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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wings of Silence

Wings of Silence

Author : Shriram Iyer

About the Author : Bangalore-born Shriram Iyer, a management professional based in Melbourne, Australia, has authored several short stories, theatre scripts and screenplays for short films. Silver-medalist under the Shankar’s International Award in 1996 given by the President of India, Shriram is also a professional singer who has to his credit an Indian pop album, Is Dhundh Mein, (released in 2007 by well-known singer Shankar Mahadevan) as well as over 400 concerts in India, Australia, New Zealand and USA. Wings of Silence is his debut novel.

"A spellbinding story...the real winner in this exhilarating but tender tale is unconditional brotherly love that Shriram Iyer describes in mesmerizing and elegant prose." - Oswald Pereira, Bestselling Author, The Newsroom Mafia.

I cannot really wipe out the smile on my face, even when I sit to review this book. You know there are certain books that you just skim through and it doesn’t really make you happy and then there is “Wings of Silence”, which makes you respect relations, understand certain intricate details in relationships, and communicate without language.

So to start of with we are given a glimpse of Ajay Sethi, an ex Air India official, who was captured and imprisoned in line of duty, and later how he escapes with an injured leg. Here we can easily picture a man of few words, bound by discipline and duty , to whom “Failure” is a word he omitted from his life.

His two sons : Saurav Sethi and Raj Sethi, take the story forward. Raj, the eldest ,is born deaf, owing to which he has a difficult childhood, as compared to an ordinary child, or rather as compared to his younger brother Saurav Sethi, or the one with  a “Midas touch”.

Saurav becomes the son his Father dotes on, as he epitomizes Strength, courage, determination, ambition, focus – all what his father set his life by. The brothers are as different as chalk and cheese, and the same is well described by the author, with a description of their rooms, which in a way described their life’s.

Saurav, grows up to be the next Tennis Star, and in the meanwhile his brother is left out in the rat race. His father completely dotes on him and spends his “Life” completely dedicated towards his sons “tennis career”, whereas he completely ignored his elder Son’s need for acceptance.

As situations unfold, the brothers bond emotionally, and Saurav takes it upon himself to resurrect his Brothers Life, which was crumbling down, much to the annoyance of his father. He helps Raj become the Person Raj aspires to be, by being his constant support and guide. He is helped in this ambition by his “soulmate” Shalini, and his aunt Sheela.

Shriram Iyer has beautifully unfolded a Family for us through the pages of his book. A family with characters that will make you laugh, cry, and empathize with. Characters  you would be able to relate with.

His style of writing is such that it enables for a fast paced read. Events have been well researched. The triumph of the characters feels like a personal triumph for the readers.

Having said all of this , if you ask me what was it that I did not like about the book, id say (a very personal desire) , I would have been happy if all the characters got what they wanted. But well, in reality , that is something that would have been inappropriate. Are you wondering what im talking about??? If Yes, grab a copy of “Wings of Silence” , because this is one “hell of  a book”, and I would absonfreakinlutely want YOU to read it.

 For the AUTHOR, Hats off sir, for a fist timer, you are simply “Rocking”, awaiting your next book.

Oh and my Rating: 10/10 . (like you didn’t know it already)

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