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Friday, September 26, 2014

Missing (Part 12)

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For Fanus, Cyrus was not just his best friend, he was a very special friend. They knew each other from a very young age. They bonded the very first day they had met as kids. It was a beautiful camaraderie. Growing up, they shared similar interests in literature, sports, movies and sexual orientation.  They both realized they were homosexual. Cyrus knew that he was gay at a young age. He knew his parents, friends, society were not going to take it well. So he mostly kept it to himself. He tried to act normal around Fanus too. However no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t. He was attracted to his best friend. He knew Fanus might freak out and hence hid his emotions, or rather attempted to hide them.

It was at one of their sleepovers, that Fanus realized he was attracted to Cyrus as well. They both felt the tingles as they kissed. Their eager mouths devoured each other. The moon smiled upon their love and bathed their bodies in moonlight as they rose and fell like waves in passion. They both knew that words were unnecessary. From then on, they turned even more inseparable.

Fanus was frustrated and indignant at the way Boman had reacted to the entire news. How could he stop looking for his only son?, he thought aloud. He paced around in his room, every corner reminding him of Cyrus even more. He slumped on his bed and tried to clear his mind. He had to think of a way to get to Cyrus. The cops would definitely not help now. He kept thinking of every possible way , he just had to figure out something. His helplessness made him angry. He turned on his sides, and pulled his knees closer to his chest.

 “Where are you , my love” , he whimpered.

He couldn’t help himself, he cried his heart out.

“Sush fanny ,  I never want you to cry alright, remember what Dr. Sneha told me, ‘Never be ashamed of your tears, but embrace them and let the wounds heal’ , so stop crying now” . Fanus opened his eyes, and looked around for Cyrus’ voice. But he wasn’t there. However, he knew what he had to do. He got up, embracing the wounds. He knew who would help him. A smile spread across his face as he ran out of his house to meet Dr. Sneha.

Dr. Sneha Phadnis was one of the most sought -after Clinical Psychologists in Delhi. Cyrus was being treated for mixed anxiety-depression syndrome for the past couple of years.

Cyrus’ started becoming detached, when he realized he was homosexual. He knew his parents were never going to accept him for who he is. He started being detached. His sleeping and eatng patterns were erratic. Sherry having a background in Psychology, was quick to notice the changes in her son. She was referred to Dr.Sneha.

Since then Cyrus has been a very loyal patient. He developed a very strong bond with Dr. Sneha. Though counter transference was considered ethically inappropriate for her profession,she pursued it, as she knew that her friendship with Cyrus helped him immensely. She was more than a doctor to him, she was a friend , a confidante and a mentor. She was aware of Fanus and Cyrus’s relation as well. For Cyrus, she was the first person apart from Fanus, who saw him and accepted him for who he was.

Fanus rushed to Dr. Sneha’s clinic. He was glad to be on time. She was reviewing a file when Fanus stormed into her office.

“He is gone”, he said, trying to catch his breath.

Dr. Sneha knew it was about Cyrus. She motioned Fanus to sit, and relax, before she heard everything. She wanted to know every detail.

She gritted her teeth, when Fanus told her about the gang rape and the torture Cyrus had gone through. She was angry when she was informed that the manhunt was called off. However, years of experience held her emotions in check. She heard everything Fanus had to offer without the slightest change in expression.  She closed her eyes for a moment breathing in a rhythm. When she opened her doe-shaped eyes, it held a steely gaze that was filled with determination.

“Let’s go to his house, am sure we will find something that would help us”, she said.

“But , his ..Dr. his parents, uncle would not ..” Fanus stammered.

“Let's see to that, when we get there”, she smiled.

She dialed her assistants number. “Pooja, cancel all my appointments for a week”She listened to her secretary’s surprised stammering reaction, she smiled “That’s what I pay you for, and It might extend for more than a week, I will keep you updated. Bye”.

Dr. Sneha was a no-nonsense person. She knew how to get things done. They pulled over at Cyrus’ place. Sensing Fanus’ apprehension, she smiled at him “Don’t worry, I'm here now. Come”.

 Boman opened the door and stared at them in disbelief when Sneha explained the reason she was there. Fanus thought Boman wouldn't budge, but after a while, he moved letting them enter.

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