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Monday, December 19, 2011

Passionate Riot

‘I missed you’

Yeah after all these years, you come up to me and say that... hahhaha Manav .. she thought to herself, and just let her smile fill the silence and awkwardness they shared.

‘So how’s life treating you Gauri’

Oh can’t you see am happy, all smiles, since you left me , a smile escaped her lips and she said ‘All well, Manav, its going really well’

‘So , Are you seeing someone?’

‘No, but am not looking either, have left that decision for my Parents, I realized really late, that I have  a bad choice in MEN’ , she completed that with a smile, and looked away .

How he wished to feel that silken hair of hers, he was particularly annoyed by a particular section of her hair, which clamored for her attention by not staying in place, even after her millionth effort in placing them behind her ears.

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