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Sunday, October 20, 2013

A feeling called Love

It wasn't exactly "love at first sight", for her. However, for me, i kept falling in love with her over and over again, if that is possible.

my mind had nurtured itself to the idea of "the perfect woman". She had to be beautiful, well endowed, graceful, charming, socially active. Well, now that i think of it, more like a 'trophy girl'. I cannot be entirely blamed, i was 20.

But I did date my type of women, and was never able to go beyond a 6 month milestone. I just got bored of them all, i went hop, skip and jump onto the next, within hours of breaking up. Well, maybe all of this did make me emotionally detached.

I was in the above phase when i saw her.I was dating a girl, when I first saw Aanya. I still remember her breezing by in a blue Salwar, stained with blood, all over. She ran past me carrying a kid in her arm. All I saw was the slight ruffle of her curls, when she turned around animatedly, her moist eyes, her nose that crinkled when she was thinking, her plump lower lips, and then walking towards me. I was ecstatic. She was walking towards me. She asked me something, but all I could hear was soft music. She looked at me in shock, and walked away indignant. It was all beautiful. I never thought in my wildest dreams, that I would experience any of this ever. That was my "Platinum day of Love".

my father was involved with philanthropic activities, that included distributing free medicines, taking care of accident victims, People who couldn't afford their treatment etc etc. my father entrusted me with the above said responsibilities in his absence, which i did execute well, to a certain level. Alright, i hated every bit of it.

Now Aanya here, was a college student, involved neck-deep in all kinds of voluntary activities. She walked upto me that day, for help, with the child's treatment she had got in. Well, now since you know my situation , you cannot really blame me, right?. So i did try explaining it to her, but all she said was that i was arrogant, self contained and some others i barely recall. She never even listened to what i had to say, i found that pretty self-obsessed.

So if any of you think that we would be together, does really have high hopes!.She hated me, and i didnt like her attitude.

Two years later, I met her again. my father suffered a downfall, and we had to alter our lifestyle. when i say alter, i mean drastically. The friends i had initially, all drifted apart. The only ones who stayed were not ones I had ever wanted to talk too. So in a nutshell, life changed drastically.

I was at Bandra, contemplating my life, or rather pretending to think. I heard a constant round of giggles, and squeals, and more laughter. There was a group of girls, sitting some 20 feet away from where i was, giggling away. There i saw her again. She still had that twinkle in her eyes, i couldnot stop myself from staring at her. minutes later, the laughter subsided, and i heard them edging nearer, hurling abuses.

She came closer, she was quiet. Her friends were the heroic ones, asking me to avert my gaze. i just couldn't. I got slapped, no idea by who. But i did. There was a moment of regret in her eyes, and then she disappeared. Like i said, i kept falling in love with her every time i saw her.

That evening, i was forced to a family wedding. I was happy i was, as soon as I was done scanning the buffet counter, i saw her. Ethereal, beautiful, aureole. She caught my eye, smiled and walked away. I tried looking for her everywhere, my eyes were tired darting around. my father pushed me on the dance floor, citing i should have 'fun'. I stood on the dance floor, not knowing anyone, i turned to leave, when i saw her, dancing away like a child. I walked upto her, the music stopped. 'what timing' i thought. The music stopped , to play a slow dance number for couples, 'what timing', i smiled to myself. I asked her to dance, she obliged.

I held her in my arms for the first time, and knew that i wanted to hold her forever. "Solipsism", she murmured in my ear. "sorry", i looked at her like an idiot. She laughed, crinkling her nose. "Solipsism, is what i thought describes you, when i met you 2 years back, you have changed and become better over years". I just stood still, looking at her not knowing what to reply.

She let herself loose of my grip, and glided away from me. I found her again, talking to someone. I grabbed the opportunity and didn't let her go for the next 2 hours.

She listened , when i spoke.I told her everything, poured mt heart out, cried a little. Felt like i was talking to the mirror. She was what i missed all these years. i wanted a venue to pour out my heart, but no one cared to listen. I told her my plans, on how i was going to rebuild everything. She listened , gave her inputs. I wanted to meet her again. I asked her out for coffee. She turned me down, well i was stupid to think that a pretty girl like her would be single.

Five Years later

We met again at a wedding. She looked different, her hair a little shorter than earlier. She was smiling, I waved at her. She smiled and nodded. We met again on the dance floor. This time she had company.

Two weeks later

I walked into her at a coffee shop. She was siting with her guy, deciding on wedding themes, and decorations. She smiled and waved at me. I took a take away, and rushed off.

That evening

I got a message from her on a Social Networking site.

Next Day

I was excited to meet her. Happy. very happy. I saw her getting off from an Auto, trying to hold on to her dupatta, which seemed to be having fun at her expense. She looked towards me and smiled. Her eyes were lined with Kohl, they accentuated every bit of her beautiful eyes.

She came and sat next to me. We both were quiet for a very long time. A weird noise made by a hawker selling his wares, made her laugh like a child.

I kept looking at her, we didn't have to say much.

Previous evening

She started off her conversation by stating that the guy with her , was not her boyfriend. She disclosed how she had to waiat for all these years for me to ask her out. She had lied that she was dating. However, she regretted saying it, and acting stupid. She said she fell in love with me the moment i held her in my arms. That was her "Platinum day of Love".

Today , we were discovering "Our Day of love". 

P:S - for those who are wondering who that guy was, at the coffee shop, it was her best friend. Phew!!

This is my entry for Platinum day of Love at Indiblogger.

*Based on a true story*

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