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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

A Promise that was kept

The Drawing room was filled with Rakshits and Anika’s pictures – all "screamed" Happy Happy Happy in unison. There was not a moment that wasn’t captured. Their honeymoon, post honeymoon,with her baby, with friends, without friends, with his family, with her family, her besties, his besties, their common friends,office colleagues, neighbours, neighbours dog, watchman (you get the point right?).

This couple was the envy of other married couples. Wives nudged their husbands saying “cant you be more like Rakshit??” to which they’d respond “you are not Anika”. Their chemistry hadn’t dwindled in the last 8 years of marriage.


They knew each other from the time they were 17,. “Puppy love” (then) blossomed into a beautiful relation that they both cherished, even after their first baby was born, they still grew deeper in love with each other.

After theirs baby’s sudden death, Anika was shattered, it was only Rakshit’s undying love and companionship that helped her get back to normal. Both their parents suggested a change of place, probably country.

Rakshit had an offer of a similar kind doing the rounds in his office. The person who was to excel at the project was to move to the new office at San Francisco, and head the project, which meant a complete change not only in position , but also salary.
Rakshit spent his every waking hour in an effort to move away from the city that tortured Anika so much. He could see her strained smile on her  face. It was for her a herculean task to try and stay happy for Rakshit’s sake. 

She started forgetting things and nagged on petty issues, some of which were far from his understanding. She preferred staying indoors, and reading up on certain books that never interested her earlier. She never liked the Flowers she liked earlier.

The baby room was renovated owing to Anika’s fixation with that room. She used to spend hours in that room, without eating, or talking. She had composed a lullaby which she used to keep humming to the room. Something had to be done, and so Rakshit had the room changed to a Guest room.

The following led to a huge fight, Anika kept on rambling , Rakshit could not comprehend what she was saying, her words and sentences  were incoherent. She had panic attacks. She needed help at the earliest and he had to help her become the Anika he knew, he loved her way too much to let go off her as suggested by his colleagues.
Two years later

St Frances Memorial Hospital


Room number 30, in Wing c, was where Rakshit was headed.He remembered their first fight
 "Will you ever leave me, rakshit?"... 
 "No, il never go away, no matter what happens, we'l always be together"...
 "Promise baby" 

The familiar Lullaby bought him back to reality.  His eyes welled with tears. Anika was clad in the hospital uniform, she was sitting on the edge of her bed, slapping her thighs to sleep, singing the lullaby. After a brief period she looked up, their eyes met, she longingly looked at him and turned her back to protect her “child” from his prying eyes, and the lullaby continued ringing in his years as he waited for the next Thursday visit....


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  1. oh man! this just made me soo sad! Beautiful though because of the relationship they shared!

  2. :(


  3. My heart is very heavy right now. Beautifully written. Tragically moving!

  4. @ HijiBijBij : :) ... im glad in a way that you could relate to the post :)....and thanku for given them that hint of reality which i so wanted :)

    @ Srmu : awwwww .... (il have another mush with a better ending to fix ur mood my wifey dearest:) ...mwaaahhhh) ... imagine if they had to be happy ever after , that wd b blahhh....

    @ Raj : well am happy that the story could bring about that effect :)..

  5. Leaves you quite heavy.. a melancholy tone lingers.. but yes beautifully written and quite capturing to read on... Good one!

  6. @ Dee : :).. hmm i should stick with a lighter post maybe next tym :P... but thanku so much

  7. woooow.. that was deep...
    it was such an interesting read
    you had me hook on every line.
    I hope Anika gets better..
    and Rakshit is such a gentleman for staying with his wife..

    thanks so much for passing through my blog..
    I am definitely a permanent member of yours from henceforth


  8. Lovely story.. touching too.. but I just felt that the pictures were too distracting and too much in number.. (Just my view!)

  9. @ MsNana : im guessing he would :) ... thanku so much ...

    @ KP : yes its the first tym i have made use of soo many pics.. yes i agree with you on that one totally.... :)

  10. Oh ! it was a heart touching story...
    sometimes there are no happy endings.

    anyways nice read !
    you described it beautifully :)

  11. @ Reicha : Yes i agree, sometimes happy endings seem too good to be true.. :)

  12. poignant....
    beautiful narration

  13. reminded me of the movie U, Me or Hum, though it's different...Loved the narration :)

  14. @ confused Soul : Thank you, u me and hum .. hmmm nice.. though i would have preferred Notebook (high hopes, i know) ..:P .. but thank you ....

  15. Oh my Goodness! The trauma one undergoes after losing a child and prying neighbors always casting evil eye on happy couples is really so frustrating! Prying neighbors..i know all that is secondary..however..Doesn't it quiet disturb the happy equilibrium of the situation?

    1. @Jen : true that dear, esp the bit about Prying Neighbors, you just said it all so well :)


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