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Saturday, September 07, 2013

Inferno by Dan Brown


So here i was waiting for INFERNO, and when i finally got it. I had to listen to bazillions of opinions of how bad the book is, or how okay, it is , and so on and so forth. So i let Dan brown's, Inferno be. I never even glanced at it, till some hours back, when i set to read it. I must say, apart from the fact that i so love Dan brown for his extensive research in his books, i was awed by his imagination and amazing ability to make me stay awake and read his entire book.

The Book is a must have, for all those who love fiction with a sprinkling of History. Dan Browns Protagonist finds himself in Florence , without a clue as to how he got there. He is diagnosed with Retrograde Amnesia. All that he remembers is a vision of a Silver haired Woman , saying "seek and you shall find" . His only hope is Dr. Sienna Brooks , who helps him escape from a Spike Hair assassin , and a group of men dressed in Black.

Robert Langdon is faced with a task of finding something he has no recollection of. He is aided by Sienna, and is faced to try and decipher all of it in a limited time frame, owing to a deadly assassin chasing him.

The Book is a fast paced read, and never for once would you feel like keeping it aside. It captures and takes the readers on a  journey of finding something that threatens to endanger Human life. The Characters apart from Langdon, are Feisty and well etched. They have been described so well, that you tend to form a mental image of them.

Cheers to Dan Brown on another wonderful read.

An authors new book is definitely compared or judged to his old ones. When you do so, you totally loose the plot. Read it with an open mind, and you will see the brilliance that an author can unfold in pages.

I would rate it a 8/10.


  1. The book is definitely a good read and one would get the usual Dan Brown narration, but this one definitely lacks the punch from the earlier books.

  2. I don't know how much punch you can expect after 3 adventures with Dr. Langdon. One thing is certain, Brown can take you in a fast ride and still manages to hand you a lot of interesting and intriguing new facts. If it's up to me, I say it is worth it :)


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