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Friday, November 18, 2011


part 1
Part 2
Part 3

4 years just passed in the blink of an eye, we were still together, I was with the most beautiful person in the universe, listening to “looks like we made it”, on her phone. For her that was our song, and it definitely was.

We were recruited by the same firm, and were even more happy to have been working together. I ensured to let the whole office know that she is “my girl” to avoid unnecessary ogling, though inspite of knowing she was dating , she still was the object of attention.

I knew something was wrong when she don’t show up and nether attended my calls. I was getting anxious, not hearing or seeing her had that effect on me. Her voice was enough to calm me, I could fight aliens, master super powers, finish off anything just to look in those eyes.

Today, something had gone amiss, ‘Tamara’ I said to myself, what was it that was keeping her away from me???.

Did I do something wrong? Did I hurt her? Did I…??..my thoughts were cut short by the ring of the phone, yes weird I know, but I had a special ring tone just for her, to know that it’s her, I liked that.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


She held an intricately carved wooden box in her hand, and looked at me in awe of it (I presumed), with her smile lighting up the dimples as well. She opened the box ever so cautiously, like a container with excess water in it, she ever so slowly peeped in to the box, and a silent shriek left her lips. 

She looked up at me, and kept the box in my hands, and removed the accessories she had on her, and gingerly took the neckpiece I had given her , as though it would break, she turned her back to me , and moved her tresses in front and asked me to tie the neckpiece for her. 

I mean really, i would get to do that...

 My hands were shivering, I slid close to her, close enough to smell her. I so had the urge, a desire to lift her in my arms, and whisk her away. She turned sideways, indicating that I should put on the earrings for her, as soon as I went closer to put them on, I saw her cheeks flushing crimson, she looked more beautiful than I could ever recollect. 

Monday, November 14, 2011


Part 1

It was her birthday, and needless to say she was showered with gifts and wishes from everyone, did I forget to mention that apart from being beautiful, she was also the most humane person I ever came across, yes, she had no airs about herself, she’d go out of her way to help anyone and.. PERFECT, is the word. Period.

I still couldn’t believe my ears when she walked upto me (i mean she could, we were friends right, but still)…

‘So Karthik , where is my birthday gift’

‘I err, umm Tamara, I.. Well I have got you something, but I’m not.. Well I thought I’ll .. You know.. Once.. Like …later… when you are free….’

‘I’m free now Karthik, and why do you tread so carefully with conversations between us’

‘I just don’t want to loose you Tamara, I treasure you a lot, way too  much to not have you with me’

She smiled her mesmerizing smile, and that took me to another world altogether, till she snapped her fingers and brought me back to reality.

‘I’m waiting’, she said, and folded her hands across her slender frame enveloped in a blue kurta  and looked at me expectantly, my knees were to give away any second, my heart was melting away ….

'Blue looks good on you....' i knew i said something stupid , with the corners of her lips giving away to a broad grin 'as in you look good in blue, that's .. i.. was.. blue.. it does.. well'  i sighed at my own stupidity, acting like a retard in front of her was a piece of cake.. (she looked good in everything) .

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