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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


She held an intricately carved wooden box in her hand, and looked at me in awe of it (I presumed), with her smile lighting up the dimples as well. She opened the box ever so cautiously, like a container with excess water in it, she ever so slowly peeped in to the box, and a silent shriek left her lips. 

She looked up at me, and kept the box in my hands, and removed the accessories she had on her, and gingerly took the neckpiece I had given her , as though it would break, she turned her back to me , and moved her tresses in front and asked me to tie the neckpiece for her. 

I mean really, i would get to do that...

 My hands were shivering, I slid close to her, close enough to smell her. I so had the urge, a desire to lift her in my arms, and whisk her away. She turned sideways, indicating that I should put on the earrings for her, as soon as I went closer to put them on, I saw her cheeks flushing crimson, she looked more beautiful than I could ever recollect. 

She looked at me, with an ear to ear grin, and pecked me on my cheeks. I felt like a pressure cooker, about to blow its whistle. I could feel all eyes on us, as everyone looked at her and back at me, wondering what I did to deserve that peck, from Tammie.

 ‘Will you ever ask me out Karthik’ 

‘Whhattt, what, when, am sorry..I.. you want.. You think ..You would..You like..Would..You if…I go out.. ask you..’ 

She laughed her laugh and took my hand in hers.  ‘I like you Karthik’ 


huh?? Is that all you would say’ 

 ‘no no , tammie, I have been in love with you from the first day I saw you, but I never thought you’d want to be with a person like me…and’  

Words just fell out of my mouth, like a gushing waterfall, incoherent, she just smiled. 

‘I love you too’ 

 My mind just did not seem to function, it took me a while, for that thought to sink in, for that fact that someone like “her” could like “me”. 

My friends were all wondering, not just them, the entire college thought she had gone crazy, and they were counting on a break up every other day.  

 to be continued....... 


  1. The thought 'someone like me' always sinks in mind...and I could tell its a feeling of awe, no perfect words could describe the feeling.

    am I the first one to read it...Oh Yes :D

  2. @ Beyond Horizon : oh yes true!!...the feeling of being in awe (as you so well put in)

    yes you are :) am happy that it came from you first :)

  3. Delicate emotion at its best! Again a very sweet read (to be continued as well)! :)

  4. How sweet...

    He couldn't have asked for more on that day...

  5. @ Saru : true, in his situation, he couldnt have.. :)

  6. pressure cooker.. teeheehee..
    n friends! college! thats all they wanna do.. countdown to the break up. grrr!

  7. @ srmu : :P .. how many happy endings do we have anyways :) ... its normal .. even i have been in the "oh , lets c how long they go on".. and ehem, some went long enough to have babies of their own too (awww)

  8. really enjoyed this..u noe really, chetan bhagat territory

  9. @ sneha Christal : Chetan Bhagat .. lol.. reallyy ..:P .. mmm well awesome is what i feel now :) .. thank you so much dear


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