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Monday, October 07, 2013


She was on her bed, humming away a tune. Her head was dangling from the edge of the bed, she enjoyed the sensation, when she swallowed her saliva, lying in that position. 

"Brain Freeze", she screamed to the empty room, and got up with a start. "Oh my head", she clutched her head with her fingers, nails digging into her scalp, fighting away dizziness. 

A smile stretched from ear to ear , "im done, tadaa", she screamed. "Now now now, who wants to look pretty??, meeeee" . She laughed loudly and stopped abruptly as her phone rang.

"Hello mamma, Im good... yea.. hmmm.. ok.. byeee. Love you too". She rolled her eyes and threw the phone on her bed. She tiptoed upto her mirror, and started applying kajal. She sat back and looked at herself "Wow, pretty".


"We can work it out, Please please listeeennnn" , she sobbed hysterically " i donno what il do without youu... please .. stoppp.. dont.. i love you... pleaseeeee...." She held onto his arm, pleading for another chance. Her kajal smudged with tears , ran down her cheeks. She was on her knees, begging him to stay. She stammered for the first and last time ever, saying everything feasible to make him stay. it was over for him. It had been from a long time. 

He bent down to her , and released his arm from her grip , "Its over, it has been from a long time, im sorry". He walked away ignoring her every word to make him stop. 

She cried herself to the floor,and lay there, howling away in pain.


She threw imaginary petals on the bed. She looked behind her and blushed "is this good enough?" She giggled away, and jumped on the bed, and sat like a newly wedded bride. "Ohh, come don't make me wait". She giggled away." ohh, i forgot" she clutched her palm to her mouth. 

She heaved herself off the bed, and walked towards her cupboard, she sat down with a thud, and looked at the lifeless body of her ex-boyfriend.


"I just need to talk to you, for the last time, please come over, i need you to do this for me Please", she pleaded.

"For the last time, alright", he warned

"Yes, last time", she replied.

He walked in to her apartment. She stood with a smile on her lips. "last time baby" She slid a Pistol, and shot him point blank, even before he could comprehend what had happened.

She pulled his lifeless frame to her room, it took her four hours. She placed him comfortably , and sat looking at him.


Her phone started ringing, "mamma il call you back", she shouted into the phone, and threw it on the bed. Her Phone had an empty cavity , where the battery once used to be. 

She went over to the balcony, "Pring pring" she mouthed, and laughed.


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