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Sunday, December 29, 2013

No Contract Plans by Sage Harman

Hello everyone , meet Sage Harman .A wife to a great husband, mother to 8 furry babies, Sage Harman runs http://www.no-contract-plans.com, a site dedicated to providing free information to consumers trying to find viable no-contract phone and internet plans. She may be contacted via sage.harman.com@gmail.com.

Sage wanted to write a guest post to spread the message , so here you go guys, a lottttt of gup for you from Sage. For more queries you can contact her , either on her site or her personal mail id, mentioned below. 

According to the UN, “six of the world’s seven billion people have mobile phones – but only 4.5 billion have a toilet”. Crazy, right? So it only follows that when whittling down our ever-increasing budget, cell phone bill is one area we must pay close attention to. Clearly, whoever said "talk is cheap" must not own a cell phone. These days, cell phone costs can go as high as $1000. As we are all looking for ways to save money, I hope the following tips on how to save money on your phone bill help.

Do away with the extra features and services. Information calls, roadside assistance plans, horoscope texts, call waiting, toll-free calls, cell phone insurance, and ringtone downloads may not seem very expensive on its own but will sure inflate your cost when added together. Keep only the features you use on a regular basis.

Most cell phone plans feature free calls within the same network. You can significantly lower the cost of your monthly minutes if your friends and family use the same network provider as you. Furthermore, you may receive additional discounts if you get your family into one plan.

Bundle your phone, cable and internet services into one plan. It's often cheaper this way than paying for each service separately.

Track your time and usage. How many minutes do you use? How many texts do you typically send? Do you use your phone to check your emails, search the web, or login to Facebook? Knowing these information will help you customize your plan according to your specific needs. For example, choosing an unlimited text plan will benefit those who text a lot just as much as getting the local-only plan will benefit those who only make local calls.

Be aware of discounts. There are all sorts of discounts you may qualify for - employee, student, senior. A little research will sure save you money.

Save whenever you can. Use free wi-fi. Make free calls using Skype or Viber. If you're at home, use your landline phone. Get a plan that will let you roll over unused minutes.

Call your cell phone company. It wouldn't hurt to ask for a better deal.

Lastly, if you're a light user, you can save money with a prepaid plan. No credit check, no 2-year contract, no hidden charges and added expenses, just the basic and straightforward pay as-you-go package.

If you’re in the market for a new phone, compare plans and find one that best fits your needs and budget at No-contract-plans.com (http://www.no-contract-plans.com).

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Its worth fighting for..

So stepping away from twisted stuff, i finally decide to write this. If you thinking why, i so want to vent. Will it help, il let you know. Am i an expert at this?? nope , not a bit. Someone whom i know very closely is going through an emotional phase in their life, mainly separating from their partners. No amount of talking to either of them seems to resolve their issues that they have build up over the years . Lot of ego clashes, miscommunication, and truckloads of factors have contributed to their decision. I know one of them reads every post of mine, and i'm hoping for a miracle!!. Why??? because i love you two to bits together, and it breaks my heart to see what might possibly happen.

Like i said earlier, i'm not even close to the ideal individual to give advice on what you should do, or how to avoid such a situation. however, i'm gonna do just that.

Never stop Flirting/Loving :  Yes i know it sounds over the top romantic!! But its not. Taking out time in between your busy schedules, and showering each other with affection like you did earlier is definitely going to reignite passion and memories. It can be as simple as holding hands, a peck on the cheek, watching your favourite movie. Choose your pick.

Fall in love again with your Partner :  I agree he/she may not look the same. Receding hairlines,wrinkling, increasing sizes are all inevitable. Learn to love this new person, fall in love with them again. more than the way they look now, think of the way they make you look with that small touch or that glance. Yeaa!!, that sure works :)

Nobody is Perfect : Dont try to fix your partner, just because your friends partner looks a particular way. Your Partner is your Partner, accept them as they are , as they change. Its not your job to fix someone, its not your Job to ensure how he/she should eat, sit , talk, walk , laugh!!.. Cmon, breathe, notice the sound of her laughter , see the way his eyes twinkle when he catches yours :).

Limit the blame game :  You are solely responsible for your happiness. Stop blaming each other for taking the "Happiness" out of each others life. Stop blaming each other when you fight. All of those words remain in the heart for a long time. I know its not easy to control ones temper, but it is to control one's tongue. Acknowledge if you are at fault, and all those words will erase magically.

Be stupid/kiddish/silly/idiotic : Remember the things you used to do initially, do them over, attuning to your partners changed sensibilities. Stop pretending that you are carrying all the burden in the world. Leave the baggage aside, go snuggle up, hug each other. Do things that make you both happy.

Give each other the required space : Dont smother each other. Do your own things. Have your own social circle. It will help you both unwind your individual stresses . Don't be super clingy. Appreciate what your partner does, compliment them .

Dont take your fights to the bed : try resolving your issues before you hit the sack. Never keep it for tomorrow. Tomorrow will just add on to the hurt. Resolve it before it dissolves you.

Relationship is never about a "Happily ever after". it needs work, commitment , love , and loads of patience. It aint easy , but its definitely super worth it .

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Guess who came along??? LIEBSTERRRRR !!!! yayyyy!!!

First of all, let me Super congratulate Sreeja on winning the Gold at Blogadda, and also for the Liebster. Thank you sooo much for nominating me. This has made my day super Fabsome. I had written an old post about Liebster , so for the inquisitive souls, quench your thirst here.

Now to head on to the rules :

è Tag back to the person who tagged you
è Answer the questions posed by him/her/them
è Tag 11 ( some say 10 ) more bloggers , with no more than 200 followers. (I choose to differ here, my nominations will be purely because i love reading what you post)
è Post 11 ( some say 10 )  Questions for them to answer !!
è And tell them that they have been tagged , so that they continue the chain !! :-)

Answering Sreejas 11 questions.. 

1.      Describe yourself in a perfect sentence of five words :P
Tinu is an Impulsive Person
2.      Imagine you are stranded in an isolated island. What’s the one thing you’ll miss the most ?
my Bottle of water
3.      What / who is the first thing / person you think of when you hear the word, “Intelligent” ?
my 1 year old nephew - DUDA
4.      What’s your greatest insecurity ?
my greatest insecurity would be to not being able to do all what i want to do 
5.      Which quality do you admire the most in your parents ?
6.      Your favourite writer and your favourite of his books
I dont have A fav writer, as of now, i love "The Surviors Club" by Lisa Gardner

7.      If you could become a cartoon character for a day, who would you choose to be ?

8.      If you are asked to change three things about the world, what would they be ?
11 qs to be answered for liebster, 11 qs to ask, and mmm Tolerance towards change 
9.      Love, for you, means….. ?
That feeling that you get when your mum feeds you food.Love is Simple, yet has to be expressed. :)
10.  What makes your best friend, your best friend ?
The fact that they LOVE me , inspite of my shortcomings (even i would not have loved myself)
11.  What’s your take  - A forest trek or a Halloween party ?
Definitely a Forest TREK, love adventures, as long as water aint involved :).

moving onto my FAVORITE Super Bloggers ( A bit of a dilemma, cz i haven't been blogging for some time).

However, here are my all time favourites :

sadiya merchant for those who have read her blog, you guys know whyyy herr!!! and those who haven't .. you guys need to just click click ;)

Times change ,but definitely not the quality of blog posts. They have been always fabbbb

Sid, i love the way how this wanderer gets you enticed with all his posts.

PeeVee i dont need to say as to why i love her, we all do, dont we??

SRI For always scaring the shit outta everyone.For frankly spooking, and for everything that evokes a scary laughter.

mrigank I love very post of his, they are hilarious, in your face and so outright interesting.

Crystal has always been my favourite. Any award that i could give to someone would be incomplete without her in it.

kappu my blog-a-ton company. She never ever ever writes a blahhhh post!! i donno how you manage that

celestial rays The blog says it allll

Neeraj writes his heart out and its very evident in all his posts :)

Congratualationsss guys, yes i have been playing mr. India, for long , but i promise il get back to being me :)

Now guys here are the 11 questions for uuuu (drumrollsssssss and maybe some honking)

1) A blogger who makes you think "why didn't i think of it before"?.
2) A celebrity you would love to be with on a deserted island
3) Why do people use the phrase "Slept like a baby", when babies wake up every two hours?
4) If a turtle looses its shell, is it Naked, homeless or both ??
5) If i told you , that everything i tell you is a lie, was that a lie?
6) Whats the biggest lie you have got away with
7) if you could be an animal what would you be and why?
8) If you had to rob a blog of its contents, which blog would you choose and why?
9) If yo could paint your blog, what color would it be, and why?
10) Which fictional character would you love to be and why?
11) If you try to fail and you succeed , which have you done ?

Have fun guyssss :) ....

Sunday, October 20, 2013

A feeling called Love

It wasn't exactly "love at first sight", for her. However, for me, i kept falling in love with her over and over again, if that is possible.

my mind had nurtured itself to the idea of "the perfect woman". She had to be beautiful, well endowed, graceful, charming, socially active. Well, now that i think of it, more like a 'trophy girl'. I cannot be entirely blamed, i was 20.

But I did date my type of women, and was never able to go beyond a 6 month milestone. I just got bored of them all, i went hop, skip and jump onto the next, within hours of breaking up. Well, maybe all of this did make me emotionally detached.

I was in the above phase when i saw her.I was dating a girl, when I first saw Aanya. I still remember her breezing by in a blue Salwar, stained with blood, all over. She ran past me carrying a kid in her arm. All I saw was the slight ruffle of her curls, when she turned around animatedly, her moist eyes, her nose that crinkled when she was thinking, her plump lower lips, and then walking towards me. I was ecstatic. She was walking towards me. She asked me something, but all I could hear was soft music. She looked at me in shock, and walked away indignant. It was all beautiful. I never thought in my wildest dreams, that I would experience any of this ever. That was my "Platinum day of Love".

my father was involved with philanthropic activities, that included distributing free medicines, taking care of accident victims, People who couldn't afford their treatment etc etc. my father entrusted me with the above said responsibilities in his absence, which i did execute well, to a certain level. Alright, i hated every bit of it.

Now Aanya here, was a college student, involved neck-deep in all kinds of voluntary activities. She walked upto me that day, for help, with the child's treatment she had got in. Well, now since you know my situation , you cannot really blame me, right?. So i did try explaining it to her, but all she said was that i was arrogant, self contained and some others i barely recall. She never even listened to what i had to say, i found that pretty self-obsessed.

So if any of you think that we would be together, does really have high hopes!.She hated me, and i didnt like her attitude.

Two years later, I met her again. my father suffered a downfall, and we had to alter our lifestyle. when i say alter, i mean drastically. The friends i had initially, all drifted apart. The only ones who stayed were not ones I had ever wanted to talk too. So in a nutshell, life changed drastically.

I was at Bandra, contemplating my life, or rather pretending to think. I heard a constant round of giggles, and squeals, and more laughter. There was a group of girls, sitting some 20 feet away from where i was, giggling away. There i saw her again. She still had that twinkle in her eyes, i couldnot stop myself from staring at her. minutes later, the laughter subsided, and i heard them edging nearer, hurling abuses.

She came closer, she was quiet. Her friends were the heroic ones, asking me to avert my gaze. i just couldn't. I got slapped, no idea by who. But i did. There was a moment of regret in her eyes, and then she disappeared. Like i said, i kept falling in love with her every time i saw her.

That evening, i was forced to a family wedding. I was happy i was, as soon as I was done scanning the buffet counter, i saw her. Ethereal, beautiful, aureole. She caught my eye, smiled and walked away. I tried looking for her everywhere, my eyes were tired darting around. my father pushed me on the dance floor, citing i should have 'fun'. I stood on the dance floor, not knowing anyone, i turned to leave, when i saw her, dancing away like a child. I walked upto her, the music stopped. 'what timing' i thought. The music stopped , to play a slow dance number for couples, 'what timing', i smiled to myself. I asked her to dance, she obliged.

I held her in my arms for the first time, and knew that i wanted to hold her forever. "Solipsism", she murmured in my ear. "sorry", i looked at her like an idiot. She laughed, crinkling her nose. "Solipsism, is what i thought describes you, when i met you 2 years back, you have changed and become better over years". I just stood still, looking at her not knowing what to reply.

She let herself loose of my grip, and glided away from me. I found her again, talking to someone. I grabbed the opportunity and didn't let her go for the next 2 hours.

She listened , when i spoke.I told her everything, poured mt heart out, cried a little. Felt like i was talking to the mirror. She was what i missed all these years. i wanted a venue to pour out my heart, but no one cared to listen. I told her my plans, on how i was going to rebuild everything. She listened , gave her inputs. I wanted to meet her again. I asked her out for coffee. She turned me down, well i was stupid to think that a pretty girl like her would be single.

Five Years later

We met again at a wedding. She looked different, her hair a little shorter than earlier. She was smiling, I waved at her. She smiled and nodded. We met again on the dance floor. This time she had company.

Two weeks later

I walked into her at a coffee shop. She was siting with her guy, deciding on wedding themes, and decorations. She smiled and waved at me. I took a take away, and rushed off.

That evening

I got a message from her on a Social Networking site.

Next Day

I was excited to meet her. Happy. very happy. I saw her getting off from an Auto, trying to hold on to her dupatta, which seemed to be having fun at her expense. She looked towards me and smiled. Her eyes were lined with Kohl, they accentuated every bit of her beautiful eyes.

She came and sat next to me. We both were quiet for a very long time. A weird noise made by a hawker selling his wares, made her laugh like a child.

I kept looking at her, we didn't have to say much.

Previous evening

She started off her conversation by stating that the guy with her , was not her boyfriend. She disclosed how she had to waiat for all these years for me to ask her out. She had lied that she was dating. However, she regretted saying it, and acting stupid. She said she fell in love with me the moment i held her in my arms. That was her "Platinum day of Love".

Today , we were discovering "Our Day of love". 

P:S - for those who are wondering who that guy was, at the coffee shop, it was her best friend. Phew!!

This is my entry for Platinum day of Love at Indiblogger.

*Based on a true story*

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

CashKaro aur Savekaro

Honestly, I feel that the person who said money cannot buy happiness, simply did not know where to go shopping.Seriously, They just had to find the right place.I
so  love the smell of money especially when i see it hanging in my closet . Its like the smell of wet grass, you just cant have enough of it .

I was always chided when i used to spend more money than i thought i would on shopping. Now i'm not an Alchemist am i?. You just end up liking too many things. I'm sure you all have had that experience .

So when i came across Cashkaro,I immediately latched on to the idea. First of all Online shopping, though it does make you a tad lazy, is a shopping experience on the whole. So the brainy's at Cashkaro, thought of giving us a little something every time we shop through them!!! Yes!!, isn't that amazing, you get cashbacks every time you shop.

Now, don't go all Sherlock on me. there isn't a hidden agenda here. Check here and you will know exactly what im talking about. Personally, this is beyond Saucesomeness. Everytime you buy something , you get more money in your account to buy something more. Its a cycle that's gonna Pamper you to bits for sure.

Now if i get 10,000 from Cashkaro (starry eyed and drooling) , i'm definitely going to myntra and Snapdeal through them , and buy loads of goodies.I would also recommend you to try Jabong , Yebhi and Tradus, as i did find really good stuff on their them. Now this itself starts my Piggybank, and am gonna go berserk.With the money saved through Cashkaro, im gonna indulge in brands i love. (Feeling like a princess already).

For a lot of , we already have our favorite online store. The 'Tried and Tested' one. Im sure a lot of you, were paranoid about loosing money, and did invest on smaller priced items. Well. i did that too. *not ashamed* to admit it. So , for all of you , who have your favorite online sites, all you have to is type in your store's name on the search bar, and SAVE SAVE SAVE, everytime you buy.  No need to feel guilty over shopping ladies, ang guys, because everytime you buy something you Love, you are given extra rewards, in form of Cashbacks.

I know i have been only talking about shopping here, because, hell a woman loves to shop, and also she loves to travel. For all those looking out for best travel plans, and feasible options. Cashkaro has the best deals for you.

There is something for everyone here. Books, music, movies. Hell , yea, movies too. So all you need to do is join Cashkaro, go to your favorite site, shop as you would usually shop, and get Cashback in your account. Yes , as simple and easy as that is.

So for all those who have now figured how excited im with their concept, don't waste time, head on, log in, and shop, and receive Cashbacks, for more shopping.Smile each time you shop at Cashkaro.

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Monday, October 07, 2013


She was on her bed, humming away a tune. Her head was dangling from the edge of the bed, she enjoyed the sensation, when she swallowed her saliva, lying in that position. 

"Brain Freeze", she screamed to the empty room, and got up with a start. "Oh my head", she clutched her head with her fingers, nails digging into her scalp, fighting away dizziness. 

A smile stretched from ear to ear , "im done, tadaa", she screamed. "Now now now, who wants to look pretty??, meeeee" . She laughed loudly and stopped abruptly as her phone rang.

"Hello mamma, Im good... yea.. hmmm.. ok.. byeee. Love you too". She rolled her eyes and threw the phone on her bed. She tiptoed upto her mirror, and started applying kajal. She sat back and looked at herself "Wow, pretty".


"We can work it out, Please please listeeennnn" , she sobbed hysterically " i donno what il do without youu... please .. stoppp.. dont.. i love you... pleaseeeee...." She held onto his arm, pleading for another chance. Her kajal smudged with tears , ran down her cheeks. She was on her knees, begging him to stay. She stammered for the first and last time ever, saying everything feasible to make him stay. it was over for him. It had been from a long time. 

He bent down to her , and released his arm from her grip , "Its over, it has been from a long time, im sorry". He walked away ignoring her every word to make him stop. 

She cried herself to the floor,and lay there, howling away in pain.


She threw imaginary petals on the bed. She looked behind her and blushed "is this good enough?" She giggled away, and jumped on the bed, and sat like a newly wedded bride. "Ohh, come don't make me wait". She giggled away." ohh, i forgot" she clutched her palm to her mouth. 

She heaved herself off the bed, and walked towards her cupboard, she sat down with a thud, and looked at the lifeless body of her ex-boyfriend.


"I just need to talk to you, for the last time, please come over, i need you to do this for me Please", she pleaded.

"For the last time, alright", he warned

"Yes, last time", she replied.

He walked in to her apartment. She stood with a smile on her lips. "last time baby" She slid a Pistol, and shot him point blank, even before he could comprehend what had happened.

She pulled his lifeless frame to her room, it took her four hours. She placed him comfortably , and sat looking at him.


Her phone started ringing, "mamma il call you back", she shouted into the phone, and threw it on the bed. Her Phone had an empty cavity , where the battery once used to be. 

She went over to the balcony, "Pring pring" she mouthed, and laughed.

Sunday, October 06, 2013


This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 42; the forty-second edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. The theme for the month is "COLOR"

"What is the Color of Love then", she asked , brushing away stray strands playing with her face. She was anxiously waiting to hear his voice.

"Love, mmmm, well People usually say its Red", he replied.

His voice was deep, and Husky. She loved the sound of his voice, especially, the alteration in his voice when he said anything with 'R'.

"So, you have never stepped outside? ", he questioned. She could sense the curiosity and shock in his voice. She laughed, crinkling the corners of her eyes.

He noticed that she crinkled her nose when she laughed, and bit her upper lip, to stop laughing. He found that beautiful in her.

"Well, its difficult for me to go out, Im accident prone you know", she shrugged, gesturing dramatically towards her eyes.

He was sitting in front of her, yet she looked faraway. However for her, she was looking at his "Voice" and imagining as to how he looked.

She hesitated a little, shifting uncomfortably, "I want to know how you look" , she said, holding out her hands to thin air. He held her hands and placed them over his face. She fingers traced the outline of his forehead, taking in his broad forehead, and felt the length of his nose, his cheeks, his jawline. Her index finger traced the outline of his lips. She quivered, so did he. She pulled back her hands and smiled.

"Dont you want to know how you look", he asked. She smiled, and rested her chin on her palms, tilting her head. "mm hmmm, i want to".

"Well you have beautiful Eyes", she laughed at the irony of what he said. he continued ignoring her laugh, "and when you laugh, there are stars in your eyes". Her smile faded, and her eyes became moist. There was an awkward silence between them.

"Cmon, lets go" , he said, pulling her up by her arm.

"Whaat, where", she uttered confused. "I..I cant come outside, im .. well i just cant", she said pulling free of his grasp.

"Of course you can, come with me, il keep you safe, trust me"

She smiled and nodded, "But ...." She heard him moan, "ok ok ... but i need my ..."

"No you dont, let me be your cane today", he held her hand.

She took a deep breath, and followed him.

They stepped out of her house, she was holding onto him. A car sped by , startling her. She gripped his arms tightly, and was almost on the verge of tears.

"I .. I.. no no ... i need to go back"

"Sssshhhh, im here , with you. I promise you, il not let anything happen to you... ok.. im here, dont worry..sshhh ... im here"

She swallowed back her fears, and let loose the grip on his arm. She forced a smile. "okay"

He smiled and hugged her. "Lets do this"

He described everything he saw, worry lines gave away, to a smile, and eagerness to know more.

"You cant see the color, but you can definitely feel it", he told, brushing away a few strands from her face.

"I guess i hear Red now", she smiled, his favorite smile.

The fellow Blog-a-Tonics who took part in this Blog-a-Ton and links to their respective posts can be checked here. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. Participation Count: XX

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Inferno by Dan Brown


So here i was waiting for INFERNO, and when i finally got it. I had to listen to bazillions of opinions of how bad the book is, or how okay, it is , and so on and so forth. So i let Dan brown's, Inferno be. I never even glanced at it, till some hours back, when i set to read it. I must say, apart from the fact that i so love Dan brown for his extensive research in his books, i was awed by his imagination and amazing ability to make me stay awake and read his entire book.

The Book is a must have, for all those who love fiction with a sprinkling of History. Dan Browns Protagonist finds himself in Florence , without a clue as to how he got there. He is diagnosed with Retrograde Amnesia. All that he remembers is a vision of a Silver haired Woman , saying "seek and you shall find" . His only hope is Dr. Sienna Brooks , who helps him escape from a Spike Hair assassin , and a group of men dressed in Black.

Robert Langdon is faced with a task of finding something he has no recollection of. He is aided by Sienna, and is faced to try and decipher all of it in a limited time frame, owing to a deadly assassin chasing him.

The Book is a fast paced read, and never for once would you feel like keeping it aside. It captures and takes the readers on a  journey of finding something that threatens to endanger Human life. The Characters apart from Langdon, are Feisty and well etched. They have been described so well, that you tend to form a mental image of them.

Cheers to Dan Brown on another wonderful read.

An authors new book is definitely compared or judged to his old ones. When you do so, you totally loose the plot. Read it with an open mind, and you will see the brilliance that an author can unfold in pages.

I would rate it a 8/10.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

madras Cafe

An Experience that makes you cry, overwhelmed and just on short of words, is what answers a lot of your questions. It brings a lot of certainty in your existence. For me it was the day i saw myself on the big screen.

Tinu menachery had Goosebumps the size of dinosaurs, she felt chills as though surrounded by Dementors, and she cried. Those little salty "pearl" sized transparent liquid fell out her eyes. Inspite of a crowded theater, she knew she was alone in her emotional state. It took her away, in a world of happiness, where a sign board read, that this is your moment, enjoy it as much as possible.

That madras cafe experience, will be with her for the rest of her Life. That experience to have been a part of something so amazingly beautifull, makes her Proud. For someone as tiny as her, its difficult to contain it all. So here she goes screaming, woot wooting and saying Saucesome all over again.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Try it to Believe it - Olay total effects Review

Work took a toll, and pulled me away from blogging, and my stories et al, were left as incomplete as ever. Next what i know is that Blogadda, is giving a Freebie, and not just any Freebie - Olay total Effects *whoops, and dances* .

So i apply,and yeaa, i still qualify!!!. So now all those who have heard of Karma, yea the same bitch who runs behind you and bites yo ass. Yes the same. you will know why.

So i get my little package from Blogadda, and i unwrap it, with two eyes hovering over me and my excitement. So once those eyes, notice Olay, they enlarge, yes , the pupils dilate, and they become the sort of "Puppy Face" that only i was entitled to.

Now those pair of eyes belonged to my mom, who lovingly told me that i'm too young for "Such creams" and that i shouldn't be trying them on.

So i quizzed her about the review bit, and she said, "you will write better now, you can judge the changes on my face".

So Karma did bite my ass, and Olay was gone.

However, the best parts now. So it says it helps with Age spots, fine lines yada yada, like all other products. but hell this one WORKS, like WORKS WORKS.

For all those women with sensitive skin, donot worry about Olay, my mom and i both have sensitive skin, and an itch in the rear to try on most products. So mom was left without any blotches, scarring etc.

I'll tell you what she disliked first:

She disliked the little bottle with the little nozzle, that coughs too little, or squirts too much. She hates Unpredictability especially from inanimate objects. So that was her only cause of distress.

What we both loved:

Olay is non-greasy, its easy to apply, unlike certain creams that have to be "rubbed" into your skin. This one also has a lovely smell.

Effective : mom's skin became plumper and supple, the second day itself. She said it made her skin feel smooth and silky. You know the old saying of "less is more" is totally apt for this product. Plus, it has Spf too, however mom used it in the night, so i wouldn't be able to say how effective in terms of sun-protection.

So will i recommend it?? Hell yea. Its a great product. A definite one on my list. Try it, use if, feel your skin, and know the difference

Rating : 4.5/5 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kiacomme (Part I)

                                               *THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION*

There was nothing different in the small town on Christmas Eve, apart from the smell of Christmas. the typical aroma filling the air, last minute Christmas shopping's, choirs practicing before the midnight mass. Distant giggles, silent kisses filled the gaps between the silence of the choir. People hung onto their frames, wrapped in layers of woolens. There was nothing to suggest anything unlikely, until Martha screamed.

There was nothing 'special' going on in Martha's life. She was staying alone, and has been alone for a long time, since anyone could remember. Certain rumors had it, that Martha was deserted by her Husband, after he learned of her love for the Dark magic. Occult , she would say and try reason it to him that it was for fun. However, he had reasons to believe that she used it, to have him in her life. He was supposed to have been rich and Handsome, and Martha a plain simple lass. There were others who said that he was having an affair, and it broke poor Martha's heart when she got to know of it. So well, once the stories became stale, Martha was just another lady who lived down the street, till she screamed.

Martha, had just locked her house, on the way to church. It was an old habit of hers to check everything twice before he left. She was walking towards her gate, when she stepped onto something. 'Arggh, the bloody kids have thrown something again', she thought aloud. She was about to kick away the garbage, when a car screeched near her lane, throwing light on her gravel. She saw it one second and then gasped, ran back to her door and fetched the flashlight, she kept near her pots, and flashed in the direction of the garbage. Her insides squirmed, she felt bile rising from her throat, but what escaped was a blood curling scream, as she saw a human hand, lying near her gate.


The cops in the small town of Kiacomme, were literally 'jobless'. They had their share of handing out Parking tickets, ensuring 'Law and Order', however, their little town never reported any 'crime'. Complaints were petty issues like , someone having thrown garbage in another's compound. A person was fined for driving at a speed of 20 kph, when it clearly said 60 kph  So in short a very 'boring' town for the cops. They used to have an inside joke stating that if 'ever', there was a real crime, say a murder , they would just hand a 'Fine', as that was what they were good at. But the incident, at Martha's house shook the little town. People were intrigued and to be honest scared.


Media swarmed in from distant districts to dish out the scoop on their channels.

'Santa seemed to have dropped his hand...' said one reporter , 'let's try finding out more..'

'A human hand was found lying outside a residents house, on Christmas eve ....'

'The first crime in  Kiacomme has shook the shook the entire town, and what a crime it is .... '

Mikes were thrust at Martha's face, as she enjoyed every moment of glory. Her stories started off with what had actually happened , to a little additions of her own later. One week down, and the reporters faded away. The cops couldn't find anything more, like  a body that the hand would go with etc. There system was so basic, that even for a DNA testing they had to wait for a week, as it involved lot of paperwork.Luckily they took away the hand from Martha, or she would have even kept it as a prized possession.


Two weeks later...

Someone rang the church bell at 3:30 am , much to the annoyance of the Priest. Fr. Pasco, got up to check the reason for the same, and he saw a lone figure at the church door.He went back and wore his spectacles, to get a better look. However , there was no one, he looked over at the entrance, but saw no one. he looked around , and was greeted by an owl. He was surprised, as he clearly remembered seeing a hazy silhouette of a person. Even if that person had to run away, Pasco would have noticed, as the entrance to the church was easily more than a km. even if they had to run, he was sure, he would have noticed. He dismissed that thought and walked over to the church door. He saw a wet sack lying at the door, with something scrawled in water he thought. A closer look and he read RIP, near the sack. Something of an alarm rang in his mind. He called out for his help, to switch on the lights. And there he saw the sack was wet with blood, and RIP was scribbled hastily in Blood.


Jack Collins was 35,and from the time he could remember.he always wanted to be a cop. He wanted to protect people, and lend his services for them. He was an excellent cop, til he was stationed at Kiacomme. There was hardly anything he had to look into, and boredom set in. He retired when he was 32, and ran a store in the town. However, he was the first person who was called when the Martha incident took place. He had his theories but the younger breed of cops, looked down upon him. He had warned them saying this was just the beginning.


Sergeant Jerry and Nicholas came in half an hour after being called in by Fr. Pasco. Jerry had a little past, which made him squeamish at the sight of blood. As soon as he saw the scene , he could feel the bile rising in his throat. He cleared his throat and thought of daisies, and tried remembering how they smelled. But the rusty smell of blood, had reached his nose, and they hung on real strong. No matter how hard he tried he puked.

Nicholas tried to maintain a straight face, and continued with his interrogation. He waited for the rest of his team to come before inspecting the sack.

They found the remaining body stacked inside the sack, in a very awkward position. The head was beaten up, it was as though someone tried chopping of the head from the neck but decided otherwise.The man was tortured beyond doubt. His right hand was found intact, and the left hand was found missing. it was cut right from the shoulders. The white of the bones stared at them.

The forensics came in. it took them 4 hours to complete the needed. Having low expertise in the same, both Jerry and Nicholas, were in doubt regarding the next course of action. The news was abuzz with the gruesome murder. The mayor as in a fix as he started getting calls from higher authorities probing an inquiry in the matter of the murder.

Mayor Fitzgerald, was a round, outgoing person, who never had to bother about crime, until now. He was under lot of pressure especially from the media, who wanted answers on the next course of action etc.

He summoned Jerry and Nicholas in his office for answers and was left with even more doubt about the outcome.


Ryan Andrews, 37, was a college professor  He taught History and Archaeology at Dunnville University. He was a good professor and was loved by his students especially the female students. He was what they called an "eye cooler'. Ryan stood tall at 6'2", had an athletic build. He had wavy brown hair, and gray eyes, which could melt even the toughest metal, is what the girls said. He was single, but loved to have his share of fun with his students, and colleagues whichever was more willing.

He had applied for a weeks leave which was granted. He informed his class of his leave, which was met with collective groans and sighs from the girls. He smiled and waved out to all of them before heading out to his car. He was humming  a tune,and almost forgot the tune. 'darn', he started again and forgot it at the same place. he tried recollecting it, but to no luck, he was on the verge of giving up, when suddenly someone whistled the tune.

He looked back,and was startled to have seen the person.

'Hey Sa..' the rest of the words got drowned in a passionate kiss. He could barely feel his feet, they were giving away, well that was the effect she had on him. It was years ago that he had met her in his class. Always eager to learn. How naive she had been then, he thought, and now, as she let her tongue explore, he moaned back. She was always a fast learner, he thought. He let go of his briefcase and held her closer.He could feel the swell of her breasts, and the curve of her back. Oh, she is good, he moaned to her every move. He felt an urgent desire. He pulled her towards him. She kissed him harder and let go, seeing him want for more. He felt her move towards his ears. Her breath was calm and controlled and yet urgent 'Come, lets go'. he stared at her deep brown eyes, and nodded.

She opened his car, and put his case inside, and got into the drivers seat, she smiled and nodded towards the passenger seat. He got in, and sat looking at her.

'You have changed so much', he said admiring every part of her body. He saw the fabric stretched over her bosom, and the way they made it to her thighs. He patted her thighs and she opened them, inviting and teasing him.

'I'm sorry if I , you know I did not .. I never... I was ... I ...' he was lost for words as he kept looking at her, admiring and lusting.

'Ssshhh, Ryan... i know, i know everything'. She slammed on the brakes at the signal, and planted another kiss.Lucky the glasses were tinted. He was lost. he had become a puppy yearning for attention. She pulled into his driveway. She could see the effect she had on him. She climbed on top of him and went close to his ears. He couldn't contain himself. He wanted her that very minute.'Keys', she said, gently taking his hands off her .'Patience love', she nibbled his ears. She got out of the car, and walked to the door. Her hips swaying naturally, she knew he was looking, and she wanted him to look. After all those years , she thought.

Ryan entered the house. He saw her shoes, on the stairs, followed by her bag. he grinned, of course she knew the way to his room. He loosened his tie, and let go of his suit. He saw her skirt at the stairs. he was excited and ready. he opened the door, and saw her standing, waiting for him. He ran towards her, and stripped her off whatever was left, he urgently undid his shirt and pants. She smiled, waiting for him. They made love over and over again.

Night fell, she kissed him. 'Ready' she asked. 'again?, you just cannot have enough of me can you?'. 'Not even if i wanted to'. She started kissing him again, and tied his hands together. 'What are you doing?' , he looked at her playfully. 'Just ensuring things', she said, as she slid lower. He shivered under her warmth. She tied his legs and got on top of him. 'Aahhh, did someone order kinky?', he winked and laughed. She sat there without saying a word. His smile gave away. "what?'. She didn't utter a word,and kept staring at him. Her eyes cold.His intuition told him something was wrong, but he admonished it as soon as it came.

'Ryan, you remember the time when we were dating?', she stuffed his socks in his mouth. His eyes almost jumped out of his socket, as he saw her  taking a butcher knife from her bag. She came and sat on him. 'Oh, look your junior has gone limp, i'm sure you wont want him again'. She brought down the blade and tears screamed from his eyes. 'Remember when we were dating Ryan'. He nodded his head in pain, and almost succumbing to her. 'what, i cant hear you baby'. He muffled a sorry from between the socks. 'i donno what you saying'. 'You remember, how i had come over for extra coaching, and you taught me more than just the syllabus?. I had pleaded you to stop, and you smacked me across my face, as you forced yourself on me. Smack' she pulled the knife across his face.'smack', she dragged it across his chest.' You remember baby, how you put that dresser on my hand, I had to go in for loads of treatment, and now after 8 years , i can actually feel my hand. Smack'.

She drove the blade through his left hand.She didn't remove it instead she jerked it to and fro, to and fro, till he lost conscious. She kept looking at him. He stirred in his sleep. he was hoping it to be a bad dream, but he could feel severe pain below his stomach,and on his left. He opened his eyes to see a blur image, of a woman stark naked. He shuddered when he realized he wasn't dreaming.

'Oh you are awake baby?, i was waiting for you'. He screamed, gagged, and felt the liquid leaving his mouth. he gagged more. She ignore all of it, and walked towards the window. 'You remember, what you had said about my body, that i'd need so much to cover it that the rest of the world would have to go naked. I felt bad then, you said that in class, in front of everyone. You called me  crippled, when it was your doing. I didn't have the courage to tell anyone what you had done. But when i told you i was pregnant, you called me names. Sigh. You should have never said all of those. you should have never done all those things to me Ryan'.

She turned to see him struggling to free himself.She smiled. 'Ryan, that's a toche knot, with latex. the more you try to free yourself, the more.. aahhh, right there, the more it digs into your skin'. She pointed to blood oozing out of his hand and feet. 'You should stay still. Loss of blood isn't a good thing. You tend to hallucinate, you would beg me to kill you, etc, and we have more to talk. Its just the second day, don't be such a wuss Ryan  remember, how you used to fondle me in the library, force yourself inside me, in the washroom. You were bad. very bad' she laughed out a hollow laugh.

'You know this place called kiacomme?', she looked over at him. 'Ryan, now be a good boy don't make me angry. Have you heard of this place'. He nodded his head sideways at the sight of the knife in her hand. You know its a quiet town. Very very quiet, no murders , all happy happy people. I was born there. Its a very small town. i do owe Kiacomme dont i?'. She laughed looking at his expression. She dragged a heavy center table and placed it on his chest. 'This should help speed things up my love'. The weight made it difficult for him to breathe. He pleaded with his eyes. He pleaded for forgiveness and then it was all over. She dressed up, and left the house. She took his severed left arm with her. She hummed the tune , and drove to kiacomme, she drove around the city, and threw the severed hand dusk, in someone's house. They are bound to find it. She smiled and got back to take care of the rest.


Jack had heard about the murder, well who hadn't. The entire town was talking about it.The media spoke endlessly about it. Every single segment spoke about the murder. The cops were trying their best to get some clues. Forensics were working 24*7. But all they could find out was the name of the Victim  - Ryan Andrews, Professor. He was just granted two weeks of leave, hence no one cross-checked or filed a complaint about his whereabouts.

'He came in the evening, and took some time in the vehicle, so i didn't wait to say hello, and then i saw him leave', said his neighbor  The cops took her statement, and checked every corner, in his house, but came up with nothing.Zilch.

This was the type of case that Jack dreamt about working on. He called Fitz for a favor, and was a part of the team. The rest had their issues, but they kept it to themselves.

to be continued

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Liebster Award

       First of all Congratulations Karan, and Thank you for nominating me for the LiEbStEr Award.

Now for all the curious souls, like mine. I launched into a Shashthang Pranam to Google, to help me with the idea behind the term and the award . As Karan has mentioned, its an award to the "Dearest or beloved" blogger. I also managed to find the origin (i assume) of the same on a blog dated 2010.

Anyways, lets proceed to the new rules :

* Post 11 things about Yourself
* Answer 11 q from the nominator
*Choose 11 deserving bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
*Set 11 q for them and inform them that they have been awarded. Simple ryt??

Now One thing about myself I'm Lazy , so I'm going to answer the 11 q. So you'd also know 11 things about me.. Yayyyyy :P

These are Karan's q's and my answers to them :)

1.  What made you start your blog?
     I figured typing was a better option to writing , especially when i couldn't comprehend what i had written.

2.  Do you encourage others to start blogging?
     No, to each his own.

3.  How many incomplete blogs you have written that you somehow couldn’t complete? Why so?
     I had two Incomplete posts. Serah and opaque. I felt emotionally drained writing both of them. o i let them be.

4.  Do you have any childhood dream you want to accomplish? If yes, what it is?
     No, I'm living it.

5.  What is your most embarrassing moment?
     Everytime i try recollecting who i'm talking with.

6.  If you could be any fictional character, who would you choose?

7.  The best compliment you have got till date?
     That i have a "Great memory"

8.  Craziest thing you did?
     Talked loudly to myself, while travelling in a Local train.
9.  Which possession of yours you can’t tolerate to be touched by others?
      My bottle of water
10.  Define yourself in 4 words.
       Impulsive, Dreamer, Loyal, Mush pot

11.  What does this award mean to you?
        Another Post under the Label "Award"

I nominate : (My nominations are purely on the basis that i love to read their blogs, and yes i might be breaking rules of the 11 nominations etc. ANYHOW, these are the guys... drum rolls and a thunderous applause guys :)

Just another wake-up call
Unknown shri

My Questions :

1. What is the craziest thing you have done to increase your Blog followers?
2. What is the best story/poem/post you have written so far?
3. Who is your Favorite Follower?
4. One comment on your Blog that made you Rofl
5. Do you feel a compulsive need to keep updating your Blog?
6. Funniest Post you ever read.
7. Do you feel that certain comments are just to patronize you, or rather to get you to comment on their post. How do you deal with it.
8. If you had a magic lamp, what would you wish for , on your Blog
9. What is/was your dream profession?
10. If you had to snuggle up all by yourself, with a book, which one would it be, and why.
11. If you had to publish your Blog,, what would you name the book?

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Everyone in this world, is sure to have come across this emotion  - LOVE. It may have been a happily forever, or a painfully yours, or till i find the right person, kinda story. But for all these stories, the one thing that holds true is not the ordinary over rated emotion called Love, but the extraordinary people who strive hard towards placing Love on a pedestal. While many are doing so, some gain momentary happiness, or rather derive pleasure in silence. This is the story of Love, pure Love, and nothing but Love.

'He looked back at the man staring at him. Wrinkles sought refuge on his face, like they yearned to be there. He crinkled his eyes, ran his hair through his receding hairline, and winked back at the reflection in the mirror. Not bad, he thought aloud. Rajan Pillai tugged at the collar of his crisp white linen shirt and flattened invisible creases on his broad shoulder.

The wind blew in the ruffled curtains and covered his face. He sighed and looked back at the direction of the wind, and relished in the memory it bought him. A distant laughter filled his ears. He admonished the wind, and his eyes fell on a collage of pictures that adorned his wall. Serah, he whispered.'

What makes this story real? The story is real because of Serah and Rajan. They re the only factors that make this story real

This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs fromYashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

....and the world was silent again

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 35; the thirty-fifth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. The theme for the month is "...and the world was silent again"

She could hear the continuous honking , the rush and commotion at the station, the noise at the market place. She could hear people screaming for help.

She woke up with a start and looked around to see her husband gesturing with his hands. She smiled back at him … and the world was silent again.

The fellow Blog-a-Tonics who took part in this Blog-a-Ton and links to their respective posts can be checked here. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton. Introduced By: VIPUL GROVER, Participation Count: 10
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