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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Curiosity it is ..

Living with a “Creative” man, has its own highs and lows. Well the first blow was when I realized that “creativity” was limited to his writing pad (sigh). Anyways, so here is a cliché look attached with these “creative” guys – the unkempt, unshaven, I haven’t showered in a while look, which apparently funds for their creative juices (really??) . I’m sure you must have figured out that my Man belongs to the above look , and proudly flaunts it, inspite of my threats of abandoning him (well , usually, I scream , and he “pretends” to be lost in thought, so the argument kinda becomes invalid. SIGH).

Inspite of the above mentioned limitations, and using the “director” tag to his full benefit. I still found one little insy winsy emotion that works wonders for me . (drum rolls – give it up for the great grandmother of all emotions) “Curiosity”. Yes , I’m serious. You don’t believe me , do you?.. Read on.

So its been almost 3 weeks , that I have been trying to get him to shave or at least trim his almost “mammoth look”. He says it lets him think. I seriously wonder how , itching aids a story flow. Anyways, so here was I trying all the tricks in the trade (yes, Girls, I tried em all) , and failing miserably, that I finally decided to give up.

Now, let me tell you a small detail about myself – I am a voracious reader, to every single letter. The world may go topsy turvy, but I would not put away my book, till I read the last word.  I barely take say an hour or two to read a book, and when I read a book , even my guy stays away(I hate being disturbed.)So coming back to how I achieved that moment of eureka. I invited Curiosity and he simply put together everything.

I was reading a new book, and as usual, my guy reads the title and leaves me to it, happily embracing his writing pad (grrrr). So this book was a 182 pg read, which would take me an hour or less. But this time it took me two  days, and HE noticed. (step 1 accomplished).

Him:   you still reading that?
Me:  mmmmm
Him : usually you would have finished …
Me : Shuusshhhh
Him : its been over 5 mins, and you haven’t  moved from that page..
Me :  para rather

I continue reading , without even flicking to another page. I smile to myself, when I caught an incredulous look on his face (step 2 accomplished).

So the next morning, I wake up, and as usual go for my jog. That’s been a routine. I come back wake him up , and make coffee, we talk, and we head for work. So I come back, and find the keys under the door mat. I step in, and almost step back, thinking I got into a wrong house. You want to know why??

I got in to  a house smelling of scented candles, and at first sight a “stranger”. Well it was him, alright. He was wearing a white shirt, and I could smell the musk after shave even from the distance that separated us. I ran into his arms.

Are  you wondering what bought about the change??? My book marked page, that I never took my eyes of from , read something like this …

“Frank , stood near the window. His white shirt reflected the calmness of his soul. His intense eyes, clean shaven demeanor was all it took her to undress to a different world altogether …. "

Alright , so no prize guessing what I was reading. But all’s well, when I have a smooth hug, than a mammoth one.

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