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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Try it to Believe it - Olay total effects Review

Work took a toll, and pulled me away from blogging, and my stories et al, were left as incomplete as ever. Next what i know is that Blogadda, is giving a Freebie, and not just any Freebie - Olay total Effects *whoops, and dances* .

So i apply,and yeaa, i still qualify!!!. So now all those who have heard of Karma, yea the same bitch who runs behind you and bites yo ass. Yes the same. you will know why.

So i get my little package from Blogadda, and i unwrap it, with two eyes hovering over me and my excitement. So once those eyes, notice Olay, they enlarge, yes , the pupils dilate, and they become the sort of "Puppy Face" that only i was entitled to.

Now those pair of eyes belonged to my mom, who lovingly told me that i'm too young for "Such creams" and that i shouldn't be trying them on.

So i quizzed her about the review bit, and she said, "you will write better now, you can judge the changes on my face".

So Karma did bite my ass, and Olay was gone.

However, the best parts now. So it says it helps with Age spots, fine lines yada yada, like all other products. but hell this one WORKS, like WORKS WORKS.

For all those women with sensitive skin, donot worry about Olay, my mom and i both have sensitive skin, and an itch in the rear to try on most products. So mom was left without any blotches, scarring etc.

I'll tell you what she disliked first:

She disliked the little bottle with the little nozzle, that coughs too little, or squirts too much. She hates Unpredictability especially from inanimate objects. So that was her only cause of distress.

What we both loved:

Olay is non-greasy, its easy to apply, unlike certain creams that have to be "rubbed" into your skin. This one also has a lovely smell.

Effective : mom's skin became plumper and supple, the second day itself. She said it made her skin feel smooth and silky. You know the old saying of "less is more" is totally apt for this product. Plus, it has Spf too, however mom used it in the night, so i wouldn't be able to say how effective in terms of sun-protection.

So will i recommend it?? Hell yea. Its a great product. A definite one on my list. Try it, use if, feel your skin, and know the difference

Rating : 4.5/5 


  1. 4.5 that's amazing. I should invest in a bottle soon now that I am touching 34 :)

    1. @GBTP : You must try this one for sure. my mommy def loves it ... :) Lemme know once you use it .. <3 <3

  2. really? so here it comes for my mom..


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