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Thursday, September 22, 2011


Touch up, hair, stilettos, designer dress and out to strut...
Her eyes feel heavy
It has been a tiring day
Still she has to maintain a grace and etiquette
She whistles away to ringlets of smoke..
She is the one to start the show
Her feet ache in the colored glossy 7 inch heel
Yet she has to make a stride
Nothing comes easy she knows for sure
For many are waiting for her to trip….
The familiar music begins
She knows its time
The show has started
Her pain forgotten
She pouts, and stands with the spotlight on her
Walks like a cheetah amidst catcalls and jeer
She stands like a princess
In the long flowing gown
A smirk on her face says it all
Rushes back to put on another layer on her
She has forgotten her inhibitions
As the time is few
She gets ready and stands in queue
She goes again..
And again and  again….

The make-up is of, and so is the designer wear
She slips her hair in a pony
And is in her comfortable gear
She lives a normal life as well…
Far away from the maddening  shutterbugs…
This is her “life”.

P:S- This is something i had written eons ago, went bonkers when i found it ;P.. hope you enjoy it..;)


  1. Every girl out there has to have a reality, the reality beyond that glamour where she is just another face in the crowd.

    Nice read.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. i more than enjoyed, LOVE LOVE LOVED IT... n i miss the rush :(
    i miss it soooooooooooo much tinucheee

  3. Glamor world has it's own mystic...Nicely written...

  4. Its really nice and fresh.. a very different perspective.. and I liked it! :)

  5. Coming from you, this has got so much more meaning to it and life.
    Beautifully and perfectly crafted. Loved it!

  6. @ Blasphemous aesthete : yes def, its that reality that she is often more fond of :)

    @ Srmu : i know, awwww... lets try getting you down here for something before you are officialy in bonds ;P

    @Saru : Yes definitely, and all we percieve is the glitz and glamour ... thankyou ...

    @ KP : Thankyou girl..

    @ Red Handed : Thank you so much sweets ...

  7. Always a wonderful perspective to take. Such well written words :)

  8. Were/are you a model?
    You seem to know the inside of 'her' head.
    Awesome poem!

  9. @PeeVee : Yes i do model, felt apt to write something about the same, im glad you liked it :)


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