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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Online shopping with Jabong

Online shopping is something I dread. I'm still that old school, who loves to try on before buying, be it anything from clothing,shoes, accessories , make-up etc.However, I have loved the experience with Jabong, though there was a major goof-up, All's well that ends well right??.

Jabong appeared a lot over conversations, social media etc. And I thought, why not give it a shot, but with something small.

So I ordered a Lippy and two nail paints. I have recently fallen in love with lipsticks and have been in debt to the transformation they render . From ever so glamorous to dewy look, they are simply the bestestest.

I ordered the products via Jabong.com. They have a variety of products to offer at very good prices. Now  I prefer being the slow and steady types and hence just ordered ordered 3 items. All of them maybelline - Lipstick in shade Plum, and nail paints in tangerine orange and Downtown red.

I received the products on the second day of placing the order, usually its 24 hours, but I did have a few cancellations to my first order, hence the delay. my order came in with a fragile tag, and a mention to check the contents before accepting the package,which I found very unique. However they had a mixup of lipstick shades and sent across Fuschia instead of Plum (Yea thats a huge difference).

Now what i loved about them , apart from their products and pricing., is their Customer care. They are ahmazing!!, and my anger towards them,for having delivered the wrong product disappeared. Oh and I might as well add, that they sent in their personnel to change the product. Personally it was the best experience I ever had with a company, in terms of their promptness as far as resolving issues are concerned. They also rechecked with me, which made me feel really good.

I loved the fact that they prioritize customers, and deal with them individually, and provide them resolutions accordingly.

I'm sure you are bound to find similar products on many online platforms.And also the mode of payments , im sure all of you are familiar with it So I wouldn't rate their products here as I still have to go through all of them. However, in terms of their Service, i.e, Shipping - with so much attention to fragile objects and with care, and also their Customer Service, I'm in love with them. hence had to write about them.

When they say they have 24/7 Customer Care  - they really mean it!! . Apart from loads of offers on jabong , for first timers on their site , you receive a 1500/- voucher, which is really good.

As far as the lipstick is concerned, my sister loved the shade, so I did not exchange it.

I would give jabong a 9/10 - and all of it only for their Shipping and excellent Customer Service.
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