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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Life worth living ??

She stared at the person in the mirror
The person just blinked back at her,
Who was she, was she really a part of her existence??
How easily did she change to the demands of the society?
Transformed from one form to another, so much so, that she lost track of herself,
She didn’t find “happiness” anymore!!
Her laughter was hollow,
As though, it was forced upon her.
Her existence was so much of a routine
She never bothered to look beyond it
Was there something beyond her world?
She never knew
She never gave it a thought
She was being swept along with the world
Just another human soul,
Existing for the sake of existence
It did not bother her
Cause she never felt it
Her emotions were hollow
And so was she
She had become such
Leading a normal life yet hollow from within
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