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Monday, November 21, 2011


She got up and left, and I never could get the courage to ask her to not leave, I sat out there like  a dumb guy. I never made an effort to wipe away the pearls that fell from her eyes, taking with them the kohl that beautifully highlighted her eyes.


I started counting days…1 2 flew into weeks, neither of us called the other. We made a brief pact to remain friends. It was my idea, I was too selfish to let go, she agreed , knowing her, I knew she would. She would talk to me when I called, replied to my messages, but said nothing more. I knew I had hurt her beyond healing.

But what could I do?? I was bound by my issues, I wondered whether I could take the plunge, gather the courage, put my foot down and say she is whom I love, and want to be with, but I knew I lacked courage, BALLS, they rather say. I was a spineless asshole, for letting her go, for hurting her, for making her cry.

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