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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

This is not a BOOK REVIEW

For those who are already aware of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, will know exactly why I refrain from stating or categorizing this as a "Book Review:. This isn't just a Book, its beyond, being just pages where you flip to know the end. Its a Pandora of Happiness.

I was made aware of this book several years ago by my Brother , who said 'give it a read,  I cant seem to finish it'. I started reading, yawning, started getting a headache, yawned, and fell asleep. The Secret was kept away from me.

Years later, my friend, asks me to go through a Video, and how it has transformed her life. I was like "oh the secret huh, pfffff" . However, like they say, when you FEEL it, you better go ahead and do it without dwelling much on it. I watched the Video , twice. And I super loved it.

I loved it because of its simplicity. The fact that YOU and I can easily integrate it in our lives. most of us have already done so too. However, when we knowingly implement something towards a specific end result, its a different state of Happiness.

The Secret , helps in all areas of Life, Love, finance ,career, every thing. The Key is to believe. It talks about a simple law - the Law of Attraction. Have you ever felt,' why does this happen to me', Well, i have an answer, its because you have consciously or subconsciously attracted it to you. Yes i see the frown,and smirks. I know that, as i have been right where you are.

We expect the secret to be something huge, however its simple.

The basic of The Secret is Gratitude. How thankful are we, for all what we have?.Being Grateful, ups our positive field/vibration helping us in sync with the universe.

 The Secret entails three basic steps - ASK. BELIEVE. RECEIVE . Before all this, thank , be thankful for what you have. This opens up a wider portal, and leads to positive vibrations.

Im Leaving the video/film  HERE. I know this is helping you as much as it is helping me. I'm a better person, im happy . I'll leave to watch this ,and feel it yourself.

Do tell me what you felt :)

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