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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

CashKaro aur Savekaro

Honestly, I feel that the person who said money cannot buy happiness, simply did not know where to go shopping.Seriously, They just had to find the right place.I
so  love the smell of money especially when i see it hanging in my closet . Its like the smell of wet grass, you just cant have enough of it .

I was always chided when i used to spend more money than i thought i would on shopping. Now i'm not an Alchemist am i?. You just end up liking too many things. I'm sure you all have had that experience .

So when i came across Cashkaro,I immediately latched on to the idea. First of all Online shopping, though it does make you a tad lazy, is a shopping experience on the whole. So the brainy's at Cashkaro, thought of giving us a little something every time we shop through them!!! Yes!!, isn't that amazing, you get cashbacks every time you shop.

Now, don't go all Sherlock on me. there isn't a hidden agenda here. Check here and you will know exactly what im talking about. Personally, this is beyond Saucesomeness. Everytime you buy something , you get more money in your account to buy something more. Its a cycle that's gonna Pamper you to bits for sure.

Now if i get 10,000 from Cashkaro (starry eyed and drooling) , i'm definitely going to myntra and Snapdeal through them , and buy loads of goodies.I would also recommend you to try Jabong , Yebhi and Tradus, as i did find really good stuff on their them. Now this itself starts my Piggybank, and am gonna go berserk.With the money saved through Cashkaro, im gonna indulge in brands i love. (Feeling like a princess already).

For a lot of , we already have our favorite online store. The 'Tried and Tested' one. Im sure a lot of you, were paranoid about loosing money, and did invest on smaller priced items. Well. i did that too. *not ashamed* to admit it. So , for all of you , who have your favorite online sites, all you have to is type in your store's name on the search bar, and SAVE SAVE SAVE, everytime you buy.  No need to feel guilty over shopping ladies, ang guys, because everytime you buy something you Love, you are given extra rewards, in form of Cashbacks.

I know i have been only talking about shopping here, because, hell a woman loves to shop, and also she loves to travel. For all those looking out for best travel plans, and feasible options. Cashkaro has the best deals for you.

There is something for everyone here. Books, music, movies. Hell , yea, movies too. So all you need to do is join Cashkaro, go to your favorite site, shop as you would usually shop, and get Cashback in your account. Yes , as simple and easy as that is.

So for all those who have now figured how excited im with their concept, don't waste time, head on, log in, and shop, and receive Cashbacks, for more shopping.Smile each time you shop at Cashkaro.

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