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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Guess who came along??? LIEBSTERRRRR !!!! yayyyy!!!

First of all, let me Super congratulate Sreeja on winning the Gold at Blogadda, and also for the Liebster. Thank you sooo much for nominating me. This has made my day super Fabsome. I had written an old post about Liebster , so for the inquisitive souls, quench your thirst here.

Now to head on to the rules :

è Tag back to the person who tagged you
è Answer the questions posed by him/her/them
è Tag 11 ( some say 10 ) more bloggers , with no more than 200 followers. (I choose to differ here, my nominations will be purely because i love reading what you post)
è Post 11 ( some say 10 )  Questions for them to answer !!
è And tell them that they have been tagged , so that they continue the chain !! :-)

Answering Sreejas 11 questions.. 

1.      Describe yourself in a perfect sentence of five words :P
Tinu is an Impulsive Person
2.      Imagine you are stranded in an isolated island. What’s the one thing you’ll miss the most ?
my Bottle of water
3.      What / who is the first thing / person you think of when you hear the word, “Intelligent” ?
my 1 year old nephew - DUDA
4.      What’s your greatest insecurity ?
my greatest insecurity would be to not being able to do all what i want to do 
5.      Which quality do you admire the most in your parents ?
6.      Your favourite writer and your favourite of his books
I dont have A fav writer, as of now, i love "The Surviors Club" by Lisa Gardner

7.      If you could become a cartoon character for a day, who would you choose to be ?

8.      If you are asked to change three things about the world, what would they be ?
11 qs to be answered for liebster, 11 qs to ask, and mmm Tolerance towards change 
9.      Love, for you, means….. ?
That feeling that you get when your mum feeds you food.Love is Simple, yet has to be expressed. :)
10.  What makes your best friend, your best friend ?
The fact that they LOVE me , inspite of my shortcomings (even i would not have loved myself)
11.  What’s your take  - A forest trek or a Halloween party ?
Definitely a Forest TREK, love adventures, as long as water aint involved :).

moving onto my FAVORITE Super Bloggers ( A bit of a dilemma, cz i haven't been blogging for some time).

However, here are my all time favourites :

sadiya merchant for those who have read her blog, you guys know whyyy herr!!! and those who haven't .. you guys need to just click click ;)

Times change ,but definitely not the quality of blog posts. They have been always fabbbb

Sid, i love the way how this wanderer gets you enticed with all his posts.

PeeVee i dont need to say as to why i love her, we all do, dont we??

SRI For always scaring the shit outta everyone.For frankly spooking, and for everything that evokes a scary laughter.

mrigank I love very post of his, they are hilarious, in your face and so outright interesting.

Crystal has always been my favourite. Any award that i could give to someone would be incomplete without her in it.

kappu my blog-a-ton company. She never ever ever writes a blahhhh post!! i donno how you manage that

celestial rays The blog says it allll

Neeraj writes his heart out and its very evident in all his posts :)

Congratualationsss guys, yes i have been playing mr. India, for long , but i promise il get back to being me :)

Now guys here are the 11 questions for uuuu (drumrollsssssss and maybe some honking)

1) A blogger who makes you think "why didn't i think of it before"?.
2) A celebrity you would love to be with on a deserted island
3) Why do people use the phrase "Slept like a baby", when babies wake up every two hours?
4) If a turtle looses its shell, is it Naked, homeless or both ??
5) If i told you , that everything i tell you is a lie, was that a lie?
6) Whats the biggest lie you have got away with
7) if you could be an animal what would you be and why?
8) If you had to rob a blog of its contents, which blog would you choose and why?
9) If yo could paint your blog, what color would it be, and why?
10) Which fictional character would you love to be and why?
11) If you try to fail and you succeed , which have you done ?

Have fun guyssss :) ....


  1. Just when I was being skeptical about my writing skills, I saw your message in my blog. felt really nice. Thanks a lot for recognizing me.

    1. awwww well am glad i could help you feel better, and yea blogging does make you feel a lil blaaahhh, but dont give up, the end product just makes you feel like a proud parent :) . Congratualationsss once aagain

  2. Nice One, Tinu :) Menachery is your ancestral name, I presume :) nice knowing you through the answers !!

    1. yes Sreeja, it is :) same here luvv :) tc

  3. Thanks a lot for nominating me tinu. Hope you're well. Have a great great yeah ahead... And about the tag - been hibernating hopelessly! Will definitely take it up when I can!


    1. you welcome luvvv, n u sureeee do deserve it a lotttttt ... no worriesss . Lemme know once u dun :)

  4. Thanks a lot for nominating me tinu. Hope you're well. Have a great great yeah ahead... And about the tag - been hibernating hopelessly! Will definitely take it up when I can!


  5. Thank you so much, Tinu, though I'm not sure if I deserve it. (sheepish) I know, I know..been out of sight for way too long now. Will take this up soon. Promise. Take care.. :)

    1. out of sight doesnt really sum it up :(


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