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Saturday, July 02, 2011



I was walking along a familiar path with a friend, when we saw a familiar face, not that someone whom either of us recognize but a face that we see often in the path that we take, and with that begins the list of Speculations, which are (when thought of later), really a bit stupid.

Now the person in Question (the familiar stranger – love the way that sounds) is a Man, maybe in his Late 20’s or early 30’s, tall with a fairly good built and a protruding stomach , and has the grandfather umbrella in tow. Well he is often seen leaning against the bridge, looking at nothing in particular.

So here starts the list of speculations:
a)      Since there is a Woman’s hostel nearby, this story seemed apt , His Girl friend, apparently wants to see him so he waits at that point, so that his GF can have a glimpse of him (awww)
b)      This person in question must be waiting to see none other than “me”(yes , we came up with that one) .So once we pass him, he walks away(assuming, we have to cross check)
c)      He is planning of planting a bomb on that very bridge, and once he walks throughthe entire stretch of the bridge – kaboommmm
d)      He must be investigating the ongoing construction work
e)      He must be on an evening stroll
f)        He must be trailing his Wife

….and the list goes on… So that’s what happens, when two crazy people plan of walking it out everyday from point A to B, and run out of topics for a minute, that they seem to target “poor Mr.pot belly with an umbrella”

Apart from that this “amazing” friend of mine also counted the number of people who stared at us on our way …. And we did reach a decent count as well. So , the conclusion here would be baseless speculations are listed out by people who have nothing to do on their way back …

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Live "life" your way.....

 "Oh my God !! really, have you gone mad or what?? you serious , you considering that as a profession?? I mean what security do you have with it, you need to feed your family, how will you survive"  - I Believe many of us must have heard this, especially those who have strayed away from the  "typical professions" that can get us the "lifestyle" and the capacity to take care of our family!

it’s a very common thought that runs in the minds of every parent if their child had to come up to them and had to say .dad I want to be a dancer, or I want to be a model, pr a scuba diving instructor, a painter, a music producer or whatever that sets you aside from the normal clich├ęd(boring) jobs that gets you "respect" and "money".

I would not blame parents for that thought. if I had my child coming to me and telling me that he wants to be a gigolo...phew I would faint.. we would call that generation gap or whatever... but I feel mainly it’s the anxiety that the parents have towards the child future.
however, why not take the path less travelled, why not take  a risk, why not let life unfolds the way you would want it to. and not blame everything on destiny or fate or circumstances.

I would love it if my child comes and tells me that he'd want to be  a racer(yeah this one’s better than the earlier one).. isn’t it awesome! yes id be worried about his safety but I guess he would be responsible enough.

 if you have dreams no matter what they are as long as you are alive or feel alive go grab them, cause you live just once I’m not really sure after next birth and all, but this is the time to make a change, live your dream and maybe have a smile on your face when you have actually done what you like

Very Very Filmi!!!!!

The only issue I have with reality is the lack of background score, the way it’s so well obvious in our Movies (ear to ear grin). Well yes!! I Love to live in a fantasy land, wherein I visualize myself as simran (ugh, not to that extent). Ok wouldn’t it be awesome if for a day our lives would have been completely filmy!! Imagine the possibilities!!

          Now before I dwell more on the topic, I love movies with a little twist at the end, don’t we all?? Ok read on....

          We'd grow up from in a matter of 3 minutes, with a song trailing our life, and explaining the reason for our particular behavior... i really find that captivating, seeing a person grow up...from boy to man in 3 minutes (or whatever the song's time span is). In reality 3 minutes are not even enough to tell a guy something you want to (ok that can come up in another blog  ...lol).

          People are reborn just to avenge their death or to reunite with their lost love (the janam janam ke saathi types)... and here i can’t even find a "normal" guy in my present "janam”.

          Love in movies happens within seconds... they bump into each other and their eyes meet n kaput in love... (And I bump into weirdoes - sigh). or they move in your neighborhood and then love blossoms...(nah!! that isn’t applicable either, I have all oldies around), or they plan a trip and "coincidentally" meet, or they are childhood friends, or they meet in college, office, bus stop, railway station, airport!!!!! (Phew, frustrated...at the many options, and lack of MEN!!)

         And the best thing is when you have a fight, you have a background score, and then miraculously reunite... or again "coincidentally|" meet at a book store or someplace on this damn planet!!!!

          When it comes to achieving dreams, no matter what it is... to making your parents relation work by travelling back in space, to becoming a doctor without any aptitude or understanding of basic human biology, or becoming famous by letting go of your love only to meet again.. hmmmm.

          The best part about movies is the action bit - I love it when the "hero" fights against not 1 not 2 but 5-6 bad guys simultaneously... phew that must be some energy drink!!...A very good friend of mine (apparently the hero in the way things turned around - long story) got beaten up by the bad guys!!... which wdnot has been the case in movies!!!

         Getting wet in the rain!! ohh awesomee feel.... in movies somehow the "heroine" is always wearing a sari at that time!! hmmmphhh .. like she knows it’s going to rain!!

  Not that I hate Films or anything , but I would have loved to experience similar situation at least once in my lifetime( oh I have!! - and it was just awesome)

 A twist , like in most of the films:  let yourself go, be crazy for a day, express you, and just do things the way you have always wanted to!! you'd love it , you would love yourself more. it’s a tried and tested formula..

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