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Monday, October 10, 2011

For my Princess

The home still feels empty without your presence,
There is a void, but no one talks about it
There is loneliness
But no one can sense it
There is pain; no one can feel it yet
It was different when you were there
The house felt warm and welcoming
I used to love coming back home
And hear your excitement
See you jump up and down in joy
Till I scooped you up in my arms
And told you I missed you too..
Whenever my eyes were moist, I would find you in my lap
Making sure I was alright
You never left me without making me smile
Your tilted head stance was all it took...
I miss cuddling up with you, at night
My mornings were incomplete without hugging you tight
13 years of unconditional love baby, and here I am
Talking about you
Your memories bring a smile on my face
And yet something feels heavy in my throat
Will you comfort me again if I cry...?
I feel your presence at times in the house
It’s where you breathed your last
I scooped you up in my arms
But your head didn't nestle in my shoulders
You didn’t move after that....
There was no one waiting anymore
There is a lot of pain
I wish you were here to ease it out
I miss you... I miss having you around…
I might have not said this often...
I love you princess...
Our lil Princess....Snoopy

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