose ends,where certain episodes are left for the readers imagination. A murder happens, however, we are not told further about it, except the predictable murderer. It was a "High Profile" Investigation, and then its not spoken about.

The Author definitely loves Harley , as there is so much mention of it. 

The Book is definitely a beautiful read, however do not have high expectations from it. Its beautiful in places and blaaah in others. 

What i loved about the ease with which he shifts time frames. You don't get confused at all. A little bored , yes, but not confused.

I loved his style of switching Fonts with different formats of communication.He has used a lot of News reports, emails, letters, thought processes as communication, and effortlessly conveys the same without creating any confusion.

His characters apart from Siddhartha, Rubaya and her Parents, are a little loosely etched. Their emotional transitions happen faster than the blink of an eye.If only he had moulded them a little more.

For his first book, I would say its commendable. 

If you have read so far, I'll say read the book , for Siddhartha Tagore, there are very few protagonists, who can actually make you feel the pain and loss of a loved one so well, and he does ,all thanks to Tabrik.

Thank you for Siddhartha Tagore.

He is a conflicted, disturbed individual, both charismatic and controlled by opposite sides of his erotic personality and genius. He is certainly not an opportunist but a man who rides a Tsunami of his own creation. A powerful idealist – a flawed hero! - Tabrik 

I would Rate this Book a 6(only for Siddhartha) /10

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