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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Abnormally normal

“Please go awaaayyyyy .. pleaseee… I dnt want to see you again, how could you stil be here after having tortured me all these years…. Just goo awayyyyyyyy”..

“Maggie!! Honey, who where you talking with , is everything alright.. you seem a little tensed… we could talk..”

“Mom , please, go away, I want to be alone..and I can take care of myself..”

noooooooooooooooo….. help me.. helpppp…..somebodyyy!!.. helppppp..please .. please don’t..”
“Maggie.. maggiee.. open the door, who is in there? What.. maggiee.. oh lord.. Maggie, what is it baby.. what happened to you??”


“its ok love, im here don’t worry, im here, im not going anywhere ok, lets get you dressed..get up.. come”

“ma, he tried to kill me, I saw him ,he ran away just before you came in, I.... I was .. ma.. I was taking a shower and he came , he had a sharp knife with him, see this mama, he tried to kill  me.. ma.. im scared”

“love , don’t worry, im here right, who was it?”

“ ma….. I dnt know he has been coming here over and over again, trying to kill me.. today I saw him in a red t-shirt mama..”

“Maggie.. .. we will go to the police station and file a case about this incident alright, no one will harm you my princess..im here.. mama is here ok”

“I have put on so much weight mama… and  my skin looks so bad.. what do I do about my hair?”

“no Maggie, you are still very beautiful, why do you have to go and retch every time you have something baby.. dnt do that alright, that will make you look ugly, ok?”

“ok mama.. should I wear a white or a a yellow dress, im bored of the blue dress, I can't change it .. im not allowed to..”

“blue looks fine on you love, its my favourite colour..”

“ok mama.. ma.. where did you learn to fly.. will you teach me as well

“yes Maggie..this is how you fly.. see that knife lying over the window.. you have to get that first”

“ok mama.. but thats going to be a little difficult, they are very watchful, but il get it for you mama…il get it tonight after dinner”

“Maggie, Maggie.. wake up.. you need to take  ashower.. Maggie.. get up..”
“mama… im so sleepy..”
“get up Maggie…go .. go and shower.. I have  a white dress for you”
“ok mama.. will I fly in the white dress??”
“yes Maggie..”
“ma, will he be there as wel??, im scared”
“no Maggie, no one’s there, just you and me”
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA….. Helpppppppppppp… mamaaaaaaaa…. Mama helppp help me…”
“its ok Maggie, now you can wear the white dress, and come with me”
“its hurting mama..its hurting, he did this”
“what is this??? Isn’t there anyone around in the night shift?? Were you sleeping?? Now how do I cover this up, the media will have fun with this news… a bunch of FOOLS I swhat I have with me out here… I can already picture the headlines.. I will have you all suspended .. you filthy good for nothing illiterate scums!!!”

“Another Death at the famous Psychiatric institute, Dr. Tomaz, cites the reasons for the recent death is the condition of the patient and that his hospital is not to be blamed for the actions of mentally unstable people, who he has been diligently taking care of from a long time. Human rights activists are miffed and are seeking an enquiry in the death of the inmate.”
Name: Margaret d’souza
Age: 48 years
Marital status :Single
Religion : Catholic

Case history.
Ms. Margaret has been suffering from bipolar disorder, from the age of 13 after her mother passed away. She has been showing symptoms  of mania and depression ever since…….

                                                                         Case Closed.

Bipolar disease is a disease that affects the mental state and mood of a patient. It can be accompanied by periods of depression, followed by periods of extreme happiness and euphoria. Bipolar disorder occurs within the brain and can have vast effects on not only the mood, but the physical state that a person is in.


  1. Beautiful yet melancholic story. And why do I hear that more and more people are having mild form of bipolar disorder, it's really alarming.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. I know someone with Bipolar disorder. Sad this one was..really sad. Beautifully written!

  3. ur writing kept me engrossed in the story.. so scary man.. btw, is bipolar same is multiple personality disorder? btw, ders a theory that multiple disorder is a made up unstability.. n around 93% of the cases r from us.. !!! did u knw dat?

  4. @Blasphemous Aesthete : its mainly cause of repressed emotions and the saddest part - wrong diagnosis.

    @ red handed :i know , its something that one has no control over, and scary at the same time
    @ Mr jovita :Bipolar disorder is different from multiple personality/split personality disorders, bipolar is more an oscillation between mania and depression, and split personality are different characteristic traits embodied by the same person, usually without his knowledge, its an alter ego of sorts, well most of the genuine cases of split personality are not made up, its just that split personality is being seen as an easy way out with reference to many criminal activities, and the judiciary sidelines these cases as mental instability and doesn't really keep a tab on the remaining proceedings..

  5. You are back to your old ways. But I liked that the plight of the the people with bipolar disorders was shown with a beautifully written story.

  6. @ Kunal : yes back to my old ways :P ... thankyou for the raed and your feedback :)

  7. It is really an interesting story,I liked it very much

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