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Saturday, July 02, 2011



I was walking along a familiar path with a friend, when we saw a familiar face, not that someone whom either of us recognize but a face that we see often in the path that we take, and with that begins the list of Speculations, which are (when thought of later), really a bit stupid.

Now the person in Question (the familiar stranger – love the way that sounds) is a Man, maybe in his Late 20’s or early 30’s, tall with a fairly good built and a protruding stomach , and has the grandfather umbrella in tow. Well he is often seen leaning against the bridge, looking at nothing in particular.

So here starts the list of speculations:
a)      Since there is a Woman’s hostel nearby, this story seemed apt , His Girl friend, apparently wants to see him so he waits at that point, so that his GF can have a glimpse of him (awww)
b)      This person in question must be waiting to see none other than “me”(yes , we came up with that one) .So once we pass him, he walks away(assuming, we have to cross check)
c)      He is planning of planting a bomb on that very bridge, and once he walks throughthe entire stretch of the bridge – kaboommmm
d)      He must be investigating the ongoing construction work
e)      He must be on an evening stroll
f)        He must be trailing his Wife

….and the list goes on… So that’s what happens, when two crazy people plan of walking it out everyday from point A to B, and run out of topics for a minute, that they seem to target “poor Mr.pot belly with an umbrella”

Apart from that this “amazing” friend of mine also counted the number of people who stared at us on our way …. And we did reach a decent count as well. So , the conclusion here would be baseless speculations are listed out by people who have nothing to do on their way back …

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