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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Its worth fighting for..

So stepping away from twisted stuff, i finally decide to write this. If you thinking why, i so want to vent. Will it help, il let you know. Am i an expert at this?? nope , not a bit. Someone whom i know very closely is going through an emotional phase in their life, mainly separating from their partners. No amount of talking to either of them seems to resolve their issues that they have build up over the years . Lot of ego clashes, miscommunication, and truckloads of factors have contributed to their decision. I know one of them reads every post of mine, and i'm hoping for a miracle!!. Why??? because i love you two to bits together, and it breaks my heart to see what might possibly happen.

Like i said earlier, i'm not even close to the ideal individual to give advice on what you should do, or how to avoid such a situation. however, i'm gonna do just that.

Never stop Flirting/Loving :  Yes i know it sounds over the top romantic!! But its not. Taking out time in between your busy schedules, and showering each other with affection like you did earlier is definitely going to reignite passion and memories. It can be as simple as holding hands, a peck on the cheek, watching your favourite movie. Choose your pick.

Fall in love again with your Partner :  I agree he/she may not look the same. Receding hairlines,wrinkling, increasing sizes are all inevitable. Learn to love this new person, fall in love with them again. more than the way they look now, think of the way they make you look with that small touch or that glance. Yeaa!!, that sure works :)

Nobody is Perfect : Dont try to fix your partner, just because your friends partner looks a particular way. Your Partner is your Partner, accept them as they are , as they change. Its not your job to fix someone, its not your Job to ensure how he/she should eat, sit , talk, walk , laugh!!.. Cmon, breathe, notice the sound of her laughter , see the way his eyes twinkle when he catches yours :).

Limit the blame game :  You are solely responsible for your happiness. Stop blaming each other for taking the "Happiness" out of each others life. Stop blaming each other when you fight. All of those words remain in the heart for a long time. I know its not easy to control ones temper, but it is to control one's tongue. Acknowledge if you are at fault, and all those words will erase magically.

Be stupid/kiddish/silly/idiotic : Remember the things you used to do initially, do them over, attuning to your partners changed sensibilities. Stop pretending that you are carrying all the burden in the world. Leave the baggage aside, go snuggle up, hug each other. Do things that make you both happy.

Give each other the required space : Dont smother each other. Do your own things. Have your own social circle. It will help you both unwind your individual stresses . Don't be super clingy. Appreciate what your partner does, compliment them .

Dont take your fights to the bed : try resolving your issues before you hit the sack. Never keep it for tomorrow. Tomorrow will just add on to the hurt. Resolve it before it dissolves you.

Relationship is never about a "Happily ever after". it needs work, commitment , love , and loads of patience. It aint easy , but its definitely super worth it .


  1. So whats the final decision? I guess that will solve a lot of probs :)

    1. The final decision is the title of this post... its worth fighting for. Hopefully everyone realises that :) Thankyou for the read, and the lovely feedback dear :)

  2. all advices for couples :( nothing for single persons :( world is so unfair ....

    nicely written..hope people follow these steps and live happily ever after :)

    1. Hey misterio Vida , seems like these days couples need more advice than the singletons.. Thank you so much for the read and your valuable feedback. Il definitely try writing something for single people too :)

  3. may you have a grace-filled Christmas & joy-filled New Year...


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