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Monday, October 31, 2011

Diary of a Sales Representative

Brad had always been my best friend. I knew him from as far as I could remember, from the time I was 5. My parents discouraged me from talking with him, they wanted me to have “real” friends.. But, I knew he was all I ever wanted; I never felt the need to have more friends. I could talk with him about everything, my parents, teachers, my infatuations, he used to listen patiently and offer me the best of solutions.

Image courtesy: Phototree.com
Olivia, was someone I really liked, but she never reciprocated, Brad knew how I felt, he knew I was hurt, he asked me to talk to her again, when she is alone, so that she could answer, as to why she didn't like me.

My parents felt I was going way beyond control was angry with them as well, but Brad was the only one who was there to help and talk it out with me. He helped me sort out my differences with them, am happy now.

Brad is a little possessive, you know. In the 10th grade, there was a new boy in school  - Simon, he was as lonely as I was, and we gradually became close, but Brad never liked him, so I had to make Simon understand as well.

He was my inspiration to become a Sales representative, as I like  meting people and getting to know them well. He helped me overcome my weakness.My sales rep job was the best of the choices that Brad made for me, apart from who all I should talk with and what I must wear , buy etc.

I had my first shot of Whiskey at his insistence, I even tried weed to start off with. Brad never complains about anything, sometimes I wish I was like him, calm and composed. My parents never liked him, they thought I was lying , I even called him home, They could never see Brad, funny huh?

Oh, there, Brad is calling me, you mind if I answer the call, he’d get worried otherwise, and may come here, and then it might get ugly.

“Hey Brad, it’s the first time you ever left me, where are you?, come over am waiting and so is Gaby”

“Gabriella, you dnt mind me calling you that now, do you?, tch tch , you look ugly when you cry Gaby, let me wipe your face clean for you, hmmmm….. now you know everything about me, dnt you??... let me get to know you better, let me take off those clothes for you, Brad said he’d like to see you naked…sssshhhh… dnt, I hate loud noises”.

Image Courtesy :Myspace.com                                            

“Brad, what do you think??, isn’t she a beauty, look at the swell of her breasts, her shapely thighs, dnt you like her?”

“Tch Tch, I dnt like the marks on your body Gaby, let me conceal them for you, mam, im a sales rep, with products from MAC, why don’t you try them…hahahahhahaha…Gaby, you really look pretty, but you wouldn’t know how much, I feel like kissing you, but Brad, has made you still huh??  He always does that”

“Gaby, I need some clean clothes, I have to head off for work now, cant be here with you all day. Let me change and then il put you to sleep. Brad just disappears , I have to clean up after him”.


  1. And you are back... :)
    An interesting sales representative..and Poor Gaby!

  2. now what made u write this???:-D

  3. @ rahul : reinstating my love for the twisted and wierd :P

  4. Ugh... creepy. Reminded me a little bit of KArthik Calling Karthik but wayyyyy more creepy. He needs help ----------> Basically trying to tell you the story was effective, good read:)

  5. @PeeVee : taking abow :P ... thanku so much :)


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