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Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Perfect Surprise

Rishabh never felt this way, never in all of his ,10 years of married life, he never felt this ‘alive’, yes that was the word... She was captivating, the way she smiled, spoke, her animated gestures, the way her face changed into a million expressions, with every word she spoke … He would understand every word, even if he was deaf.Her animated expressions and  her voice, reminded him of the female leads in disney flicks.

He had  to let her know that he was in Love with her? He knew he had to; he had to let her know, of how he felt …. Today was it…

“Naina”… he called out, thus putting an abrupt stop to their conversation.

“Yes Rishabh”, she looked imploringly in his eyes…and a tiny hint of a smile made its way to her lips.

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