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Monday, October 10, 2011

For my Princess

The home still feels empty without your presence,
There is a void, but no one talks about it
There is loneliness
But no one can sense it
There is pain; no one can feel it yet
It was different when you were there
The house felt warm and welcoming
I used to love coming back home
And hear your excitement
See you jump up and down in joy
Till I scooped you up in my arms
And told you I missed you too..
Whenever my eyes were moist, I would find you in my lap
Making sure I was alright
You never left me without making me smile
Your tilted head stance was all it took...
I miss cuddling up with you, at night
My mornings were incomplete without hugging you tight
13 years of unconditional love baby, and here I am
Talking about you
Your memories bring a smile on my face
And yet something feels heavy in my throat
Will you comfort me again if I cry...?
I feel your presence at times in the house
It’s where you breathed your last
I scooped you up in my arms
But your head didn't nestle in my shoulders
You didn’t move after that....
There was no one waiting anymore
There is a lot of pain
I wish you were here to ease it out
I miss you... I miss having you around…
I might have not said this often...
I love you princess...
Our lil Princess....Snoopy


  1. if you wanted to give a surprise to the readers..by revealing it in the end...and it did not work with me...haha ;)

    I guessed...you gave it away here..'I would find you in my lap' :)

    But..It did make me remember about pets which I had..loved..and lost!

  2. 13 years is such a long time.. u get attached to anything by then.. i can imagine the pain... but u knw life goes on... we can never forget the thing tat was a part of u.. u simply have to except it and move on!!

  3. @ Kunal : nah there was no element of surprise i intended , just felt like writing it down....and i can understand

    @ Niya : Yes it definitely is a very long time..:) thanku niya..

  4. Chooo Cuuuuuuuuuteeee!!!!!!!!!!!!:-D

  5. I'm so sorry for your loss. It's a beautiful tribute for unconditional love...


  6. @ Rahul : hmmm... :)
    @ saru : Thanku Saru .. thats really means a lot :)

  7. Nice post..... Minus the Image and the last line, you could attribute the poem to anyone you feel like....

    Just on the post itself... its rather interesting yet ironical as to how many people you know you could attribute the same things to..... If there is one thing no human has ever learned to do, is to love unconditionally, love without the feeling of give and take directly or indirectly.....

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. @ Kamal : i agree with you on the part wherein no human has yet learnt to love unconditionally.. its sad but the truth..

  10. Such a touching and lovely tribute! I can imagine how much love you had and how much pain the loss gave u!

  11. Sorry for your loss! I had a similar Pomeranian breed for 15 yrs and lost him before few years and I can totally understand the pain..

  12. @ KP : :) ... i guess its better to recall the best 13 years of my life :)...


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