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Friday, November 18, 2011


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4 years just passed in the blink of an eye, we were still together, I was with the most beautiful person in the universe, listening to “looks like we made it”, on her phone. For her that was our song, and it definitely was.

We were recruited by the same firm, and were even more happy to have been working together. I ensured to let the whole office know that she is “my girl” to avoid unnecessary ogling, though inspite of knowing she was dating , she still was the object of attention.

I knew something was wrong when she don’t show up and nether attended my calls. I was getting anxious, not hearing or seeing her had that effect on me. Her voice was enough to calm me, I could fight aliens, master super powers, finish off anything just to look in those eyes.

Today, something had gone amiss, ‘Tamara’ I said to myself, what was it that was keeping her away from me???.

Did I do something wrong? Did I hurt her? Did I…??..my thoughts were cut short by the ring of the phone, yes weird I know, but I had a special ring tone just for her, to know that it’s her, I liked that.

‘Kittu’,(that’s what she called me) was all she said, her voice made me want to run and hug her, take her in my embrace and let her know that I’d not let anything effect her, nothing , nothing at all, I would stand in harm’s way to ensure that she was safe.

‘Tammie, what happened?, are you fine, is everything ok at home, is everyone fine at home’.

‘Kittu, they are looking marriage proposals for me, there was someone who came to see me today’

 ‘What?? Why so soon??, I mean are you ready for marriage? No right, just tell them , your career, you have loads to do now, why…’

‘Kittu, I want to be with you’ .

‘Tammie … I’m , what, but we never spoke about having to settle down’ .

My thoughts were blocked, I couldn’t hear anything she said, except for visualizing my parents, she was from a different background altogether, and will my parents? Would I ?? can I??? talk.. how?? .. I was going crazy.. why did her parents have to start searching so soon, everything was going on so well, why did they have to…

‘Kittu, are you even listening??’

 ‘umm, yes yes, I was .. well.. ‘

‘I want to tell my parents about us’

‘us?? , Tammie, I think we should talk about this first and….’

‘You seem to be unsure Kittu, what is the matter,I know we have certain problems, but am sure I can convince my parents about us’

Convince?? Like why.. I mean why settle down, why . I was going bonkers, yes she was the most amazing person I could ever dream of being with, and yes I did dream of being with her, but never thought this moment would come so soon, I mean yes it’s almost 3 and a half years , but how do I talk to my mum and dad about it, I wonder how they’l react, yes I was really a chicken.

I hung up citing work, and decided meeting up in person was better than talking it out over the phone. What was I going to talk to her, it never occurred to me, that talking to Tamara would become difficult.

‘Kittu is everything alright, I know it was just out of the blue, but I had to tell you’

 ‘yes I know that , but, marriage…isn’t it really soon, like I do have many other priorities at my end, I want a stable career, I need …’

‘Time??... you can take as much as time as you want, all I’m saying is that lets make it known amongst our families so that , things can go…’

 ‘What?? Like so soon..I mean..’

 ‘Soon??? 3 and half years is soon??’

‘Listen, it’s not the time factor, but am not sure about my parents, and I don’t know whether they will accept you …and’

 ‘Is it?? You never thought about it when we started off?’

‘Listen, that’s not what I meant…it's just’

 ‘What exactly did you mean then Karthik’

‘I need time, Tamara, don’t hammer me with your questions….’

I just realized how Tammie changed to Tamara and Kittu to Karthik in a second

to be continued

P:S -  yes again (sigh), will definitely end it in the next part :P


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I liked this part, it does not seem to be a fairytale cause it gotta touch of reality now. Yup! exact word "CHICKEN"

  3. Life is strange. We want something so much once and things change in seconds...

    Looking forward to the next part, very honest story...

  4. @ rahul : good going, cause il try ending it in another part eh ?? :D ... ;).. thankyou for reading.. apparently long continued stories dnt have much 'takers'..:D ...

    @ beyond horizon : yea, not everyone gets a chrming prince (sigh).. true, CHICKEN....

    @ Saru : Yes, maybe the inability to take responsibilities, and certain selfish desires evoke such reactions.. thankyou saru

  5. i wanted to cry reading this part... :(
    been there done that.. its a painful position..

    and im bowing down to u tinuchee.. i really dont know how u get inside a man's head!

    just because he starts fluttering at the topic of marriage doesnt mean that he doesnt love u.. listen up girls! absolutely loved it molu! n take ur time.. u dont have to end it with the next part.. im reeally getting to enjoy this! :D

  6. @ srmu : uh oh.. i alreday did :( :( .. sob sob ..... i know srmu ..:)i just cant make my mind to think of 'happy endings' ..


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