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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Artist of the Year -Umek

Umek has been rated as the Artist of the Year… and he sure knows how to carry that title well!!!!!...... catch him if you can, because he is always on the move , with shows lined up one after the other, he will be shuttling between France, Ukraine and Usa in the month of may which proves that Umek  stays focused on his primary goal – making and selecting high quality productions that stand out from the rest and bringing his sound closer to people all around the world. 
I know we all do know about this maverick who has put the sound of the Slovenian techno on the world map of electronic music. The drastic change that he has brought about are worth talking about again and again.
Born in 1976, in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Uros Umek began DJing in 1993. He and his friends were the pioneers of dance music in Slovenia, and between them they were responsible for putting on the first large scale parties in Slovenia. The result has been that Umek is Slovenia’s most famous DJ, and techno is Slovenia’s favourite form of music. Accompanied with his affiliates and colleagues he organized the first electronic music parties – so called “raves” in homeland Slovenia in the begging of 90’s of the 20th century. Pioneering the genre and parties he became worldwide simply known as “Fotr” – the Father of Slovenian techno and electronic culture. His current style is the combination of many different roots, which the more long term Umek fans may recognize. His dedication and impressive work rate have led to his studio skills being increasingly called with a wealth of successful releases under his belt.
In the beginning of the year 2007, Umek started a new 1605 Music Therapy - Sixteenofive, with which he marked the beginning of the second era of his music creation and what an era it is! After 4 years the label is tagged as a great success and is one of the world’s fastest growing techno labels, which spawns releases and new talents almost every week
Nominations and awards on world's prestigious music contests seem to just pour into Umek's pocket – he was voted to first place on last year’s Beatport's world Music Awards in techno category and he’s again nominated; this year as best artist overall, along with David Guetta, Deadmau5, Mark Knight and few others. 

But Umek’s success story is far from done. Successful projects like interesting documentary named “Techno heavy-weights Umek & Carl Cox in back to back interview” that were already completed and many in the oven for this year that only horizon is the limit for Umek
One aspect that sets him apart from the rest is his inculcation of  a humanitarian aspect in the realm of the music industry. He started of with Humanitarian open air party in Tivoli in 2005. With Umeks name in the forefront, the cause has gathered the much needed attention, help and donations, thus imbibing in youngsters a social responsibility. The proceeds have been used to help victims of criminal offences, and to help young people to cure from cancer

Top DJ Mix: John Digweed – Structures

John Digweed is a British deejay who is internationally known for his mixing and spinning prowess. the name John Digweed is synonymous with quality, ingenuity and integrity. While he continues to be a sought-after club deejay, he has expanded his musical interests to include club ownership and founding several record labels.
His resume of accomplishments makes his proteges swoon and his contemporaries nervous. He served as a resident at the northern club Renaissance during its early-to-mid nineties heyday. He was the first U.K. DJ (with Sasha) to hold a club residency in the U.S. He’ consistently voted one of the top 10 international DJs in prestigious club culture publications such as DJ Magazine and Muzik. He’ a talent whose appearances in locales such as Australia, Africa, and Asia are met with the same fervor and excitement they receive in Europe and America. And this DJ superstar continues to stay on the rise .
But it wasn’t al that easy for john Digweed, In 1987 Digweed moved to London and tried to get jobs by sending his mix tapes to clubs. When that failed, he hosted his own regular party in Hastings. he was very determined to make it  as a DJ. His breakthrough came in 1993 when he got a gig at the Renaissance Club in Mansfield after fellow DJ Alexander Coe (aka Sasha) heard his demo. In 1994 the pair mixed Renaissance, the first club-mix CD on the market. Digweed's work was continued to gain popularity, especially after "For What You Dream Of," a single first released in 1993, was included in the 1996 Trainspotting soundtrack.
He started the record label Bedrock Records to further promote the music he was playing at the time. In addition to starting the Bedrock imprint, he and friend Nick Muir produce under the Bedrock alias.
It’ the same strive towards excellence he brings to his work as a musician. His tracks, recorded with partner Nick Muir under, you guessed it, the moniker Bedrock, are bona fide classics, meshing the deep, luxurious hues of house with the atmospheric rush of trance in Digweed’ characteristic style
It’ the same strive towards excellence he brings to his work as a musician. His tracks, recorded with partner Nick Muir under, you guessed it, the moniker Bedrock, are bona fide classics, meshing the deep, luxurious hues of house with the atmospheric rush of trance in Digweed’ characteristic style
For his latest album venture, 'Structures', John Digweed has selected an exceptional 33 tracks, bringing together the latest Bedrock single releases and a plethora of unreleased, exclusive tracks and remixed tracks from 'Bedrock Eleven', all mixed together to perfection the man himself. It seems amazing that through such an illustrious career so far, John Digweed has never had a live DJ mix made commercially available
John Digweed has his finger firmly on the pulse of the electronic dance scene in 2010. It's an international showcase from this influential label that is hard to beat. 
"Few match the prowess of the British-born producer/DJ/entrepreneur, and now radio personality."A strong, steadfast foundation on which the ever-expanding global club culture continues to lean. A standard by which all other promoters, producers and DJs can be measured. With the talent and ambition that has a way of separating the diamonds from the rough, John Digweed’ Bedrock is set to move you in more ways than you can imagine.

Bumpy and his new perception on Death

I have met many People in my life, so far so good, and i really thought  i was to be the weirdest of the lot, especially since i had the uncanny ability of handing out to my friends really weird names!! However there is one friend of mine who actually tops the list of what certain people may call as “madness”. However I would say , my friend Bumpy definitely has some courage!! Hats off to you.

Well, Bumpy is in the final stages of  what we call leukemia, or in layman’s term Blood cancer (sad music fills the air). I know this great person from almost a year. It was a complete filmi meeting. We both hated each other; no we did not “fall in love”. We realized we could find other people to torture!!..

When he first broke the news to me, I was lost for words, like a quintessential bollywood film Heroine, tears fell from my eyes in slow motion, not exaggerating!! And just like  a leaf out of a hindi film came his dialogue, Pickles (that’s what he calls me), tumhe meri kasam , do not cry.(well he said it in a better way). Well , duh , how am I not to cry or atleast feel a sense of loss, when one of my good friend, is about to pack up for a different world altogether!!. I used to cheer him up(or so I thought), by telling him that there is a huge waiting list in Heaven, but seems like he had confirmed tickets!!

Since we both liked the book Life after Death by Deepak chopra, he often used to cite the book, quoting that he is merely going to go to the astral phase, or afterlife (please read the book ,for queries on the same).Having worked with a Cancer care Ngo, I had the privilege of meeting people who had family members who were or had been affected by Cancer. In the course of my work, I met Sarita , a very beautiful woman, who really changed my perspective towards life and death, and like a child very excited of having learned something, I went and discussed the same with Bumpy.(at this stage , I was unaware of him suffering from cancer).

Sarita’s mother died of cancer some years back, and at that time her mother ensured that there wont be any sort of mourning at her place (short version). Bumpy adopted that as his means of bidding adieu , and going to another world. He made me promise that I would not shed a tear (phew, dramatic , I know).

But well the woman in me, lol… does feel a bit upset right.!!!!... so Well Bumpy says that he is not going to stay in touch with any of his friends, and is going to travel around the world, and will die in Nature’s lap!! Wow awesome way to leave your imprints.

Well I do appreciate your valiant efforts in embracing Death and not making a hue and cry about it. But honestly, even the scriptures(somewhere in the bible)they do say daughters weep n etc. So restrict yourself from restricting us over Emotional Atyachar !!!!!. So Bumpy, you can die whenever you have to, but il remember you always as someone who has made my day , no matter what, and yes I do cry over the fact that  you wont be accessible anymore

Top Track of the year –Tarantula.

Pleasurekraft define their music as a  simultaneously visceral and cerebral experience induced only by the seductive, deep, groove heavy, underground techno inspired music that you hear the kids listening to .. – Common side effects include: unrelenting head bobbing giving way to complete surrender to physical movement commonly referred to as ‘dancing’. Tarantula - Every once in a while you get a track, that due to its killer hook and dancefloor presence goes on to become a smash hit. Well people, Edu Imbernon's Eklektisch are about to unleash this years first, in 'Tarantula'. 

After the tremendous success of their debut vinyl release UNER's 'Labaneria', which went onto gain huge support from so many of you, the label return with what is only their second Vinyl release to date. 

Pleasurekraft's 'Tarantula' is a track set to take this year by storm. A joyful bouncing bassline and bright percussion are overlaid with atmospheric synth waves that lead us into the breakdown. Its at this moment that we realize the power of the track. A warped vocal hook hits us, and creates a true 'hands in the air' moment. 

Each remixer on the package has taken that instantly recognizable vocal hook, and worked it together with their own brand of magic. First up is Italian producer Hugo who's version is like a huge shot of adrenalin. Driving drums and bass are broken by heavy synth stabs and an additional vocal sample. He chops the main vocal hook, and uses it to pierce the mix throughout. 

Label regular UNER puts more accent on the hook throughout his dreamy, tribal-tinged house workout. Our final remix outfit are the Ukrainian duo iO, who stick to the successful recipe that brought them success on their Diynamic Music release. Bouncy, funky and full of drive, their remix is a hip-shaker-deluxe and a definite to get the girls on the floor. Eklektisch once again have hit the bull's. With their latest release… when the groove captures you – all you can do is surrender with pleasure.

Top Remixer - Manuel De La Mare

Manuel De La Mare seems to have many titles accompanying his introduction -  dj, producer and label owner of 303Lovers and Hotfingers, along with Alex Kenji and Marshall. The labels has now showed themselves as one of the key names in House and Techno Music with a never-ending flow of quality releases which fire the dance floor. 

 Manuel De La Mare is known for his cutting edge, dance floor oriented tracks… They are not only expertly produced but also diverse in style thus bringing across an underlying identifiable sound. This paired alongside his dj sets have placed him at the forefront of emerging underground dance music, a spot which seems likely to be occupied by him for some time to come.
His connection with music starts at a very early age by experimenting with diverse instruments, ten years ago he began working behind the turntables, quickly developing his own unforgettable style which is the result of the lifetime musical influence. 

His eclectic production varies between all possible electronic genres, gaining fame among controversial crowds. He reaches the world’s hottest destinations from Asia to South and North America, Africa and spots all over Europe. He has released music and collaborated with some of the best record labels like Tiger Records, Spinnin, Toolroom, Definitive, Ministry of Sound and many more.
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