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Friday, May 30, 2014

Sita's Curse - A Review

Book details:

Title : Sita's Curse
Author: Sreemoyee Piu Kundu
Genre: Feminist Erotic Literature
Publisher: Hachette India
Price: INR 350

"Somewhere, behind closed doors in her solitary world; Somewhere, under the sheets with an indifferent lover; Somewhere, is a woman who will not be denied..."

Sita’s curse is about MEERA PATEL, the story is of a woman who is fearless to explore her sexuality.The book starts of with a masturbation scene(Yes, kindly embrace sexuality here).Sexual details are vividly described in every second page. The author starts off with describing her parts with aplomb and later sticks on to “HER SEX” (err vagina isn’t a bad word!!) .Sexual content in the book did not bother me, what bothered me more was the fact that I assumed it to be a story of a woman who embraces her sexuality, rather than one who is super HORNY, she has sexual fantasies with her twin brother, with a girl, and almost everyone.

The book has been divided into two parts: the first part starts when Meera is thirteen and the second when she turns thirty. The book starts off with her childhood and her love and bonding she has towards her brother. However it turns weird when her own brother starts lusting for her!!! (errr, whatttt!!!!). She is discussing her breasts, changes in her body with her BROTHER (Some bond I tell you). She has fantasies of her dance teacher (and mind you she hasn't attained puberty here!!!). Oh and she does make out with her dance teacher, witnessed by her brother. Surprisingly, she knew exactly what to do!!. Her brother gets troubled as he wants her only to himself (Creepy). He Is sent off, and later dies. (one down, how many more to go).

So in an attempt to find someone who would make her feel; as karthik did, she makes out with everyone (even a girl). She even makes out with a stranger who saves her from the river (a complete stranger, mind you!!)From a dance teacher to a guruji, her “sex chat lover” – meera is depicted to have a insatiable appetite for SEX. To add to it she is married to a guy who can barely get his “organ” up. He rapes her the first time they make out. But all is forgotten, and she tries to crave his sexual attention every single time (Yawn). And not to forget , she also leches at her brother in law, and unabashedly watches him making out with his wife (errr, CREEP ALERT).

Im surprised she doesn't make out with Bansi (her brother in law, I guess the author let him be). The other main characters are a Guru and Yosuf(a guy she meets online). She makes out with the guru and obviously with yosuf!!. The Mumbai floods come in picture, where yosuf and her husband go missing. However meera , the insatiable woman that she is, believes in masturbating the day her husband goes missing. Also Chottu abruptly disappears as well.

My expectations after reading the blurb were super high. It was a complete dud for me. Has she done justice to the way the book is defined by many : “Bold, brazen and defiant, Sita's Curse looks at the hypocrisy of Indian society and tells the compelling story of a middle-class Indian housewife's urgent need for love, respect, acceptance and sexual fulfillment." I wouldn’t agree.

Yes Sreemoyee, we women do crave physical pleasure. We lust , we masturbate!! And there are bi-sexuals, and lesbians. However meera here comes across as a nymphomaniac, who requires medical HELP!!!

Couldn’t help but wonder if she transmitted any STD’s.

Rating : 3/10 

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