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Friday, December 16, 2011

Cuts both Ways

‘Don’t you worry; i’ll take care of it’


Samaira wasn't your ‘typical beautiful’ girl, but she exuded a charm, that one would be drawn to her. Charismatic, magnetic, friendly, were few of the adjectives her friends used to describe her. Her eyes were her most mesmerizing feature they'd say.

She had known Gautam for over 5 months. It was ‘Love’ ,as they put it. He just couldn’t stay away from her. His days were empty without her presence. He used to shower her with gifts, however, she never used to accept any of it.

Gautam, found her mysterious, and used to always find her ‘talking in riddles’.

He was leading a very successful life, and held a secret very close to his heart, he ensured Samaira was and never would be aware of it – He was a married man, or rather ‘Happily Married’ , as the society perceived it to be.

‘Hamari mulaqaat ek ittefaq thi’ , he used to often tell Samaira. For it was a coincidence, or rather destiny placed them together that day. He had finished his workout and was headed to the elevator. The doors were almost going to close, when he saw her running towards the elevator, and he promptly held open the door, for her....... Aur phir kya ‘Destiny’.

Samaira was shit scared of the Dark, and clung on to him when they were plunged into Darkness. Her close proximity , sent shivers down his spine.  Her wet hair, coupled with her perfume , made him want her.

‘I’m sorry I’m scared of the dark’, she mumbled…

‘It’s ok, don’t worry’, he said , and pulled her close to himself.

The elevator sprang to life, thus revealing themselves to each other. He let go of her slowly, and smiled a boyish grin.

‘Hi, I’m Gautam’

‘Hey, am Samaira..Am sorry about earlier, I’m….’

‘No worries, you have apologized a lot already’

He saw a tiny drop of water making its way from her nape and soaking itself in her t-shirt, He knew he had to stay away from this woman.

He saw her walking away to her car. He couldn’t take his eyes away from her, he admired her well fit body, and so longed to make love with her. His mind raced with her thoughts, and was bought back with the noise her car engine made. She bit her lips as she looked at her car, with disgust. He saw her stomp all around her car in anger.

He smiled to himself, and walked upto her, and asked if he could help her. He knew she was apprehensive of him , because of the elevator incident ,and hence stayed at a distance.

‘I got out in  a hurry, and forgot to take my wallet and my phone as well’, she stammered away.

‘I’ll drop you, if you are ok with it’,

She looked at him, and gave  a feeble nod…

That was how it all began….

It was over 5 months, and Gautam’s affection towards her started fading away….


A few days later ….

Gautam had just returned from his Business trip , and opened the house , only to find it empty. He waited for Menaka to come back home.

Would she take Viraat along with her for her Social parties?? He thought to himself. He grabbed his cell phone to dial her number when the door bell rang. He dialed her number and went to attend the door.

‘Menaka, where are you??, where is Viraat??’

‘Sir, notice hai, Sign karna idhar’

‘Notice???.. kya?? Menaka , i’ll call you  back, there is some notice….’

‘That’s our Divorce notice Gautam, Viraat is with me, don’t bother calling me again’

It took a moment for all of that to sink in, he stared ahead of him, trying to recall the conversation…

‘Sir, sigh kijiye’

He signed the paper, and opened up the ‘notice’, which stated a Divorce, citing reasons of not being able to be with a person who had an ‘extra-marital Affair’….

She cannot prove  a thing’, he thought to himself, How dare she take away my son…

He composed himself , and wanted to talk with someone, he absent mindedly dialed Samaira’s number.

He looked at his phone to ensure he had dialed the right number, how could her number???.. He dialed gain…

‘The number you have dialed is temporarily unavailable….’

He threw his Phone aside and made himself  a drink..

‘She cannot prove  a thing, he though and smiled as he gulped down his drink’.


Six month’s back

‘Hi, I was given your reference by Vidya, Vidya Naik... well, I have a feeling, you know, I’m... it’s not a feeling... it’s  ...'

'It's ok Mrs. Ghosh; I can understand your situation'

'Call me Menaka, umm, well you know, I know he is having an affair!!!....I want to leave him right away, but doing so will , ensure a legal battle over Custody for Viraat, which I want to avoid, along with handing over my property to HIM'

'Hmm, I’ll need some information from you - His recent Picture, his schedule, and I don’t make any exception in my payment'

"I know that Samaira, Here are the details you asked for, and your advance Payment'

‘Don’t you worry; i'll take care of it’

P:S -  Do read my Guest Post for Sameer Kamat here . He is the Author of "Beyond the Mba hype'' .

I usually shy away from Guest posts, as i hate being told what to write, but this was somehow fun ..

P:S - Thank you Phatichar for the lovely title :)


  1. Lovely. Gripping. You should've stuck in there a bit...It felt a little hurried (maybe just my perception).

    Wonderful, nonetheless..you know, you have a thing for these kind of stories.

    You must pen a book, I tell you. Our very own Danielle Steele. ;-)

  2. @Phatichar : Thank you .. (you the first to read and comment, yay ).. wound up a little too soon huh?? darn ... :P

    Book?? lmao .. ehem yea yea... feels awesoem i tell you, coming from you :)

  3. :-) I loved the story...kinda reminded me of my own stories....where I go back in time to narrate an incident which provides a twist in the tale......

  4. Nicely built. The way you have gone back and forth in time to build the unexpected end is satisfying. The short length of the story must have made it more challenging to write, but perfect for a blog post.

  5. You actually are a lot like Danielle Steele ! Though I dislike her books cos they get too stretchy at places. Hehe :P But you're too good. The flow of words, and the smart use of Hindi sentences astounds me! Too good, M :)

  6. I think 'Don’t you worry; i'll take care of it' will be a perfect title. It has a zing to it. :P

    An interesting story indeed...

    I do have a few ques...(as always.. :P )

    How did Gautam's wife know that he was having an affair. If I understand correctly, then may be, Gautam's wife wanted a divorce..and she and Samaira worked together..


    And also read the guest post of yours. I know a celebrity...I had no idea.. :D

    That was a good article, who might be interested in options, other than MBA. I am not an MBA. I am in a cliched profession, but I travel. So I like it. :D

    Good Luck with your plans of NGO. Wish you best. :)

  7. Oh my. He never knew what hit him:)
    Well written but like Phatichar I thought it could have gone on a bit too..

  8. Oh I just read the article and you gave me a brilliant idea for a friend:) Thank you.

    If you ever need someone for your restaurant, guess who'd LOVE to pitch in?;)

    And it's awesome of you to want to start and NGO, may God give you all that you need to.

    P.S: You're a MODEL. Waaaaw *starry eyes*

  9. Wow, I`m in awe that you are able to juggle modelling, acting, blog writing and social work all at the same time.

    I wish you godspeed for your NGO proposition and for every single one of the aforementioned activities.

    As for this post; Very gripping, crisp and fluently narrated.

    Cheers :)

  10. Agree with Kunal, "Don't You Worry, I'll Take Care of it" is perfect!

    I don't know Hindi *sigh*

    The first time I saw your B&W photo, I thought you were beautiful enough to be a model and now I find out that you are one! :D

    Best wishes to you in all your endeavors, dear :)

  11. @ Rahul : really??? yay i like that ... somewhere in league with you now :)

    @ Subhorup Dasgupta : Welcome to my blog, first time for you here, and you see a post without a title, sigh some impressions that would be :P ...

    Well for me , yes keeping it short is def a challenge :P , thank you so much for stopping by and for those comments :)

  12. @ Crystal : Exactly why i went uh-oh when Phatichar said Danielle Steele , cz she dragggss on :P .. lol..
    Hindi?? really why ?? :D .. but thankyou dear for those comments :)

  13. @ Kunal : Aaahhh sounds nice, you the first who suggested a title her :P .. :)

    Coming back to your questions :) ... A woman always knows when her Guy is cheating on her :) .. :P ..

    Cliched job that gets you travelling .. awesome, thats naice :)

    Thank you so much for the wishes, and ehem Celebrity!! lol, not yet :P

  14. First time commenting, yes. Have been visiting your blog for a while now. And all the most meaningful things are hard to give names to, so no sweat!

  15. @ PeeVee : Exactly, i dnt he deserved it :P

    Really, ohh im happy that it did help someone(the article)

    Ohh awesomeee, now i know that i dnt have to search high and low for my restaurant :D ...
    Thank you for the wishes dear :) .. at some point of time , im gonna need em all :) ...

  16. @ Atrocious Scribbling : Thank you :)... This one post is making my day :) ... Thank you for the raed , comment and all the good wishes :)

  17. @ Princess Fiona :awww, i guess nect time (am too lazy for this), il def have translations :) .

    awwwww thatis really sweet of you :)

    Thank you so much :)

    @ Subhorup Dasgupta : :) , Yeah but the poor post seems incomplete without a title ...

  18. Lovely story as usual but I am kinda hooked to your last one.

    You are very good at narrating things:) A talent as I can't write anything beyond 100 words...

  19. @ Saru : your poems are beyond the word fab, am sure you'l do great with penning down a story as well :) should try :)

  20. The truth comes out sooner or later :)
    Nicely put :)

  21. @ Philo : has to :) ... thankyou dear

  22. @ Philo : eeeee :P .. hehhehe ... i guess that article does say quite a few things :P

  23. :O Was the reaction after I read.

    I must have said this earlier too, there is always a touch of reality in the way you write. :)

    About the guest post :
    Superb! Safe future, all that one need.

    Best Wishes and Good Luck for the NGO...and for the movies too, Tinu ;)

  24. @ Beyond Horizon : really ??? awwww .. thank you so muchh POonam <3 <3

    Thank you for going through the guest post as well :) ... am i glad i bumped into you or what.. you always make my day .. loads of love and hugsss

  25. "She cannot prove a thing and he gulped down the drink" -- Typical men mentality. i wonder how these guys live. It doesnt matter if she can prove or not. The bond has been broken once an allegation has arise. its like a broken mirror. a crack in mirror can never be healed no matter wat u do.

  26. @ Abrar : wow, well said ....at times you never realise how far certain things or incidents in your life end up becoming, and certain people tend to take everything for granted..

    True!!... a crack in d mirror can never be healed :)


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