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Monday, December 19, 2011

Passionate Riot

‘I missed you’

Yeah after all these years, you come up to me and say that... hahhaha Manav .. she thought to herself, and just let her smile fill the silence and awkwardness they shared.

‘So how’s life treating you Gauri’

Oh can’t you see am happy, all smiles, since you left me , a smile escaped her lips and she said ‘All well, Manav, its going really well’

‘So , Are you seeing someone?’

‘No, but am not looking either, have left that decision for my Parents, I realized really late, that I have  a bad choice in MEN’ , she completed that with a smile, and looked away .

How he wished to feel that silken hair of hers, he was particularly annoyed by a particular section of her hair, which clamored for her attention by not staying in place, even after her millionth effort in placing them behind her ears.

‘Hmm, yea, I’m sure parents definitely do a good background search, and will find you the best’, he couldn’t  stop himself from looking at those kohl eyed eyes of hers. He loved them, those were the same reason he wanted her to be around, her eyes were magical, it eased out all his worries.

‘So,  how’s your direction coming along??, I saw your earlier movie, the short film, good story-line’.

She so wanted to hug him, pull him close, and plant a kiss on his lips. She had seen him walk towards her earlier , and couldn’t help noticing that he still looked handsome, and managed to grab attention of the opposite sex, without much effort.

The wind played with his hair, looking at which got her memories which made her blush, she straightened her gaze towards him. He looked like a greek God, in a white shirt, and blue denims. His shirt revealed his love for workouts, her heart almost skipped a beat, as she forced her eyes to look elsewhere so as to divert her feelings. He smelled rugged , she loved it, like old times.

‘Yea, it is almost done……..post production and….’

She looked at him till she couldn’t hear him anymore, and she knew ‘This was it’, she shushed him with her fingers, and jerked her head towards the exit..

‘Let’s Go’.

She took his hands in hers, and walked out towards the parking lot…

‘Is there a problem , Gauri?’ , She did not say anything till they entered the car ..

She knew that expression of his, she went closer towards him . He wanted to push her away …

She had no idea what her proximity did to him …

She pulled him closer and kissed him , leaving no room for words….the car’s windows steamed up with their passionate exchange … she could feel him ..

"Hey Gauri, long time, How are you?"

She was brought back to reality to a pot bellied, almost balding Manav standing in front of him , with a boyish grin.

One look at him and she laughed Hysterically, much to Manav’s embarrassment.


  1. The last line NAILED it ! You're too intelligent a writer.

  2. Hehehe... he myt be pretty embarassed...

    well pictured thought though...

    enjoyed reading

    Take care

  3. Which one is the dream?First or second? :-)

  4. @ Crystal : ;) .. thank you dear :)

    @ Niya : Embarrased, hmmm , not sure of that, but am sure Gauri dsnt regret not being with him :P ...

    @ Aativas : The first!! cmon, let the woman have the last laugh :) :P

  5. Greek God! hmm..hmm ;)

    Snapped back to reality...nice twist Tinu. Theres always is in your writings.

    And am back, surely bit late.I have this very bad habit of not visiting the blogging world, even if this place makes me very happy :(

  6. @ Beyond Horizon : I so missed having you around :( .and of course our 'wordly conversations'. but went YAY when i saw your comment :) ...

    Greek God :P .. il send across the reference of the said 'person' .. :D ...

  7. Rofl!! That was awesome! loved the last line!

  8. That was good...Losing something is not at times and you never know what future holds for us.

    Last line was totally awesome. Great work dear:)

  9. I laughed hysterically too after reading this one.... :D

    And Almost balding... :D reminded me of the scene from Seinfeld -

    He is bald...
    He is not bald..He is balding... :D

    (not sure, if you have seen this one..) :)

    Good Luck :)

  10. @ Happy Go Lucky : :) thankyouuu

    @ SAru Singhal :and you feel oh so better when you know that what you lost was kinda never worth it ;)

    @ Kunal : ohh lmao.. i have seen dat one :P ... btw thanks for pushing me towards writing lighter stuff :P ;)

  11. Very gripping once again and you absolutely hit it out of the park with the last line :D.

    Cheers :)

  12. I visited your blog for the very first time.
    Nice one.

  13. It's so difficult to stay away from the person who captures our mind all the time :)
    I thought it would be real, that they reunite! :) Nicely written. Loved it :)

  14. @ Atrocious Scribblings : Thank you so much ...

    @ Uruj : Thank you Uruj, am glad you liked it, keep visiting :)

    @ Philo : Spot on, its difficult to stay away from someone who has that big an influence on us, however at times we realise that 'LOVE' is just another word, a physical attraction, that deepens into emotional, at times... :)

  15. And oh yes, I was laughin pretty hysterically towards the end too.=P

  16. Lol the other day i met my classmate from high school. we kind of had that moment. ending was awesome. loved it.

  17. @ Crystal : :)

    @ Abrar : really!! wow, that must ave been special indeed :)

    Thank you :)

  18. Grrr.. you could have ended it minus the last para! :D very nice writing indeed..!! I cant help but smile no laugh out loud! :)

  19. @ Philo : Merry christmas dear :)

    @ KP : lol, I guess it wouldn't have been the same ;) ....

  20. Awesome read..:-) btw..I left something for you at my blog...check it out..

  21. @ Rahul : thanku , i loved that but i so dnt like your latest post ....(angry face)

  22. The last line did it for me too :D I'm a laughing version of myself :D

    Intelligent writing :)

  23. oh my my!sensual write-up and your narration does full justice to the plot!Really impressed.Had earlier read a few others(some pretty long ones)from you and returning after a while..you'r a fantastic story/fiction/plot writer and a crafty builder of thought-provoking imagery...lots to learn from you here!I'll pick up quickly!thanks for sharing:)following now.

  24. @ serendipity : :) yeaa, i think it created the effect i was hoping for :) ....thankyou for going through it

    @ Rohit singh : the only thing that registered were 'long posts'...lmao .. but yea, thank you for coming back again, and for those generous compliments as well :) ....


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