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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The "feminine" men

I wish the 2nd type still existed!!!!

I miss “real men”….. Well honestly!!! … You now the slightly rugged (who take less time to get dressed) men…. The men that came before metro sexuality came in!!! Yes the same… ok normally or BM (before the metro sexual era)… it would be so easy to meet up with my Male Friends… the conversation would have been such…
Me: Hey ssupppp lets meet up…
Male Friend (MF) I’ll b there in 5 ok….
Me :Mmmm hey no i’l need atleast an hours time to get dressed … so i’l see you in an hour ok?
 MF: alright… and now… post AM ( after the metro sexual era)
 Me :hey ssupppp lets meet up…
MF:  ok i’l b there in sometime ok….
Me : Mmmm hey no il need atleast an hours time to get dressed … so il see you in an hour ok?
MF : no no il take atleast 2 hours , so il catch up with you in 2 hours…
Me : 2 hours??? For what… putting on a jeans and t-shirt???
MF : (actual scenario) nah re, il need to bathe, dress up (lol), which shirt should I wear, I really like the pink one I got yesterday … what do you think?
Me : ummmm … hmmm … ya umm yes …
MF : no I guess I have tanned a little , I should maybe go in for blue .. don’t you think so??
Me : ( jaws dropped) … really does it matter??? Because , we will be watching a movie, and mmm am not sure blue or pink would make a difference in a dark room …
MF : yea , but then the distance from the entrance to the theatre , is not dark na !!!...
Me : (irritated, pretending to be cool) .. mmm ya, so umm blue it is…so il see you in 2 hours in  a “blue shirt” !!! yeaa ….
MF: I was actually planning between blue and a checked shirt I got yesterday… its got vertical stripes, and green and white and a bit of grey thrown in, what do you think.
Me : (almost on the verge of pulling out my hair) … hmmm, I think blue…
MF : I think the stripes are in.
Me : ok , yea I’m seeing it all over, yea so stripes it is ( we have already wasted 15 minutes here)
MF : Do you think vertical stripes make one look fat?
Me: ( confused between vertical and horizontal, and irritated, suppressing a giggle) No, it actually makes you look slim (hahaha , like I know) ..
MF : yea, I have put on weight off late, so I guess I should go with the stripe shirt!!!.
Me: ( who cares) .. umm yes, I think stripes will have  a very good camouflaging effect as well ..
MF : so you have noticed as well, that I have put on weight
Me : well you are the one who got that to my attention ( on the verge of getting inside the phone, and slitting his throat)
Mf : alright, so I guess, il go with the striped shirt.
Me : ( halleluiah) .. yes, good choice, and (40 minutes to deciding what he had to wear).. so could you hurry up a bit, otherwise we will miss the movie, and will have to go for a later one..k
Mf : I haven’t shaved ya, il take some time .. but ya il make it soon
Me : (to avoid missing the movie) .. oh but you look really great with a stubble
Mf : nahh, I need to get a clean shave done ..
Me : (loosing a battle here) alright, so il see you soon. Bye

2 hours later, I meet  him, all drenched and soaked in Reebok deo, wearing the “striped” shirt, hair all gelled in place clean shaved. I guess he even got a manicure and pedicure done …. Gosh his nails looked good, I stopped biting my own… after a bit of window shopping(so as to kill time, because we had to go in for a later show), we head to eat, where the “I’m so diet conscious” runs to the veggie section, and eats grass and more of grass (sub-way…. Its yumm…but not everyday), and I hear him say, not much of mayo please, wherein I was having mine dripping with mayo…(gulp)

I really miss the Men that I had seen growing up, with a little stubble, with the needed amount of deo or perfume, with jeans that is a bit dirty. A little tousled hair,(still love such guys) , the men who never used to take that long to “dress up”, who would be messy when eating, and I would look sophisticated in front of them(hheheheh), who would never care how well  -manicured their hands were, or how well –moisturized it was, who would not offer me sanitizer (c'mon.. dat was the heights), cause i might consume germs and bacteria( they are yummy , lol) who would not bother stepping out in the sun(minus the sunscreen)!!! ..and avoid this question - do you think spf 20 is better or spf 30 ?? lakme is a good choice aint it ( grrrr...... wondering what difference does a 20/30 make)... Now im confused of whether am less girly or the men are turning more pansy!!!!

Hmmm … that species of BM men are non –existent… if you do come across one of them... do lemme know, because I really miss having them around...and it’s irritating having to walk around with a guy who is almost turning into a girl. I mean , honestly I wonder how many woman out there want a man with Shaved chests, "manscaped" eyebrows and the "back, sack and crack" wax.. its high time they realized that all that is not , after all, the way to a woman's heart.

The Perfect woman i have come across ......

The first word that a child learns to say is ma…. The say that a mother is born when the child is born… hmm sounds apt!! doesn’t it… well for  a person like me I would rather accept that. Looking at my Mother, who literally is the epitome of perfectness… I would rather go with the saying…

My mother has a High tolerance level for nonsense (meaning -me)… I wonder at times , that how is it possible for someone to be so amazingly , well amazing. That’s what my mother is. She knows exactly what the three of us(me and my sisters), like and dislike, she knows exactly what I’m feeling, she knows exactly how to control and bear my tantrums.

She is superwoman. The comfort I feel when I’m near her, when she feeds me ( the food just tastes better), when she oils my hair, when she prepares something just cause I’m on a diet( hahaha)… for all the times that I have been rude, for all the times I have been a drama queen, for all the times I have made you cry… for all the times I have been “me” (arrogant, snobbish, a complete bitch)…. And for still loving me unconditionally – I love you mummy….

For all the times you have stood by me, letting me realize my dreams, for all the times you have listened to the stories about my friends (for knowing all of them), for all the time you are there for silly laughs and family jokes we share, for all the times you have hugged me and proudly said that I’m yours…. I love you…

The best thing about being you is that it’s so easy for me to talk to you, and you listen ever so lovingly, your eyes, looking through me….. for helping me to get all dressed up, for draping my first sari….. For just being there mummy, I love you.

For waving right at me, when I walked the ramp for the first time, ensuring me that no matter what happens, you’d still love me. for watching me walk over and over again (gosh , I would have been bored)……I love you. For helping me with my massive “diet “ and  “weight loss” strategies ( lol ) …

You are the only person who comes to mind when people compliment me for my language, because it was you who taught me!!! …. If not for you I would never have the language I do now. And for the rubbish and mistakes that I talk (that is me!!!)…

I can never be the way you are… because you are way too perfect. If I had to be my mother, I would have killed me!!!(Seriously)… but you still love me no matter what…
I see a little of you in my eldest sister… and I’m sure she will just be as awesome as you are –a wonderful mother, friend, confidante ….

Mummy you are my idol… nah it’s not an answer that I said just to impress people, but it’s true, if I had to be like someone, id rather be like you….
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