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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lakme 9-5 Lipsticks

Oh yesss, I did go makeup Shoppingggg!!!!!. And I'm a very very very Happyyyy Person. So without further hysterics, I'm sure you all know that its Lipsticks !!!! . Now why did it take me so long to actuallt get my hands on Lakme Lipsticks, is mainly because, i dont really fall for marketing gimmicks, untillll someone tells me its the TRUTH!! . Now Lakme 9-5 range promises, of course as the nave suggests that the product lasts longer.

Does it??? Hell Yea!!!!. Now these lipsticks come in beautifulllllll shades, thats gonna be perfect for every Skin tone. when it comes to Lipsticks , im not one of those who go for "this wont look good, as my skin tone is darker..la la la" . I simply Love Lipsticks . Alright now the ones i got myself are both prettyyy colors. It was difficult to choose, as all of them were lovely shades.

Anyhow, i picked Roseate motive and Pink Colar.
Roseate motive

Pink Colar

What I loved about this product :-

a) The shades it has to offer (choose your Pick)
b) Creamy yet matte finish
c) Doesn't settle into fine lines (Ughhhh)
d) Super Pigmentation. (One swipe , is all it takes)
e) LASTS, and I mean it LASTS
f) Doesn't Dry
g) AFFORDABLE!!!!!! (400/- YES, thats all, compared to non-lasting 1000+ ranges)
h) Smells Good too.

This is purely my Personal review. I super Loved this Lippy!!!! Do give it a try Ladies..

Olay CC

Have I turned to Beauty product reviews??? No No No (Just a little breather till my mind starts making up twisted stories) . Now why I choose to review this Product? It wasn't a part of a review program or anything. I just had to review it, because, Ladies, this one is absonfreakinlutely worth being reviewd.

So my sister gave me an Olay CC Cream. Now first Impressions, it looked like chocolate :p . You will know why, once you see it. Now most Olay products have the typical packaging, in sense that its all chic. this one is no less. Apart from the fact that it looks like creamy Chocolate.

The application is so simple, a pump and you get enough and more for your entire face. Just saying that a drop is enough, so you can actually count how lonngggg its gonna last. (Voop Voop) .

So my initial reactions was(yep after all that) , oh no, its a light to medium one that my sister picked for me, and that i may need the medium to dark one (hmmmmppp) . However, this one pretty much works for me (yayyy). And also unlike BB creams, you can select according to your skin tone.

Also this one comes in with Spf 15 and Moisturizer . As a Complexion corrector, it does work wonders.

Now, for the hot and humid places like mine, adding to combination skin type. I apply Olay CC, and finish it off with my Compact powder, and it looks wonderful!!! (I super Love it)

It also works as a concealer/ Highlight. Once you are done with your base, you could use Olay CC, on problem areas like under the eye, around your mouth, or just highlight your forehead, cheeks, bridge of your nose, jaws.Finish of with compact, you will definitely notice the difference. And yes it is fabulous.

Its just a wonderful Product, and I super love it. I hope you would try this once and let me know of your review too. CC is the new BB. 
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