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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Social networking sites…

A friend recently sent me a mail which had in it an invite to join a Social networking Site, which apparently is testing the waters, and its market value et al. So, here am I a FB loyalist who is being asked suddenly to shift to Google + cause it’s the “new thing”. Curiosity got the better of me, and well did I accept it, of course I did!! And stared at the screen for 5 minutes, clicked some odd tabs, and signed out! Later to my surprise I get 3-4 mails of similar nature and then when I checked on to see how well the
Senders of the e-mail were faring on this new Social networking site, I checked their Profile’s, which left my mouth wide open (literally), certain Friends of mine already had 220 “circles” (I assume them to be a friend list). If Google + was just on a testing spree, how come so many people get to “test” it.

Anyways, so the fact here is that there is a huge choice of networking sites out there (than you Wikipedia for the information), and according to a survey (why would anyone take such a survey), every 2 minutes, a new person is introduced to a new networking site. Now these SNS (social networking sites), have made relationships “virtual”, and in a way easy. So all you have to do is update new events in your life on SNS and your near and dear ones (and strangers), get to know what exactly is happening with your life, cool huh!!

So how does one choose over the multitude of choices that is offered? It’s like walking into a supermarket and being welcomed by a flood of products, and the “poor” customer has to make a choice based on previous experience, or the advertisement or something else. So, having been in the midst of a Facebook v/s Twitter argument, which finally culminated into how fb is more personal and twitter more professional(wonder how), but ya, so is that how we choose our SNS, as to which one to be in.

I wonder how our parents must have survived without these unnecessary “comforts” of technology? Easy.... there were better things and sources of recreation to head out, rather than the SNS!!!I know it’s difficult to get that back, cause here I am typing out how I feel about the same for a blog, rather than voicing it. So I guess I won’t be surprised if we have Virtual weddings for the simple reason that the Groom is too busy Updating his status, and would want the “bride” to say “I do” over Facebook, so that he can let everyone know that immediately.

Even school going children prefer spending time over the Internet with SNS’s than going and playing in their spare time. I have a feeling all playgrounds will be razed to create more space for the booming population, but somehow they won’t really be missed.

SNS provide with “Dating” facilities as well, I had a friend who recently expressed her “feelings” about some “guy” whom she met over a SNS; Wow we could even have SNSMARRY.COM soon. Hoping she doesn’t read this, I really wonder whether that’s even a guy, isn’t it easy to create a fake account?? but she having sensed the “silence” on the other end of the phone, dismissed all my negative thought by stating, “I really like him, and am hoping that it turns out well”, so there we have case number8954765958 of Online attraction.
Addiction to the SNS may even further go on to create certain Psychiatric associated illness, with people feeling depressed over lack of comments, or for lack of status updates. There may even be an addition to the list of illness -  say “cyber depression”, wow; I guess I should be called the mother of Cyber depression for having coined the term (lol)

So kudos to the people behind this SNS brainchild and “thank you” for helping us stay connected and even reconnect to Past horrors.

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