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Friday, December 16, 2011

Cuts both Ways

‘Don’t you worry; i’ll take care of it’


Samaira wasn't your ‘typical beautiful’ girl, but she exuded a charm, that one would be drawn to her. Charismatic, magnetic, friendly, were few of the adjectives her friends used to describe her. Her eyes were her most mesmerizing feature they'd say.

She had known Gautam for over 5 months. It was ‘Love’ ,as they put it. He just couldn’t stay away from her. His days were empty without her presence. He used to shower her with gifts, however, she never used to accept any of it.

Gautam, found her mysterious, and used to always find her ‘talking in riddles’.

He was leading a very successful life, and held a secret very close to his heart, he ensured Samaira was and never would be aware of it – He was a married man, or rather ‘Happily Married’ , as the society perceived it to be.

‘Hamari mulaqaat ek ittefaq thi’ , he used to often tell Samaira. For it was a coincidence, or rather destiny placed them together that day. He had finished his workout and was headed to the elevator. The doors were almost going to close, when he saw her running towards the elevator, and he promptly held open the door, for her....... Aur phir kya ‘Destiny’.

Samaira was shit scared of the Dark, and clung on to him when they were plunged into Darkness. Her close proximity , sent shivers down his spine.  Her wet hair, coupled with her perfume , made him want her.

‘I’m sorry I’m scared of the dark’, she mumbled…

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