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Monday, April 07, 2014

From Drab to FAB

I totally love being a part of BlogAdda, simply because, they do know how to pamper its members.

This time around, it was an opportunity from Asian Paints, to transform your house in the most Eco friendly way. I just had to say a big huge YES. Firstly , its ASIAN PAINTS, need I say more. Secondly, I love being a part of everything BlogAdda has to offer.

Asian Paints has introduced a new product  - Aquadur PU, which is a Luxury Aqua Wood Finish. It conforms to stringent standard measures of Voc, and comes with a 5 year exterior durability. Now for those who are like me - Who are disinterested in tech terms, and who are more concerned with basic things like  -Paint odor, Quality, look , Durability etc. This product is the best for your wooden Furniture's.

I chose my front door for the product review.The entire process took 2 and half days. The Door was first cleaned out and smoothed by using sand Paper, followed by Aquadur wood and dent filler to cover some holes and dents , then a coat of Aquadur wood preservative. Once dry, they used the first coat of Aquadur base coat and then the final Aquadur Pu Exterior matt coat.



Aquadur Pu exterior is used for Doors, windows, Pillars, Balcony railings, chairs etc, while Aquadur Interior is used for Cupboards, Chairs, tables etc. So you have two different products catering to Wooden furniture both outside and inside your house.

 Our house is 8 years old, and we did fail to notice that the front door had turned a little yellow. It was only after the initial wood polish was removed that we realized how beautiful our door used to be. With the final coat of Aquadur Pu, our minds were at ease as it retained the original color of the wood, and also the matt finish lend it the original look, which we all loved initially.

Over years since its Water Based, as compared to the initial Oil based polish, I'm sure we will be able to retain the look.

The result was truly Beautiful. I loved the transformation.

Usually whenever , there is a paint job/any work, it does leave behind traces in terms of smell. I totally dislike it. However with Aquadur PU, there was no such issues. It was Odorless, and it is also a safer option for the workers.

It also conforms to stringent European EN 71.3 standards , that is basically low metal toxicity , which makes it Child Safe.

In a time when we are looking for ways to contribute to the environment in little ways, this product provides a brilliant platform. Oil based Products emit Toxins during painting and after some years. Using Aquadur can considerably help towards ensuring our bit to the environment.

Vimal Chandran also handed over brochures that helped me understand the product better : -

 Here is a closer look at the change that was bought about with Aquadur Pu

For more Information on Asian Paints Visit HERE, and for Aquadur Pu , visit HERE


P:S - If you are Waiting for a rating , trust me , its worth more than on a 10 rating. Next time you want to polish your Wooden furniture - Go for Aquadur Pu, without a second thought .

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