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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Private India - A Review

Title : Private India
Author: Ashwin Sanghi & James Patterson
Publisher: Arrow Books

I really wanted to put off writing this review, hoping against all odds, that I can escape doing so. You know why, because I'm utterly disappointed!. An Ashwin Sanghi getting a not so good review from my end, would be the first (hopefully the last) .Especially when this is a Partnership between an awesome Indian writer and an Internationally acclaimed writer like Patterson.

The prologue starts off with a mention of Bomb attacks, and I feel, I'm in for a great read. The first chapter starts of with a murder, and not just  ‘a murder’ , it’s one which chills you. The victim is left with props (Yay, good start huh?). Enter – Private India –  who are brought in to investigate the murder, as the murder is committed in a Hotel, that is their client. Enter – Santosh Wagle, worn out, leans on alcohol to forget a past, but a clever, almost Sherlocky Investigator.

His team members include a very gorgeous  Nisha  Gandhe, who is shrewd and knows to get her way around things. Mubeen Yusuf, their forensic expert and the youngest member of their team, the Tech wizard  - Hari Padhi. Private India iscaptained by Santosh Wagh , however its direction is determined by Jack morgan.

Furthermore we have Rupesh, a cop and Santosh’s friend once upon a time.

Private India comes face to face with murders one after the other, however in the same pattern.  Suffocated with a Yellow scarf and finally left with Props. Was the killer leading the investigators on or just playing around with them, was yet to be known.

The entire plot revolves around fine, till we have confused Identity / muddled character sketch. It makes you wonder why it was created in the first place, why certain characters were introduced too. Hari Padhe’s character comes under the suspect category , in relation to the murder. Did we really need that?, that was really uncalled for. And especially the end to Hari’s character.

Introduction of munna and nimboo baba, were , I donno, was it needed. Ok munna maybe to a certain extent. However munna’s character is confused as well. He says he doesn’t help terrorists to bomb his city, and tehn he does! Why?. Nimboo Baba, is a lost case.

Rupesh’s link with Santosh’s past was another “what !!” . It was almost like a Sanjay Leela Bhansali film, going on, forever and types.

All the murders and reasons were mentioned (which was very loosely crafted , in my opinion), except one. I guess trying to link them all, was a herculean task. And the reasons were , Funny. Except a few, the rest were , funny.

So yea, its basically a Hyped Firecracker , which is supposed to rocket in the sky and have a display for about 5 minutes. What you get , is just a very faded noise, and no display at all.

It is a disappointment, maybe I did expect a lot from the author of Chanakya's Chant, Rozabal Line, The Krishna Key!!If you are an Ashwin Sanghi fan, this book is disappointing . If you are not, this is not the book you should read. Try reading his other books and come over for this. Will I recommend this?? I'm in two minds honestly. If you are reading his work for the first time don’t judge him by this book. Well it’s a joint collaboration , isn't it?? So I guess , it wont hurt .

My rating : 5/10.

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