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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Crowded Comfort ...

Crowds have a very pacifying feeling. I know that sounds creepy and weird but come to think of it, I so love to see 50+ people crammed together in a bus, and still coexisting peacefully, till their respective destinations. Crowds have always baffled me, I love a certain flow in them, and maybe I’m too scared just to be left alone.

A certain incident today made me think about the entire “crowd” routine. Now God, loves to feel important, so he ensured that he wouldn’t feel left out and hence made it mandatory for people to come visit him, and when I talk about people I’m not talking about a handful of them, am talking about 100’s of walking, talking men , women ,children, old young, thronging for a glimpse of God.

A certain incident that I had spoken about earlier was when I had attended Mass (out of God’s so called obligatory rule).The entire church was crammed up with more than 200 + people. However inspite of the insane crowd, all of us literally found place to park our ass, with a little bit of adjusting here and there, and even when little kids moved in from one place to another in the limited space, it was just fine. Wow...

Mumbai local trains: A compartment can maybe normally hold say 60 people comfortably, however, our “aam junta” would squeeze in the limited space which just appears mysteriously, and the crowd outnumbers itself from the comfortable 60 to above 100. People do complain, however they end up finding solace in someone’s armpit, or bosom (not exaggerating). That feeling of togetherness towards a particular destination is really awesome, minus the theft, and occasional “gaali galoch”.

Railway stations/bus depots: An array of people just fills up the place, they keep pouring in and out of the medium of transport and somehow, many just replace the one’s who have gone. From the endless lines at ticket counters, to the people hanging onto their dear lives in local trains….Crowd is the word

Subways: phew!! Yes subways!! Early mornings, afternoons, evenings, late evening…you will definitely find People, huge number headed out to wherever the subway leads. Its filled with college kids, professionals, corporates, rich, poor, skinny, fat, tall, short, fair , dark….(and no 1 looks identical, God must be really hardworking). The energy that the crowd exhibits is really one to watch out for.

Shopping zones: from the streets to the malls, you name it, there you will have an amazing and in a way well organized crowd. People trying on things, bargaining, it may seem chaotic, however, a closer look bears it all, it isn’t one bit.

I love Crowds, I love the energy it has, the colors it brings out, the resilience it gets in people’s have always found solace in crowds, you can easily gel among them and yet stand out. Its simply a picturesque feeling, worth a camera, worth a million words, if you haven’t yet  had the feel, you should, I love it for the sole reason of observing various facets of people that are visible, various behavior patterns, fashion, talks, a lot. Its lovely to be born as a human.

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