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Saturday, November 12, 2011


She could see the stars, as the wind caressed her, her hair flying in tandem with the wind. She smiled, this was her most cherished moment. She kept her eyes open inspite of the wind, her eyes were wet, the droplets left their abode and passed through her almond shaped eyes.. She felt the warmth of the tears as the cold enveloped her frame.



4 years ago.  

Tamara’, the name was all it took for the boys in my college to gaze in the direction of which her name was called. Her slender frame carried everything she wore with grace, be it a simple pair of jeans and t-shirt, to salwar kameez. 
Yes!! And she did have the girls going green with envy.

She was almost perfect. Her almond shaped honey kissed eyes, mesmerized anyone who looked in them. Her pink cherubic lips parted to flaunt an even set of pearly whites, and a lovely curve which lit up on her cheeks, dimples… nah, I think they were something that added more radiance to her perfection. God must not have been in a hurry with her. 

Her black tresses caressed her waist, and some of them innocently flew across her face, they were taken away by her slender fingers, and placed behind her ears, which hosted a myriad of colors owing to her taste for accessorizing, her slender neck accommodated heavy junky jewellery, which I used to fear would weigh her down. Everything about her was just surreal, like an Angel just walked in the campus. 

I knew I was way beyond her league, like way way beyond. Even a blind person would never pair the two of us together. Not that I wasn’t human, just average looking, and in her presence, my brain cells never functioned, I guess they too were in awe of her. 

However, I was one of her best buddies. My heart soared up in the sky and came pounding back inside when she walked up to me and spoke , I don’t clearly recollect what, because I was nothing but a plain retard in front of her. I was mesmerized by how her facial expressions, could change so easily to accentuate to whatever she was talking, she was a dream come true. 

She smelled of flowers, like as though the sky just sprinkled roses on her way to college. She was just absolutely perfect, and was in no way ever going to be MINE, I knew my Fate wasn’t that great, so I never tried.  

to be continued ....... 


  1. Is eager to know more about it.. Was she your friend ?
    Will be waiting for the continued part :)

  2. I love the "god was not in a hurry with her" part..
    AND I KNOW he'l get her.. cuz the geek always gets the beauty.. right?

  3. @ Rahul :) thankyou .... hope it ends well :p

    @ Reicha : yea now i like that :) ...nah she wasnt, does she ssem that real :D ... will ryt it soon :)

    @srmu : :) .. patience srmu .. waittt patience.. told u il ryt a mush 4 u.. this one is ... :).. hehhe

  4. So finely descriptive of each features, felt as if visualizing while reading...Hats off!!!

  5. @ beyond horizon : Thankyou so much, am glad the effect felt real ...

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. i loved the way you described her. What happens next?

  8. @ chemical funk : thank you , keep reading :)...

  9. That's a girl any girl would be jealous of....

    Lovely start of the story:)


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